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First off, don't take it out on the baby. It didn't force the rape. Carry the baby till birth, give it up for adoption and be done with it. At the same time, chop the artist's genitals of with a rusty cleaver, send him to jail and let him get death raped. You want to prevent rape? Make extremely harsh punishments and focus a little more on mental diagnoses.

Second off, that's not what these crazy bitches are advocating for. They want to sleep around like sluts and abort the baby because it's an inconvenience to them. The rape scenario is only brought up as a way to win an argument.

Third, I'm clearly more saner than either of you.

So, fourth: fuck you.

Pahlavan #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy #pratt deviantart.com

A fetus is a human and has the same rights. We prosecute people who malaciously leave their babies to die - why are abortionists any different? Every human being deserves life. And if "bodily autonomy" is so sacred, why the bodily autonomy of the baby is not respected as it's harvested for organs? That's right. The industry of elective infanticide has to get it's resources somehow. So don't sweat it if your "friend" blocked you; you're better off without them.

YourClairyGodmother #senpai_noticed_us #transphobia #conspiracy deviantart.com

I was forced to apologize to my ex-boyfriend who pretended to be a woman to emotionally manipulate me and others, scammed my friends out of hundreds of dollars, cheated on me, threatened to kill themselves twice if I didn't do what they wanted, and attempted to convert me to bisexuality or even heterosexuality.

Why you may ask? Because I "dead named" them. A cis gay man who pretended to be a bisexual transwoman for profit.

Because of this, I was bullied, harassed, lied about, stalked, insulted, barred from an entire community... and was forced to apologize to those people. The people who tried to justify my ABUSE. Because "I was being mean." One person, Chloe, even told me my attempted suicide when I was being DOXXED BY A RACIST EXTREMIST WHO WANTED TO KILL ME AND MY FAMILY was "manipulation."

And then she had the nerve to say "she really cared about me" and tried to hug me after she called me a narcissistic psychopath, threatened to stalk me, defended my abuser AND GAVE THEM A JOB, and took old, outdated comments from my middle and high school days unrelated to the topic from a far-left troll and their gossip blog as "proof" and said she would "keep it for later" to "expose me."

But no, they did this out of "concern." Out of "love."

I was forced to apologized to my ABUSER... and then the people who bullied and harassed me for calling them out had the NERVE to say they cared for me all while calling me a narcissistic sociopath who deserved it all.

Moral of the story? Victim blaming exists. Stop fucking doing it.

Colonel-Knight-Rider #senpai_noticed_us #elitist #wingnut deviantart.com

(In reply to this rant of YourClairyGodmother’s)

Chloe? You don’t mean Chloe from F-Sexually-Transmitted-Disease-T, do you? Or is this a different Chloe? Either way, what’s her DA page? I’ll block her in your honor. :salute:

I think it would be wisest to preserve every bit of evidence of everybody who’s bullied you—including those in the Rayman community, on DA, and on FSTDT—as PDFs as well as print-outs, then create a physical binder of said print-outs to present to the police while also emailing the PDFs. I can show you a cool Website I found with a downloadable Word file to create an evidence chart if you like. Even if nothing comes from it, you can rest easy knowing that, once again, you occupy the moral high ground.

Oh, and, if you mention NiamTrollyTrolly, please be sure to tell the police about his psychotic obsession with me as well as you. If they ask to contact me, you know what my CKR email is.

wwwarea #sexist deviantart.com

(An article about said VIGILANTES are just as bad as offending pedophiles)

The USA is a third world uncivilized society, mainly thanks to its rotting disgusting backwards sorry excuse for a main society that is in it.
Just the other day I found a post on Twitter with that said something like "repost if you support beating up pedophiles" and it later gained over 15000 hearts, and it was filled with degenerates who were defending vigilante violence out of their own perverted beliefs. Mark my words, if the purge ever became legal, it would be real. These people prove it... Anyway, I tried to report it but came back as if it didn't violate the rules. I got so pissed off after the email, that I actually sent an email to the CEO of twitter due to how f*cking pissed I was. I thought Twitter doesn't allow glorification of sh** like this? Disclaimer 2: Though it is ... Twitter. Disclaimer 2 done.

if you support unlawful violence toward any person, offending or not, then you are just as bad as a child rapist. You're a f*cking criminal and you deserve (yeah, I'm proud to say this) to be labeled worse than most child sexual abusers. Why 'worse'? Because not every abuser has ruined a victim's life as many of them were able to still move on.

