OnlyTheGhosts #racist #conspiracy

morOns (no "A" in moron)

FaScist (not FacSist, the "S" is in the wrong place.

AmericanDreaming, does get silly/ignorant with his hating-Muslims crap, he's just out of touch about what's really going on with Zionist manipulation of American Christians over the past 100 years, but on other stuff he's been waking up and improving for awhile. He doesn't appear aware yet that the reasons Jews were kicked out of over a 100 countries in the past 2000 years had more to do with the actions of Jewish crooked elites ruining it for everyone else, and that hatred usually founded on rational responses to unethical, nasty, crooked behaviour by the group that's being kicked out. They weren't kicked out of those nations for no reason at all. The reason there are only 15 million Jews isn't just because they get kicked out of countries so often historically, get massacred occasionally when they piss everyone off, but because they've got real difficulties finding - and keeping spouses who actually want to have kids with them.



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