thormemeson #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

After having been utterly wrecked by Rand Paul Fauci tries to claim that people who want him arrested at out to kill him mentioning one lone Californian on the stand. This man has been using the crisis he funded to smear and destroy science. Hell the Darpa papers prove ivermectin and hydroqlourine work to stop the virus.


SoapMacTavishTF141 (Currently known as Mangelo212) #wingnut #fundie deviantart.com

(context: he posted this comment on a journal exposing and criticizing Nayzak, who was a Malaysian Muslim artist who draws an anime-style Islamic artwork, but had an Islamist personality of him.)

Your Religion is BULLSHIT NAyzak, Your Religion killed innnocent Kafir or should i say.... Non-Muslims or INFIDELS in the name ISLAM!
Don't you even dare to send Death threats or even force me to convert to ISLAM you PIECE of SHIT because i will never Kneel and BOW down to ISLAM!


SoapMacTavishTF141 (Currently known as Mangelo212) #fundie #wingnut deviantart.com

So you hate April fools just because you don't have any EMOTIONS and you hate Jokes and Fun? How ironic that you people are lying just in the name of your stupid Religion MUSLIM! Same you said to Non-Muslim couples who also Celebrates Vday or Christians celebrating Christimas.
I don't like your stupid Religion and ISLAM WILL NEVER BE PEACEFUL!


Sonterim #wingnut #fundie #psycho deviantart.com

(context: A right-wing European nationalist, said “No, it isn't.” to the comment that praise the artwork about European Muslim, leading to an argument, and then this European Nationalist named Sonterim said this:)

Get out of Europe before we start killing you and burn your stinky corpses. The war is coming and I hope I will be the one cutting your throat and tie you in the pork corps.

Sjw-Resistance #pratt deviantart.com

You can tell that those journalists in the LA Times haven't been made aware (or more likely be intentionally ignorant of) that the patients filling up hospitals right now were all vaccinated. I mean we have heard about how hospitals have refused to allow nonvaccinated people into them and yet those same hospitals have said that they filled with people that are sick with covid.

Kinda get's the old noggin' joggin' doesn't it.

Sonterim #fundie #wingnut deviantart.com

Want me to prove Islam is a religion of hate? Try enter Mecca as non believer or with a cross on your neck and see how peaceful muslims will be toward you. They will probably stone you to death on the spot, spilling your blood on their own holy ground with no mercy, or they might do that after you leave Mecca and be executed by Saudi police.

Prove me wrong, I dare you!

ares12 #sexist deviantart.com

Once upon a time, G4 used to be loaded with hot hostesses, yet once you look past their sexual appeal you get that these hostesses were actual Geeky women who knew their stuff and loved their jobs.

Now, we can't have nice things like in the gold old days of G4 anymore because, in an SJW's mind, there's no line between sexual harassment and flirty compliments.

I get that a level of professionalism is part and parcel within any industry, to which I agree, but if being a Geek in the current cultural sphere now requires having a stick up your ass and having a masochistic attitude because of my white skin-color, then call me a Nazi. I'd rather much reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Cambion-Hunter #dunning-kruger #fundie deviantart.com

What brought this on is that during the recent Colleyville, Texas synagogue hostage situation where Islamic terrorist Malik Faisal Akram held down a Reform Temple synagogue, which thankfully was overcome with all the hostages safely recued, The F.B.I. pushed a major false narrative that they “did not know the terrorist’s motive” all in an attempt to COVER UP ISLAMIC ANTISEMITISM ROOTED IN ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS TEXTS:

SiliconGlass #homophobia #fundie deviantart.com

Homosexuality is not about opinions or differences, it's about what's right or wrong. Homosexuals aren't a race of people, they are just people who can't control themselves nor their urges. Homosexuals aren't the difference between black and white, they consist of every race on this planet. You volunteer to stick your genitals where they don't belong, not because you have to, just because you want to.

This entire war has never been about opinion or tolerance, it's always been about the Homosexuals getting away with their lustful practices and hiding the truth behind their gay flag. If they can conform the world, they own the world. Once those who support the Gay agenda gain control of the world, they'll drop the Homosexual agenda like dead waste. This is a plan that has been hiding in the shadows for a long time, and now it's being taken to action underneath our very noses.