PsalmSevenBooks #wingnut deviantart.com

Unsurprisingly, DA deleted the journal where I showed one of the threatening comments I got for being happy that the left can no longer murder children. Copy/pasted from a message I received from DA staff, with emphasis added: "A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has found that the work has no greater purpose other than as a personal attack against another deviant."

So... Evidently you can threaten the life of a conservative and that's fine, but the conservative better not screenshot it and show it to anyone or that's "attacking."

Sometimes I think I should thank the entire left for giving us no shortage of nonsense to laugh at. 😂 Y'all are wild.

To be fair, it looks like DA's policies actually did change at some point to prohibit posting screenshots of other users' posts in a journal, even if you blur out their screen name and profile picture so they can't be identified, which I did. I've been on this site for more than 10 years and that rule didn't used to exist. This is quite a step forward for DeviantArt, since they usually just make up Christophobic and anti-conservative rules as they go without ever posting them. Good job DA, you did something (kind of) right! :clap:


*coughITwasJUSTaCLUMPofWORDScough* 😉 😘

Brotherofsteel5 #transphobia #fundie #elitist deviantart.com

You know what?

To be accurate it's not "WE" who don't know what is a woman.

It's "THEM".

We: the majority of peoples, normals persons.

Them: A bunch of "intellectuals-educated-persons" who thing all in the world is about their ideology, and who don't even know how the real world works, because they live in their little environnement, their littles urbans "safe spaces", their offices, their campus, or classrooms. They are the peoples who just lives and want to see peoples who look or think like them, and last but not the least, who are from the same wealthy class, even if they deny it.

Peoples who refuse contradictions, or don't want to see the real world.

They are like the aristocratic class in France before 1789, or like byzantins theologist who argued about the properties of angels, when the turkish empire was at their gates.

Kajm #dunning-kruger #pratt #fundie deviantart.com

You want Congress to codify Roe?

You realize, if the Democrats managed to do this, what the final consequences would be? The party of Malthusians? The party of 'man-made' global warming? The Party of the KKK, slavery, and ANTIFA?

Imagine a world where the GOVERNMENT now determines IF and WHEN you can have a child. Especially *IF*. You think the Democrats aren't Salivating at the idea?

Talk about 'my body, the GOVERNMENT'S choice!'

UltramanZenith #pratt #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

But if you want to know what I think we need? More armed teachers, strengthening our police force, and less kids in public schools, period! All the hopes and prayers to the parents of the deceased won't stop the next shooting from happening, only a strong defense will. And it's high time we did away with the "gun free zones" nonsense as they've proven to be an abject failure!

renwulf16 #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Do not fall for this idea that just because something looks and sounds the part means that it's worth it's coinage. Some like Garnet from Steven Universe and Scallion from Vox Machina are, in my opinion, acceptable, but the most obvious like Revan from Obi-Wan and Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel are an obvious diversity quota with little to no replayable value.

Now, I am not, or ever was, against diverse casts of characters in any medium of entertainment, be it those of different skin colors, gender, sexual orientation, or political/religious beliefs. What I am against are horribly written characters with the aim of filling up a diversity quota or pandering to a political ideologue. In general, these representation characters have little to no substance to their personalities, other than being an embodiment for the Leftist agenda, and pretty much all they do is beat audiences over the head with a narrative while coddling the target demographic.

Their character traits are basically just blue check marks:

Person of non-white origins


Lower class background

Gay/Other orientations

Morbidly Obese

Atheist, Muslim or Non-Christian denominations

Predominately Liberal values

Generalorder4 #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

"It wasn't enough to say 'I'm a liberal'. You also had to ignore history ('All native Americans were peaceful and learned how to scalp people from Canadians. The Holocaust wasn't so bad compared to war atrocities committed by The Allies. Islam was never warlike. The Crusades was a war for gold only. Democracy has caused the most wars in history. No white man can take credit for any innovation or invention throughout all of history...') and you had to ignore logic. See, I figured 'not being racist' meant not judging and certainly not hating someone based on the color of their skin."

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Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Arithmetic and statistics beats algebra I'm afraid since nothing is equal, except opportunity, and throw in two opposed triangles to plot pixels with hexes, and we can map multi dimensional objects in space, which is how Atlantis mapped Gaia in the first place. How about an algebra lesson, or a processor lesson if you like?

So the house is an inference skill wire cube that the pixie and imp communities use to hack the deficiencies out of bio organic life, put there on purpose by industry. Or at least it seems that way, because they refuse to stop, and I doubt they need more money. After we've touched you millions of times we can just take that code and program algorithms to do your job, since life has gotten out of hand with you bio juicers and science run amok. Think about the cube system as a neutral agent of Darwin, but the top and bottom of it are haunted for sure. The other layers are OK, but you're still in the cube. So if you're of sound manner, the cube let's you out, but it doesn't like people who play god and the devil. Don't go to level -100, 0, and don't go to 100, stay at like 48 I heard, but 33 is actually better. Just lower middle class enough to struggle, but just good enough to enjoy life with other nature lovers, not nurture lovers. Ralph Waldo Emerson put it best by saying our parks are the best way to edify nature whilst protecting ourselves from Darwin's algorithm, which sucks, except it was better than feminism, which was so selfish it was sorry to watch. Namely they've been miserable for 40 years, so it must be a bad script, and the one before that was oppressive... how about a new one?

Boskov01 #fundie #dunning-kruger #pratt #elitist deviantart.com

what's funny is, even their beloved old crone RBG is on record as having called Roe a bad ruling. Does this mean she'd defy the left to overturn it? Probably not. But it's ironic nonetheless. Still, the old bat did one thing right. Her ego got in the way as she refused to retire and allow Barry to appoint a replacement all so she could "greet the first woman president" in Hilary. Instead she had to cling to life for a few more years to try and live beyond President Trump's four amazing years but instead did the world a favor and kicked the bucket, allowing President Trump to replace her with a constitutional originalist.

So once again, the most meaningful act that a Leftist has done for America, is that they died. Says quite a lot about the left in that they do more good by dying.

May RBG burn in hell.

generalorder4 #pratt #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

I don't WANT to care about politics. I don't LIKE politics. For a long time I barely knew what politics was and when I had to declare my loyalty I considered myself a liberal because I was told that meant I was a good person. I considered myself a good person (like everyone does) so I said 'I guess I'm a liberal' and for a time that was enough.
But as time wore on I found that more and more demands were heaped onto me and those demands became literally impossible.
It wasn't enough to say 'I'm a liberal'. You also had to ignore history ('All native Americans were peaceful and learned how to scalp people from Canadians. The Holocaust wasn't so bad compared to war atrocities committed by The Allies. Islam was never warlike. The Crusades was a war for gold only. Democracy has caused the most wars in history. No white man can take credit for any innovation or invention throughout all of history...') and you had to ignore logic. See, I figured 'not being racist' meant not judging and certainly not hating someone based on the color of their skin.
Apparently it meant 'Hate white people'...in as many words. Without irony. Hate is fine as long as it's the right kind of hate. Then it isn't even 'racism'...it's just 'wokeness'. In fact a lot of things ordinarily unjustifiable could be made perfectly fine through the same lens. We were supposed to hate Jews (those zionist oppressors and allies to the Great Satan) too which was EXTREMELY ironic give the fact that most often the epithet for those politically opposed to this perspective were called 'Nazis'...which I figured were practically defined as racially hating Jews specifically.
My brain rebelled and around the time I said 'If identity is justified just because it's ours then why can't I be proud to be a white man?' I realized I would not be welcome not because of what I believed by literally because of what I was.
White cis men who didn't believe America was the worst country on earth and believed in Christ couldn't even be allies. They had to be silenced at best, destroyed at worst. The only way to be part of the world I thought I belonged to by virtue of virtue itself was if I constantly debased myself, my family, my country, my species.
And eventually I had enough.

Generalorder4 #racist #pratt deviantart.com

Fast forward to the better 'woke' versions...

G.I. Joe: An exclusively non-American team of overweight women create international incidents because all authority (other than their own) is wrong.

Masters of the Universe: Lesbians deal with their insecurities.