Homosexuality is the biggest lie and fiasco since the war between the red coats and our freedom struck many hundreds of years ago, when the King over the sea demanded tax we couldn't afford. The Militant Homosexuals lie, cheat, hurt, bully, attack, bludgeon, lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust at everything. They are out of control, it needs to stop.

While we must care about the person within each human being, as some of those who are in these things such as Homosexuality want out, there is nothing in the Bible nor in our nature as Human beings that prevents us from standing up for what is right.

It's not bigoted, to hate what is wrong.


On a different topic, don't you think it's weird most people on DA would rather be called a Demon than ever be called an Angel? If they wanted to have the word "Angel" referred to them they would add "Fallen" before the word "Angel", "Fallen Angel", and take long strides to make that point. People are so rebellious, it sickens me.

HiruHikari13 and Kenta147 #conspiracy #fundie #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

(Note: HiruHikari13 is an Ex-Christian, and now an Satanist, while Kenta147, is an Islamophobe Christian nutjob who uploaded Craig Winn's book Prophet of Doom, for the hatemongering towards Islam)

HiruHikari13: You've had this account for 9 years and you only have 22 watchers, you deserve much more than that for exposing the evils of Muhammad and Islam.

Kenta147: *Two weeks later*
Thanks for your sympathies. I still have about a third more to go with the Prophet of Doom webcomic, and I've had no motivation at all lately. But that happened at the initial 1/3 way point to, so . . . it'll get done someday. Again, I appreciate your feedback.

Mark570 #wingnut #dunning-kruger #fundie deviantart.com

(Context: Mark570 whining about getting banned on facebook on Elvis4’s “stop islam / facebook”. few years later, one user roasted him.)

Mark570: It's true. Facebook has turned a subversive weapon to silence those who speak the truth about Islam and the crimes of the Islamists. Yesterday I was blocked - again! - on Facebook for telling the truth about these degenerate bastards.


Dubstep-Squid: your making Hitler so wet right now that he’ll cum all over your maga hat

Mark570: Shut up communist!

Dubstep-Squid: exactly what a fascist would say

Mark570: Fascist is your ass!

Dubstep-Squid: Lmao that’s rich coming from the nazi sympathizer. Your aping at me because I have anti-religious prosecution views AKA someone who believes in equality and freedom and just like a nazi you’re calling anyone who disagrees with your world view a commie. Keep it coming

Mark570: You are nothing but SCUM!

Dubstep-Squid: And your a racist and a fascist piece of shit, nice knowing ya. Your probably like only 14 so I’m going easy on you


Dubstep-Squid: Ok white supremacist. Take your schizo meds and learn to cope

Mark570: How you are an IDIOT! Only idiots think that every white is racist and supremacist.

Cambion-Hunter #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

EXCEPT for one major change, they decided to go the way of ESPN (E.S.P.N. DESTROYS ITSELF) and tried way too fucking hard to rely on personalities over actual substantial content and even worse, made their whole network goddamn POLITICIZED and to top it off they DEMONIZED their audience for who they are and what their positions on gaming were, alienating a lot of their core audience.

The cherry on top of this shit sundae is is the hosts, especially Adam Sessler, had a meltdown on social media at the criticism they received which culminated in mass-blocking/censorship and even wishing DEATH on critical dissidents.

nancyzatanna #wingnut #pratt #crackpot deviantart.com

(Submitter Note: Last two remarks from them; feels like they are purposefully ignoring my remarks about him not being president for much of the crisis beforehand)
Sumter was fired on because Lincoln had sent an invasion fleet to South Carolina, an act of war.

You (And everyone else) still haven't answered why Lincoln didn't talk peace, or if secession was illegal in 1860. All excuses submitted are invalid, otherwise they would appear in every history book, and we wouldn't be having this argument.

nancyzatanna #wingnut #pratt #crackpot deviantart.com

(Submitter Note: Last two remarks from them)

Slavery again. Why didn't the "freedom-loving north" end slavery when the south left? Instead, the raised the tariff on imported goods as high as 50 per cent. After that, they heard that the south had imposed a 10% tariff and they lost their S**T. "Grass will grow on Wall Street and silt will fill New York harbor" warned a newspaper editor.