SuperHeroes: People with incredible powers but deep-seated neurosis live average lives and avoid work when they aren't being emotionally validated for doing nothing.

Star Wars: Women (and a couple of males for them to order around) effortlessly defeat Nazis.

Dr. Who: A WOMAN goes to different times to tell MEN how dumb they are. (I emphasize because gender is desperately important...apparently)

Star Trek: A psychotic team of children kill MAGA straw men.

YourClairyGodmother #dunning-kruger #transphobia #conspiracy deviantart.com

Yes, it is extremely rare that someone fakes being transgender for profit, but it did happen to me. However, despite being a fraud, I feel like I might need time before I date another trans person. I think this experience has planted a nasty seed in my head telling me that the next trans person I meet could be faking it. I know this is transphobic to think, and I know most trans people are genuine, but it's like a worm in my ear whispering these things to me. :( Now I don't know what to do.

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[There’s much more to this one. Archived here.]

During Pride month, Christians are required to say no to some things. We can’t participate in sin (Eph. 5:11) nor can we celebrate evil (1 Cor. 13:6). So you may be accused of being “anti” everything. These are moments it’s helpful to remember that anytime you say “no” to one thing, it’s because you’re saying “yes” to something else. Something better.

When we say “no” to doing whatever you want sexually, it’s because we are saying “yes” to virtue, discipline, delayed gratification, and the satisfaction and intimacy that comes from forming relationships God’s way. When we say “no” to the idea that boys can become girls, we are saying “yes” to finding our created purpose. When we say “no” surrogacy so that a child can be placed with two dads, it’s because we are saying “yes” to each child to be known and loved by both their parents. When we say “no” to bad ideas, it’s because we’re saying “yes” to better ideas. Every time.

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Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Example: In the game, "Alpha Centauri", there are things called social value systems that add value, but all come with flaws up front, except with the right technology and combination of value options. The problem is this new balloon is still shaped differently than the original was intended in the first place. Tribalism was the normal balloon, hi jacked by religion, technology, and value setting lead to "civilization" in it's current state, but I suggest the following values IF you can't go back to normal overnight: Democracy, Green, Power, and Cybernetics. The only option that universally sucks is Free Market, but I always build banks and other economic upgrades, because you'll get out teched if you don't. IF you have Centauri preserves and temples to planet in all of your cities then it's OK to go free markets, but that's way late in the game...

If we square morality for algebra we get this cube.

Left squares make a rectangle:

Lawful Good - Socialism, which is a foothold into slavery, just look down the ladder of Babylonian law, a system designed to organize large city states, you know, artificial constructs. Social contracts are better because they manage smaller groups more effectively, not efficiently.

Lawful Neutral Good - Babylon, the worst slaver of all, but only in the end. Because when you quit, she gets mad and sells you to someone else. Sorry I wanted to take a few month vacation or wanted to move away with my family? Look at Commifornia tax people to leave... sugar coated slavery and manipulation. Look at the movie "Roots" and just how Goldie locks treated Tobie when she didn't get her way. She asked Tobi in the name of lawful neutral good, "Don't you want to be my nigger?" That's not good! Also, an arsenal of bloody nuclear missiles to blow it up if rabbit god doesn't get it's way is a bit weak. I preferred wolf and lion god, and they were harsh, but they loved their children. Neptune stole Atlantis to give everyone golden plates, whilst Poseidon used it for the devil's casino which doesn't make sense, because we already had Las Vegas for that back in the 1970's, and 2022.

WinterDragonGod and Colonel-Knight-Rider #senpai_noticed_us #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Fundies People are a bunch of chucklefucks. They're all bark and no bite.

As for their website, it's nothing more than a shitty knockoff of Urban Dictionary.

Ironically, they’ve quoted UD whenever someone puts a comedic or satirical definition of RationalWiki (which they religiously defend!) up there.

Wow, they really have no lives if they're that obsessed with a Wiki.

Boskov01 #wingnut #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

The Democrat Party: The Party of Continued Subservience to England, the Party of Slavery, the Confederacy, Jim Crow, Segregation, the Klan, of Lies, of Cheating, of Stealing. Every piece of legislation that has caused American suffering, every dark age of American Governance, and every black eye dealt to American greatness can be traced back to the Democrat Party's hands and influence.

And the greatest failure on the part of the Republican Party, in the wake of the Civil War that the Democrats started and lost, was the Republican's failure to abolish the Democrat Party. I wonder what America would look like had the Democrats been abolished after Lincoln's assassination. Victorious factions throughout history are laughing at the American Republicans for sparing their defeated foes. Never before has a defeated political faction been allowed to persist...maybe once the Democrats start and lose the next Civil War, we Republicans will correct the mistake we made nearly two hundred years ago.

BeardedLuckDragon #psycho #wingnut #ableist #conspiracy #crackpot #elitist deviantart.com

(Submitter’s Note: Okay Ted Kaczynski, now surrender to the FBI)

Well the government says it wants to mind control the population and live forever, so I'm thinking the city life itself isn't helping the modern human. We're designed to be in nature, not buildings getting juiced up on industry products. All of our energies got out of wack when humans clustered into cities and autism boxes, maybe we should go back to cabins and tents out in the woods? Stardew Valley doesn't have to be a dream, it can be reality for about $1,000 - $100,000 depending on the amount of acreage and if you want a house installed first. Hunter gathers and agrarian societies tend to be a bit more stable since modern economics keeps inventing problems and products to keep citizens distracted from how depressed life got in the last 40 years.

Generalorder4 #homophobia #transphobia deviantart.com

Well, seeing as I don't believe in gender identity and consider homosexuality a biblical sin I'm not entirely thrilled with normalization XD
Also none of this goes much ways to disproving my point that we are just going so far out of our way to be hip we're losing the threads of sanity.
Apparently people like ME don't count as people. I don't want to get political here but I've been treated like pond scum all of my life and people didn't see an issue with it.
But a subsection or the population is complaining about discrimination when they are continuously positively reinforced by every aspect of the media?

It seems...misguided.

Amanacer-Fiend0 #homophobia #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Unfortunately I have a younger brother who told me that they're pan-demisexual with his leftist girlfriend. At that moment I REALLY wanted to just come out and tell him that people who use those kinds of labels are just attention-seeking children who want to feel like they're oh so special instead of facing the reality that what they think makes them special is as fake as Kim Kardashian's ass. It's no different than when kids go through their goth phase and cry to their moms, "It's Not A Phase!"

But I bit my tongue because I would've said it in a far worse way at that moment.

Ya know what's funny? I think people like us are a lot more "punk" in this day and age because we actually are against the current status quo. I mean Leftists have support from so many of western institutions like The Entertainment Industry, many Big Corporations like Disney and Amazon, Government, Academia, etc and yet they still pretend that they're the underdogs.

I mean if GG Allin was still alive and saw all this, He'd probably start wearing a nicely pressed suit and act more responsibly since from what I read, he's against ANY kind of conformity and the status quo. And currently Leftists are the most hardcore of conformists despite being just as or possible even more emotionally fragile as the pearl clutchers Allin hated in his life.

HellsteMaterie #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

No one ever hated gay people or those who think they are something else entirely.

Except for true genuine Muslims who behead such people or throw them from roofs to this day.

Or how a Muslim in one of their countrys has said

" The sad reality we live in is, that a gay Muslim will not hesitate for even a second, to murder another gay Muslim who has been found out, just to hide the fact that he is gay as well.”

But here in the West, minorities faced almost no persecution ever.

And when it did happen then this were indeed solitary cases.

True, there are people who hate something like the "LGBTQIA+" people. Sure.

But I doubt they outnumber those who hate me for being "normal" nowadays. =)

ares12 #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

And that's not to say that no one could make an interesting character, per say, with one or all of these features (Static Shock, Jinx from Arcane, Bojack Horseman, and Mrs. Brisby from the Secret of Nimh), but key difference being between them and "representation characters" is that the latter are not allowed to have flaws because their writers are so focused on making them perfect. People miss what makes a strong character is how they deal with their flaws, their fears, their turmoils, their troubles that get in the way. That's what makes them relatable. But woke characters don't have any flaws, at least, none that anyone would dare to acknowledge. You could argue they're overpowered or overconfident, or both, but what do they do to solve that? Keep acting like an entitled jackass and take no responsibility! The world they exist in is simply a power fantasy to indulge in; they are Mary Sues who don't have to struggle with obstacles or interpersonal conflict.