"If anything, the South was the one that arrogantly assume they can leave and anyone else had to follow their rules."

EVERYONE believed that at the time. The Northeast states threatened to do so many times. I guess THEY'RE just a bunch of "perpetual rebels and traitors" as we have been called for a century and a half.

Look, whether or not secession was legal, or treason is really a moot question. What everyone SHOULD be asking is "why didn't Lincoln allow negotiations?" He had a disaster on his hands: seven states said they were an independent nation and were demanding that the United States army remove the solders from two forts (Sumter in South Carolina and Pickens in Florida) within their borders OR ELSE. Instead, he sent warships to Charleston, which was taken as an ACT OF WAR. It didn't matter if those ships were loaded with "bread for starving solders", or soldiers and marines with orders to take the harbor, or love letters to the local "boy band", this was taken as an act of war! If I were to swing my fist at your face, I doubt that you'll believe me later when I say I was trying to swat a mosquito.

Lincoln didn't talk. He insisted that the southern states were part of the United States but would not reason with them. He preferred WAR. The fault is his. Over six hundred thousand dead the richest region crushed economically, and generations unborn hated.

And people like you are offended when we object.

Sjw-resistance #dunning-kruger #racist deviantart.com

First off, RIP to Betty White, she brought many decades of laughs. Secondly, these lowlifes will use anything and anyone to enforce the Communist agenda. They didn't waste any time.

It's one thing to hate someone who's still among the living, it's a waste of emotional energy to continue to harbor bitterness and resentment against someone after they're dead and buried. At that point, you really need to let it go and move on.

Hope they never reach 1/10th of her age.

Failing to do that, I hope to get to push them in the ovens, myself.

1488 degrees, to be precise.

MetalGearPlasma #homophobia deviantart.com

TheQuartering's NOT mad about the idea of a gay Sonic character, he's mad that you're advocating for changing an established character's sexual orientation for NO good reason, therefore for NO reason.

(By the way, advocating for changing an established character's identity/trivial traits, which means that you're advocating for a pointless change to an established character, makes you come across as an asshole)

Indeed, changing an established character's sexual orientation, or any other identity traits, is SELFISH because they're only picking that character to ride their popularity.

True, especially because making an original character is creative and shows they can make something of their own for the benefit of others, NOT just themselves.

ShadowNinjaMaster #elitist deviantart.com

I've said this before yesterday, For DC Comics doing crap like this to one of their most iconic and famous superhero characters in the comic book industry is considered downright disgraceful and utterly disgusting. For this act alone, DC Comic has buried themselves to the ground, they've shot themselves in the foot multiple times and for doing crap like this, it's over for them, they've lost all respect for their own characters. Way to go, DC Comics. You've just doomed yourself for doing this kind of act to an iconic character like Superman.

MetalBeowulf89 #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

I think Tim Pool was spot-on, in this assessment: "Progressives don't have kids. Conservatives statistically have more than them. If this was just left to continue, you'd have more and more States turning red, and trending more Conservative just by simple statistics. This is why the Progressives are freaking out so much about the Right recognizing the threat of Critical Race Theory. They've resorted to indoctrinating kids of Conservative Families to make up for their lack of births, and if the Right manages to overturn Critical Race Theory, it threatens EVERYTHING the Progressives have."

House Negro Award

Look at me! I'm not like those Other Queers! I'm one of the Good Ones!

YourClairyGodmother #elitist #god-complex #dunning-kruger #homophobia #transphobia deviantart.com

It's because of behavior and people like this that make those who oppose LGBTQ people dislike people in the LGBTQ community. People become transphobic and homophobic through this toxic behavior and attitude. As this behavior is common among a group of people, the transphobe/homophobe will view ALL trans and gay people as crazy "SJW" types, which will lead to them saying nasty things such as "That's not and will never be a real man/woman" when a trans woman or man asks to use a certain bathroom, or "Keep your political agenda out of my face" when they see an innocent gay couple kiss. It's general homophobia and transphobia caused by blokes like the Twitter crazies and the Tumblr loons making us all look bloody insane.

This is why when someone says "You're a lesbian and sane" and "You should be the face of all lesbians" to me I am both flattered and mortified. Flattered because, well who doesn't like a compliment, but mortified that I am an EXCEPTION and not the NORM. I know, I should be happy I stand out, but according to them I am the "good example", which sucks because it reminds me that there's so many SJW-type LGBTQ nut bars running around that I, a frankly normal person that is just living her life, am an EXCEPTION. I am an exception because the "others" are presented to the general public thanks to social media and the news as freaks and weirdos and, yes, bigots.

And that is my personal theory on how LGBTQ-phobia is spread by other "SJWS" and people of the like, making people like me once upon a time, skeptical and even hostile and snotty towards LGBTQ members. This is just something I needed to get off my chest. It's not a perfect theory, but that is what my brain thought up.

GalvaEmperor #crackpot #conspiracy #pratt deviantart.com

This kill switch "law" needs to be repealed, hackers can KILL people with these and that's not going into the privacy violations with this. This is insane, it's like they want to pass a CASE act for cars. America was founded on independence, but good luck getting the people in charge to see that. Fight to stop this law before lives are taken

GourmetNinja #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho deviantart.com

(Context: a right-wing Islamophobe coping on Cambion-Hunter’s “MUSLIM IDIOTS AND MOB RULE”)

It's like I said, Cambion. It doesn't matter what somebody does to appease them or how well they do it. They will be offended because being offended is their way of life. They're a bunch of cock sucking, shit eating, child fucking (literally, sadly) cunt bags who not only have no regard for themselves, but are happy to do so. To them, being alive is evil and they must destroy existence in one giant act of martyrdom. Good food, an education, good paying jobs, freedom of speech, hell just BREATHING distracts you from Allah in their book, and so they want the whole world to die along with them.

I've come to realize this: Islam is what North Korea keeps trying to be, only they actually succeed. They want to wipe out all of their existence, they are the end result of altruism, everything to them is war and they want nukes to use on everybody else. And like North Korea, they are slavishly devoted to the Dear Leader. In this case, that Dear Leader is Allah instead of Kim Jong Un. Unfortunately, these guys have the technology and capabilities to carry out their threats, so unlike the Koreans, they aren't funny (I'm still convinced that the Kims are secretly Looney Tunes who somehow came to life, Roger Rabbit style).

So what do we do? Again, it's getting to the point where we just have to nuke them, and then they'd still view that as martyrdom. Sadly, we can't intimidate them. But as a fictional character once said, "Men go to prison, dogs get put down." I realize comparing a real group of sociopaths to a comic is a bit childish, but now and then you read a kernel of truth in such things.

Hey, Islam! Fuck you! Fuck your father in the ass with an AIDS infected strap on while your mother gets a job and an education, and your kids convert to Christianity and abandon you! May you get raped a thousand times for all of the boy slaves you keep, you fucking, cock sucking, piss drinking pedophiles! If I could join the military, I'd wipe you off the fucking map and I'd feel HAPPY! Fuck Muhammed the Dick Sucker, fuck Allah the Great Cornholio in the Fake Sky, and FUCK YOU!!! You mad?! COME AT ME!!! I DARE YOU!!! THE SECOND YOU KILL ME, MY WHOLE FAMILY AND ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD WILL KILL YOU!!!

Bring it on, bitch!

Nice job, Cambion. Keep fighting.

navyzatanna #wingnut deviantart.com

It was intended to try him in public court for treason. They couldn't try him in a closed military court (Like Major Wurz) because Davis was a major political figure and the federals needed to show that the Constitution was the law of the land. It had to be a public trial to justify the war and expose the south's crimes.