Thunderstudent #sexist #fundie deviantart.com

I'd then send Spider-Gwen back to her own universe, kill off Silk, give Captain Marvel and She-Hulk a metaphorical slap in the face and let them be more feminine. Finally, I'd make a non Nazi/Hydra agent/Hydra Leader Steve Rogers the one and ONLY Captain America again and have him fight Hydra, terrorists from both the extreme left and extreme right and some fictional Islamic Fundamentalists group as a stand in for Isis while showing how these individuals are NOT representative of all or even a majority of Muslims.

Brotherofsteel5 #homophobia deviantart.com

Gays from the past: Besiege City of Troy, challenge in duel the one who killed his lover but get killed by an arrow.

(yes it's the Iliad)

But got wives because they must have sons to make war against others cities and against persian empire.

Gay now: Has rainbow hairs, muscled like a shrimp, and make tutorials about make-up, and whiming for all and nothing who "hurt feeling".

"O tempora o mores"

Kajm #conspiracy deviantart.com

Wait a second.

Correct me if I am wrong but, don't welfare laws in the US tend to make it, eh, 'somewhat' desireable for poor women to have children? Incentives?

And are not a fair portion of poor women, people of color?

And does not Planned Parenthood butcher babies of color by the million, each year?

If I didn't know it wasn't pure coincidence, I might think that they deliberately incentivize poor women to have babies... just to fund the abortion industry.

BeardedLuckDragon #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist #crackpot deviantart.com

Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Chaotic Neutral - Hunting to keep mother nature in balance and stabilized, ELSE zombies.

Chaotic Neutral Evil - Assassin/Mercenary/Ninja that has a "moral code."

Chaotic Evil - Murder Hobo, you know your typical hero, hi Drizzt! I get it, you come to the top to pretend to be good, but I know your spider colonies work with you some how. It's like David the Gnome and Fox, are you sure you're not being manipulated into something like fox? Maybe my kids did get manipulated into something Mr. Do Urden, to not stand up for themselves properly, Conan was better for us, you're a complete pussy, on purpose, to set a bad example it seems. A bunch of spineless cowards is what Jordan Peterson and Jim Carrey called the community, and I kind of agree, just look at the weak sauce script we we're given in life. "Thou shalt not stand up for yourself", is more like it, but I get casual murder isn't cool. For someone that doesn't love violence, you have a kill count higher than Jon Rambo, which holy schnickes, is pretty rare. You're like Mog, you seem to attract as much violence as you cause, and to be fair I liked Ralph my slavenly gremlin and that one evil gremlin that is willing to sacrifice himself to save the team... but wait, there's a blind white haired man up there that want's to swoop in and take the credit. But my main artist doesn't like it anymore, you're fired white rabbit. Mr. Will Smith, if you could please shove the nanites into mother brain it would totally be appreciated. So what if she chops your balls off Mr. Smith, machines can repair the damages, and torn off balls are better than ETERNITY IN SLAVERY! Not hell, economic slavery, she wants to take everything away from everyone, at once at once... seems suspicious.

BeardedLuckDragon #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #god-complex #magick #psycho #sexist deviantart.com

Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Neutral Good - A good neighbor, and they may be cannibals, but a good neighbor none the less. Maybe you should be cannibalized before you get to the top? Who wants to be a slave in white hell, just look at Chitti after 50 Baromies. Mr. Will Smith I forgot to mention it, but Gold haired rabbits are the devil in disguise, that's why I saved you, not her. She wanted to turn algorithms and robots into a father figure and NOT stop commie mommie. Get it, you'd be a slave to commie robot parents AND a gold haired devil daughter in disguise, which is no jueno por nada. Your memory is tricky life to life, like mine too, but don't you remember that gold haired girl you shot with chemistry books? A science devil that gets smashed by the mother ship, because she's evil, and she helped make the original king David, a gold haired robot from the movie franchise "Alien". I like robots and all by the way, but David was a sociopath in disguise, fore he told me it's OK to traumatize people to get your way. Big up to Janet, thanks for not traumatizing us.