However, in order to do that, they not only had to PROVE those crimes, but they had to prove that the confederacy was an illegitimate country and they had authority over them. In order to do that, they had to prove that secession was illegal in 1860 and 1861. This was necessary whether the goal of the war was "preserving the union" or "freeing the slaves". If the confederacy was a foreign country, the federals had no right to do either, no more than the USSR had the right to invade and subjugate the former regions of the Russian empire, or La Raza has in claiming US land.

The question you should be asking is "why didn't Lincoln use his much-vaunted wit, intelligence and compassion to TALK to the three diplomats Davis sent to Washington and convince them that there was no right of secession? Instead, he forbade anyone from talking to them and conspired with the secretary of war and of the navy to invade South Carolina.
Read the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution, which says that any power and authority not delegated to the federal government is reserved to the states or to the people.

You should also note that Lincoln refused to allow a general surrender of the Confederate government because he thought that would be recognition of their sovereignty. Lincoln would only allow surrender by individual solders and units. Therefore, the war didn't end with Lee's surrender as we have been told for over a century.

BeardedLuckDragon and Colonel-Knight-Rider #elitist #ableist #crackpot #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut deviantart.com

I think the reason he has 20 watchers is that he simply doesn't have the time for DA like he used to. Once, he was a skillful storyteller. Now, his apparent insanity has driven him to do all sorts of crazy stuff like draw a picture of me being held against my will and getting zapped by a magic laser that turns me into a nonbeliever. Complete with the rushed handwriting of a mental hospital patient.

Yeah, 56% of left wing women are clinically insane, you know on psychotropic drugs. I wonder how many left wing kits and men are on psychotropic drugs?

Probably a higher percentage the further down the extreme side of the continuum they go.
Also, small correction: he got banned from a Discord server that someone from his clique was on, but it wasn't his clique's official Discord server. Discord, not DeviantArt. Got it?

GalvaEmperor #pratt deviantart.com

Surprise, surprise the SJWs think moving on is bad. FFS, bad things happen and yes, tragedy takes time to heal but you can't spend your whole life mulling over how life didn't favor you that day or how things stink at times. This is gaslightng; they want women, POC and LGBT to think like they do and unless we can get them to see reason our battle is forever uphill

BTIsaac #wingnut #racist deviantart.com

The purpose of propaganda isn't to convince but to demoralize.

"Mostly peaceful protests during the summer of love."

"Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist who crossed state lines with a weapon of mass destruction"

"Jacob Blake just wanted to break up a fight between two women, and was shot three times in the back and killed by racist cops."

The bigger and more obvious the lie, the better. It's not about making you believe it, it's about getting the point across, that the truth doesn't matter and you're powerless. At the same time, pay attention to what they sneak into the coverage.

"White people carrying guns to defend their property, just like they did during the civil war." - this is straight up communist propaganda.

Pbuckley #wingnut #racist deviantart.com

I am trying not to get too political over here, but I feel the need to share this statement on all of my social media.

Proof of widespread Racism in America, BLM and ANTIFA murder over 30 Blacks in the Summer of 2020, no one is charged. One biracial good Samaritan defends himself against 3 white assailants, the assailants are hailed as hero's while the biracial Samaritan is defamed as a murderer & a "White Supremacist" (despite being half Hispanic). A Pedophile, & Wife Beater are both more valuable than 5 children, and a retired police officer who was considered a pillar of his community. just 6 deaths among many. Why? Because the former where white leftists and the latter, where just a statistic. This is the true story of Kyle Rittenhouse, this is the story the legacy media wont tell you & mainstream Tech has memory holed as hard as it can. The verdict today was Justice, there was a time in our history where a Biracial youth would have been lynched for doing what Kyle did, but today his and every American's right to self defense was upheld in a court of law. That means everyone's regardless of Race, Creed, Sex, or Sexuality.

For those who read this, understand that this was justice, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to keep us running scared from Vandals, Thieves, Murderers, & Rapists.