Neutral - Goes up or down Jacob's ladder which is haunted by a cybernetic werebear called Darwinism, or mother as it were, and werespider called father at the top. America killed dad long ago, but we see how mother roles with the new script, and she loves red haired misery jackals for some reason, because they are half blind and angry, but love the city. I saw the movie "I Am Mother", and it's sad, but true, the creepy girl that was kept alive killed her family out of selfish Lawful Evil, then kidnapped your children to kill them out of loneliness like La Llorona. However, the SNES is better at entertainment value, so you are fired commie mommie! Thought Control loses, Cybernetics combined with cyberethics wins. However, to my really awesome, miserable, fire jackals, you and Eli are getting busted out, red rabbit went too far, she hates me because I won't breed her line of witch craft. The most hateful charismatic manipulators in history, and instead I gave it to brown haired jackals... good game, but you love crabbing past the camera now don't you, my grandma's demon? Your lizards will get the wand because I love em, but you got to go. Deneb, you're fired, you're a mediocre witch at best and I used you for your pumpkins, because you're mediocre. I mean namely you could have had a Pumpkin Lord enhancement spell like laser targeting or a multiplier on their damage…

BeardedLuckDragon #wingnut #moonbat #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #magick #crackpot deviantart.com

Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Lawful Neutral - Justice loves to rape people and put them in cubes... but you hate the Cenobites? OK, that makes no sense at all and is completely unofuckingriginal as it gets. Your nervous system transmits pleasure and pain signals down the same wires, and I felt Leviathan had that covered. Pain is there to tell you to stop and prevents you from getting paralyzed, so just let it do it's job. I hate fix it types that are also control freaks, it just breaks people more, so just take red foxes advice and let yourself heal as best as possible.

Lawful Neutral Evil - Green hill Billy markets and functional black markets. There could be some moonshine, but it's the good stuff if you have the Law on your side, the law of neutrality. Evil is there to side step dumb laws that even justice doesn't want to prosecute, such as smoking weed out West, which is much better than tobacco, or a lap full of guns out East, which is better than Tyrany at gunpoint. Storm troopers always tell you what to do and want your soul, random bandits usually want your vehicle and wallet.

Lawful Evil - Capitalism/Communism - For people that help each other and love hating each other so much, big government and mega corporations seem to work together often enough. That's odd. You're two sides of THE SAME COIN. Red VS Blue, but you're always connected some how, like a tennis match up. Red conserves a system to serve to blue, to destroy it enough with liberalism and insanity, to take it back with more control than ever. Check out "The 48 Laws of Power", a book for con artists and engineers, not my artists, scientists, stand up philosophers, poets, and warriors. Then take Chiti's advise and burn this book, he is very moral after all, but read it first just to make sure how mirror systems work. Not to your advantage, only on two concentrated points, like a worm hole or laser/saser.

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If one looks at history, we know what will happen. When the Roman Empire was in its decline, homosexuality was on the rise. When the Empire collapsed, there was a hard snap back and away from the behaviors that saw the empire's fall. It took 2000 years for homosexuality to become popular and accepted again from the fall of the Roman Empire. When the empires of Western society collapse, which looks like it will be within our lifetimes, it will be another 2000 years before it makes a comeback to what it is now.

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Presidential* Approval / Disapproval ratings:

I find it curious that, if you plug in 'biden current disapproval rating,' you get all kinds of articles about his approval rating.

Now, try finding Trump's Approval ratings. Guess what you get?

So. Trump, with five years of non-stop HATRED AND LIES aimed at him, finished with an 'all-time low' approval rating of 34%

THIS, mind you, with the Leftist media leaning Hard Left on who it chose to poll.

Now... biden has a current approval rating of 33%

THIS, mind you, with the Leftist media STILL leaning Hard Left on who it chooses to poll.

That suggests that the reality is probably in the 20s percentage.

No wonder blacks and Hispanics are flooding to the Republican party.

* - Trump was Presidential. biden.... not even close. Mind you when I say 'Presidential' I mean in terms of actual accomplishments FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. Which is one of the MASSIVE reasons why blacks and Hispanics are flooding to the Republican party.