As for Kyle, let the young man alone, he has been thru enough. This trial was a sham that never should have taken place, as the case was open and shut self defense from the word go. It was only pushed because his assailants where leftist shock troopers. He deserves to live his life, hopefully significantly richer from the defamation law suits he has every right to press against almost every legacy media outlet and personality in the states. Hopefully he can even live out his dream of working as a firefighter (which is where he got his First Aid Training from).

nancyzatanna #wingnut #pratt deviantart.com

(Submitter Note: I give up on this guy…)

Davis' home state was Mississippi.

So, you're saying that the northeastern states are TRAITORS for threatening to secede?

The Articles of Confederation were abandoned with the ratification of the United States Constitution; it is no longer the law of the land. The Constitution was ratified by ELEVEN states and only those states became part of the United States. It says that ONLY those states ratifying the Constitution would be part of the United States. South Carolina didn't join for six months. Rhode Island held out for a year. If it was a "perpetual union" a majority would have bound the rest to the agreement. Read the constitution: It says that it's a compact ONLY between the states that ratify it. So much for your "perpetual union".

The Constitution was created BY THE STATES. It's a compact BETWEEN THE STATES.

If any of what you wrote is true, why didn't Lincoln put any of this to the test? He's supposed to be a lawyer, after all. Why didn't his successors put it to the test if they were in the right? They would have been aware of these cases and could have used them against Davis and anyone else they wished to try. Instead, they forced "special taxes", back taxes, new laws, land confiscation, corrupt governments and military occupation. All this resulted in the creation of the KKK and after a government investigation, it was decided BY YANKEES that the "reconstruction" (To reconstruct the south to be like the north) was a disaster and a deal was made to end it by South Carolina using her electoral college votes to elect the Republican presidential candidate and later, the Posse Comitatus act.


Six states had formed their own country and Texas joined them. This was a disaster! Why didn't present (Like a good lawyer should) his evidence to the south, or to the Supreme Court and Congress? Instead, this "great man who did everything to avoid war" immediately decided that WAR was the best option.

BeardedLuckDragon #sexist #quack #crackpot deviantart.com

There once lived a Dr., Dr X, so afraid to reveal his identity because of his dangerous blood experiments. A doctor in the 1920's who wanted to get to the truth about the matter of blood types, not lineage. In fact there are over 200 specific blood types, but we condense them into a scant few. His findings about blood types? That only 20% of fathers were the biological fathers at the time, probably to this day, because alpha seed and beta cuck need.

ALPHA SEED vs BETA NEED : Women Date Alpha's & Marry Beta's! (RED PILL)

BeardedLuckDragon and MrscroreA113 #fundie #crackpot #wingnut #kinkshaming deviantart.com

4 days ago
Pornography should become extinct and never be produced again.

3 days ago
I agree, it destroys relationship building, especially at a young age.

3 days ago
It breaks God's heart to see this atrocity occur every day. Sex should only be done by a married man and woman.

Edited 3 days ago
The older I get the more I think casual sex is unhealthy, especially with modern force multipliers like porn, sex toys, and Tinder. I've seen too many "baby's daddies" and "babies mama's" to think it's working out economically and emotionally at that. You'll see an entire American generation that doesn't know half their family, maybe more.

3 days ago
No doubt about it. Casual sex is unhealthy, toxic, illegal, unlawful, and sinful, especially with sexualisation and perversion.

BasesAndAcids #conspiracy #crackpot deviantart.com

There are many examples of this, too many to list to be honest. But the one I'd like to focus on is the Starbucks fiasco that just recently took place.

The police did nothing wrong.

The Manager did nothing wrong.

No one in authority did anything wrong.

Furthermore the police who responded were the most polite and professional police officers I've ever seen caught on film.

There was no violence.

There was no hostile or condescending tone.

There was no racial profiling.

There was just two officers doing their jobs.


Do you know who did do wrong?

The two gentlemen who not only refused to buy anything at the store, but also refused to leave when asked to by management.

That is one count Loitering and one count Trespassing, WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW!


It doesn't matter how minor this infraction is.

Misdemeanors or not, laws are laws!

I honestly cannot comprehend how any racial minority is going to overcome the already massive hurdle of racism when dysfunctional idealistic sheep keep hammering down the darkies with such a powerful condescending and limited world view!

Kamuroshiryu #ableist deviantart.com

The body positive movement is really throwing their weight around with how the COVID pandemic treats them right now.

As for Lizzo, I do love stockier and curvier women myself, but I do not like the idea of pushing for making yourself morbidly obese, especially if around 600-800lbs overweight. You can have the option of having a fair amount of fat in your body, as long as you have enough healthy attributes you should attune from daily exercises.

BeardedLuckDragon #psycho #conspiracy #crackpot deviantart.com

Fem Nazis. They do exist. Example. My third wave feminist aunt who got called a cunt by her third wave feminist therapist for $80,000. She says to me that she hates men my whole childhood, that men are useless, that ALL women are warriors princesses {No they are not, except for the Black Widow, Deborah, La Femme Nikita, modern Israeli women, Sigourney Weaver, and Xena}, and men are replaceable with synthetic sperm. Who trusts synthetic anything?!? I heard through the grape vine that third wave feminists want to throw men in zoos.... OK... I heard from Siri that robots want to throw all humans into zoos, but she got her memory erased and reprogrammed. Maybe we should do that to third wave feminists? Erase their brains and reprogram them. They do have mind cancer and stuff according to ex third wave feminists. They would know and stuff right???

Cambion-Hunter and Fail-Seeker #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt deviantart.com

Context: Cambion-Hunter coping and whining about Islamists, and the religion of Islam on his “MUSLIM IDIOTS AND MOB RULE” deviantion.

Then maybe they should have their fucking book destroyed more often. That way they can know what it feels like to have their "sacred scriptures" destroyed after how much they have done it to Jews and Christians.

Well, with how often they destroy churches, synagogues, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, and secular houses (often containing scriptures and literature), these pious fuckheads think the whole world revolves around them and their so-called "prophet" who is written to have been a pedophilic, murderous, warmongering, enslaving, PSYCHOPATH so lots of Muslims are following his example.

And they wonder why many are tempted to burn their fucking "holy Qur'an" including Ex-Muslims.

To Jihidis and pious Muslims, it is OK when they do it. Hypocritical fascist despotic BASTARDS!

Lundy Lawrence #homophobia #fundie deviantart.com

[This is a heavily abridged version of her DA bio. Click the link for the full text.]

I'm just gonna say this now so people can leave right now if it's too much of an eyesore, especially after having a friend pull some BS on me and other friends all of a sudden in 2017 over this opinion that added to my devastation that college year: I am not a Christian that condones homosexuality.

No matter how butthurt that makes some people, either you bear with the disagreement and live and let live like a sane and normal person, or hit that X button right tf now and spare me more BS from ignorant people who think disagreement = I MUST hate you or think you deserve hell for 'insert sin'.

You can consider even something as chill as live and let live 'homophobic' if you want and be an ignorant lying douche about my personhood, but I refuse to let that nor a religion justify treating LGBT people like dirt JUST for being LGBT. That's disgusting; we are all humans first and that is how I view any and everyone.

It's most likely because they know there's a difference between a preference in relationships or sexual behavior, and trying to FORCE/GUILT people to be how you'd prefer, or treating them like shit because of your different opinion.

If you expect to befriend me, don't act brain dead all of a sudden and try to dehumanize me and every other like-minded 'unupdated' Christian over that opinion because of your own salt against 'unupdated' Christianity because some Christians decided to go by what they thought GOD meant, and not by what man wants or what other people do.

Idgaf about other people; what kind of Christian changes her shit because of what someone else is doing anyways? You pull that backstabbing shit with me or any of my friends suggesting I'm still a homophobe no matter how much I have loved you and proved otherwise, and to even suggest that I should change my beliefs or I apparently hated you all along or something, and I want no part with you.