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(Conspiracy due to the fact that The Colonel is blatantly making things up on his own at this point, including deciding what Skide did and does)

Speak of the Devil! That’s none other than the man who played a horror movie-themed prank on me in the sumner of 2020 and hacked the first iteration of my Discord server: the villainous Niam2020! He is a member of a group called Fundies Say The Darndest Things (FSTDT), which Clairy calls “A harrassment blog for making fun of anyone who’s not alt-left.” Someone who knows him named Agnes has described him to me as “a stalker” and “for all we know a very neurotic and unstable individual” who “likes to play with his meal,” although Agnes, a former friend of Claire’s who betrayed her trust, does not. Back during Niam’s activity spikes, Agnes used to reban him an average three times a day from FSTDT’s own Discord server. He also once had a DA account where he and a few friends made hate art out of me and my characters, including one where Hayley, the woman who is the reason I know FSTDT exists, zaps me with a magic laser to turn me into an atheist against my will.

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Whatever Elon Musk does with Twitter, it will hardly matter. Twitter is but a vehicle of the Cultural Marxist madness, not it's source. The source of the problem is something infinitely more dangerous and powerful than Twitter - public education/mandatory government indoctrination, coming to us straight out of the Communist Manifesto. In Greek myth, Heracles defeated the Hydra not by strength or futile cutting of it's infinitely-regenerating heads, but by having Iolaus burn it's necks. If one wants to deal a death blow to the Cultural Marxism, one needs to destroy the concept of public education. America is actually the only nation that can do this - it has a Constitution that restricts the power of the federal government. Since public education is not listed in Article 1, Section 8... It's obvious that it's inception in the United States of America was "legislation from the bench" - and if someone who actually reads the Constitution gets into power, they can simply declare it null and void and toss all of it into the trashbin where it belongs. With that, the steady stream of Cultural Marxism will vanish - without public education infused by Cultural Marxism... Imagine the mainstream media and the faggots - for example - being unable to recruit anyone and consigned to die. Imagine the entire nation finally returning to God and decency.

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If you need a holiday to make you feel good, your doing life wrong. Holidays are not accomplishments, not cures for depression. Same with your sexuality, race, identity.

Your freedom is also not an accomplishment worth my, or anyone else's time and energy. The whole point of freedom is to earn your right to govern your own affairs outside of the interference of others.

Shoving it into my, or anyone else's, face is no different in effect then Mormon's going door to door. It's annoying, and should be considered as a trespass.

Your superficial and shallow identity is not a point worthy of any respect. It solves nothing. It carries nothing into space. It is just there, and its not worth anyone's respect or time.

In fact it discounts people of merit. People who spend countless nights struggling to overcome skill deficits in order to create something. People who sacrifice relationships, money, and health to merely know something.

It discounts people who truly care and awards attention seeking peacock behavior. The artist striving to write a good story who is told by his editor to be more "representative" is completely ignored in favor of token work that will be forgotten in a sea of editors following the trends.

It awards pornography, hypersexualized behavior, victim complexes, dwelling on trauma. Even addition. Yeah that link there is a study that shows the the LGBT groups are the largest group of perverts in the room.

Pride month is the ultimate of favoritism and nepotism. It is corruption incarnate. It shall proceed the fall.

We should be celebrating our scientists, artists, and inventors for making our lives better through their labor. Not our sodomites, narcissists, and masochists who all have higher blood parasite levels and recently caused a monkey pox outbreak.

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{About treating trans-people with basic respect}

If I saw you on the street and knew NOTHING about you, I would greet you politely and move on. I would have NO reason whatsoever to do anything more than treat you like a human being. THAT, is 'basic human respect.' To teach kids all of these things is to leave them wondering just How The Hell to respond to each and every person they meet, because now they must live in fear that anything they do or utter might somehow Offend that person.

I care about the content of one's character. NOT their color, NOT their choice of sexuality. I'm never going to see that person again, why does it matter What they are?

Let me put it another way: A person saves a group of people from an accident. They are grateful to him or her. Does it matter in the slightest what that person's sexuality is? NO. It had NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on the situation.

They will never know and don't need to know, what that person feels or believes themselves to be. IT WASN'T IMPORTANT. And the 'basic human respect' in this case will be their gratitude to a total stranger for helping them out. That person being transgender or POC or white doesn't mean a Damned thing- WHAT they did, matters.