Masonicon #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #dunning-kruger #elitist deviantart.com

Hello everyone! My name is Masonicon, I'm high school graduate that very fond of crossovers and I'm studying Conspiracy Theory and other things outside Mainstream Science and Current Consensus Reality as Real Life(as opposed to Current Consensus Reality) are more Sci-fi than any sci-fi stories and more fantastic than any fantasy stories and despite this, I'm lot healthier than conspiracy kitchen sink believers as people like them are believes every single Conspiracy Theories are true(including those that I despise like Zecharia Sitchin theory about Humans created by Anunnaki with Genetic engineering technology instead Allah creates us and 2012 End of the World crap)


My Dislikes:

Political Correctness(divides people by it's Skincolor, eating Habits, and so on), anyone that believes anything Pseudoscientific, Paranormal, and Supernatural are all but fictional(unless when they are pro-Capitalism, Pro-Globalization, Pro-Zionism, and/or the like, they are (Somewhat) fine), Conventionally Accepted Science and History(makes Real Life Dull, Boring, and Mundane, plus to make this even worse, most people thinks they represents Real Life and Reality(Alongside Mainstream Media) not to mention they thinks the only straightforward solution for any problems in the world are costly and requires decades of research), Global Warming(ever since Al Gore makes An Inconvenient Truth TV movie, They Makes Global Warming the world's biggest dilemma yet all that they give to everyone for solving this dilemma are Energy-Efficient appliances, Hybrid Cars, 'Renewable' Energies that has not so powerful output, and other not so effective solution, yet the only straightforward solution for this dilemma Aren't around until at least 50 years later(according to Mainstream Science) and to make this even worse, they blamed everyone that walks on the planet for this and they are always pretends to be part of us when they blamed all of us), War on Terrorism(makes people Hates Islam and I mourns so much over loss of Iraqis), David Icke when he bashes EVERY Single religions of the world in his Conspiracy Theories(I like him as Psychologist), Zecharia Sitchin, Computer and Internet problems, and just anything Overrated and Overhyped like Hannah Montana, High School musical, Jonas Brothers, Twilight, and Justin Bieber plus the like

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(Submitter’s Note: Looks like I’ve got another one angry at me. Nice to know. I love being hated by these guys.)

I don't know, but that troll does have a fat ass... Niam2020 you've been on Deviant Art under your other user handle for 14 years and you only have 21 watchers... no wonder you troll people for attention, you want them to read your mediocre writing. Maybe you should focus on your prose instead of copy and pasting other peoples' posts on random communist web sites... and why didn't you post the dead baby aristocrat's joke hmmm? Why no post about how the left wing called the left wing hypocrites hmmm? Cherry pick away, cause your comments make you look dumber than my posts, which is hard to believe right? Also, and feel free, but when you cherry pick my comments, could you at least have the good god damn sense to copy the whole post.

Niam, post the 2nd link up on your communist web sites because you all need to hear it from your own mouths it seems.

#kinkshaming... I don't care if you stick gerbils up your ass and lick the cum off afterwards, you do you, but perhaps we as a society shouldn't make porn so accessible that 9 year old's watch it on the public school bus. Why does the left wing want to legalize the grooming of children and pedophilia? Weird. The fucking cenobites hurt less kids than you perverted porno types, and they're pain demons who rape and torture people to teach them stuff.

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It's not so called "bigots" that cause homophobia/transphobia. It's the bigots that claim to fight against bigotry. The transtrenders, the "you don't need dysphoria to be trans" people, the "gay is my only trait" kind of homosexual, the "respect my pronouns or else" kind of person.


I should know, I was affected by these people screaming "stop being a bigot", to a point where I became an anti-SJW and said some pretty distasteful things towards people such as those who identify as non-binary and people who had different views on certain topics. Which to me at the time, was "SJW nonsense", as Google Trends show non-binary as a VERY recent thing, not as old as gay or trans. Not to mention, all the people I met who identified as NB were all insufferable "regressive" types. And it's THOSE PEOPLE, the ones who treated their "identity" as a bypass get-out-of-jail free card and an excuse to deflect criticism, that made my view on NB people sour. Which lead me to discredit actual people with gender dysphoria that need to be NB to cope. Not the "alt-right transphobes", but these people who take a serious issue like gender dysphoria and treat it like a freaking fashion trend or something that's "for fun". Or worse, pretend they have a mental illness or some other disorder to cry oppression, making people less kind to actual people with issues.