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If you compare the vague speech of the Canadian "anti-hatespeech" law to the Hong Kong "anti espionage" act ... and to Putin's anti espionage laws

You'll realize they're the same thing.

The woke

The Chinese communists

The Russian Imperialists

They're all the same, just wearing different Masks

They all want to end you

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Basically in The United Humanity's current-day regime, the governments of some of the more Feudal Worlds end up re-writing the lore and histories of their planet so as to re-write history in the new regime's favor. Because those who control the past, controls the Present. And those who control the present, controls the future.

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Oh yes! Females custodians! Add wokism in 40k to tell us we must like it!

(By the way have you seen the recents black s library books? Stories of astra militarium, of course, with courageous and braves FEMALES guards. )

Seriously always the same shit: Trying to make us believe "womyns" can do the same things than men, and even, they can do it BETTER.

Oh yes feminists and wokes, you are so badass.

So badass, i can't wait to see liberals libertarians with green hairs- their-prunumis-They/them, who will enlist in armies of westerns countries.

You want to remember the reality? In Europe, the military service was an obligation for every YOUNG MEN, until the 90's.

But not for WOMEN.

Have you heard feminists complaining about it?

And now, just imagine that, with all the mess there are in the world today.

What could happen, if military service, is re-established in western Europe countries?

What if young men MUST be present in caserns when their studies are over?

If that happen, i'm courious to see how somes peoples, so happy to see "strong females characters" , "gender-fluids heroes", or "heroes from diversity" in movies and comics, will react.

I'm sure they will gladly enlist them/shem/theirselves to serve their country, to doing the same things they see in theatres.

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Gigantic display of the Ten Commandments in new Minnesota jail offends atheist group: ‘Imposing religion’

Question: If you're an atheist, so therefore you do not believe in the first place, why even give a shit?

Let me use myself as an example, though I'm Catholic, I was once going through a mall and saw a Jehovah Witness table set up looking for suckers, looked at it and then shrugged my shoulders and went about my business.

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Let's look at the logic with this whole pronoun nonsense let's say, for the sake of argument, you're a manager of, let's say, 50 employees and a 1/3, roughly 17, of those employees have preferred pronouns can you imagine the confusion in that when I business promotes that nonsense regardless of ESG?

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So yeah, Trump held a rally in Jersey where he made a sarcastic remark about Hannibal Lecter, and as usual the typical media autists collectively shit their little diapers in unison as they wail to the heavens that "TrUmP eNdOrSeD a CaNnIbAl, sEe HoW eViL hE iS?!", and everyone who listened either laughed at them or told them to rightfully shut the hell up because no one cares! Everything that has been thrown at this man has failed! No, not just failed, spectacularly failed! His trial and mugshots ALONE have propelled his campaign far further than anything in 2016 and 2020 COMBINED, and the Leftoids are adding fuel to the growing shit-firestorm with their tantrums! At this point, Trump could drop the sacred N-word and every single African American would vote for him!

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As you have said, and certainly Dr. James Lindsay and others have stated as well, it is a cult.

The fact that they are salty against J.K Rowling speaking OUT about biological men demanding to be in women's shelters and prisons speaks volumes about their mind set: normal is capital (to be abolished.)

I LOVED how she stood up against that "hate" law.

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Full title: Hollywood/Video Game industry panic as BS is rejected

Hollywood and video game industry have something in common they are seeing less money and less customers and harder for stuff to break-even and make profits enough to run the company without layoffs and budget cuts. People focusing on old and retro movies, tv shows, video games. Woke, social justice, etc has chase away enough people retro and nostalgia being enjoyed more and more.

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Because it's brainwashing 101. I'll keep reminding people as many times as I have to until people get it that this is what they're trying to do. To brainwash people, you have to inundate them, bombard them 24/7/365 with "the message" and give them no relief or no alternatives that don't preach "the message." Every piece of media the subject consumes must preach "the message" so that eventually they'll just instinctively repeat/regurgitate "the message" themselves. If the subject has access to anything that doesn't preach "the message" or worse explicitly countermands "the message" then the brainwashing could fail completely.

That is why the Woke literally do want every book, movie, TV show, and video game to be Woke. It's so that their lies and propaganda are seeped into everything and we have no escape. Make no mistake though, it's not us living now that they're focused on. It's future generations. They're playing a longer game. Kids are going to grow up in a world where their media is woke and they'll grow up believing that wokeness is normal. It falls on us, the non-Woke to fight against and defeat Wokeness NOW before it's too late.

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So if you want a themed weekend of "movies who made hipters and cucks cry" Watch Oppeihemer, and The Northman. You know the movie about ancient scandinavian, where there are no strong and independant black woman, and zero diversity, just WHITES EUROPEANS.

Booooohooooo hipsters! The big bad whiter straight man is hidded under your bed, and will tickle you until you will pee in your bed....

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Lisa Frankenstein: Mary Shelly Rolls In Her Grave

Where the fuck do I even fucking begin with this fuck!? So my girlfriend and I go to see Night Swim and this unholy abomination before God was shown on the theater screen, and when the trailer ended I turned to her and I said "There is a LOT I hate about this fucking movie, going by the trailer alone". So, apparently, we have a protagonist who, somehow, manages to bring back the body of some dead guy (I'm assuming by the magical properties of "plot") and becomes his living girlfriend, all the while defying societal norms in an attempt to "live her own truth" and "accept how awesome she is", and I'm only assuming this based on how cunty Lisa herself is acting throughout the trailer. Do I even NEED to say what all is wrong with this, you've seen the trailer at this point, YOU KNOW what's wrong with it: the Mary Sue insert main protag; the propogandist attack on societal norms thinly veiled as "attacking the patriarchy"; ALL the characters existing solely to either prop up Lisa and her struggle, or exist as shallow cardboard cutouts as strawman arguments AGAINST the ideals being pushed in this drek!

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You'd have to be as borderline retard as most of my haters really. How they bitch that all they have ever done is be nice, no no you haven't. Needless to say i would love to know how Biden will win a war with a military so inept they crash planes into the Ocean and are unable to supply ammo and fuel to Ukraine in adequate numbers for nationwide a sustained offensive.

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I don't feel sorry for peoples like that.
They behave like savages, drive a car like douches, and after that they are surprised to got a crash.
They hitted a truck and 2 of them died, but what if they hitted persons who just walked on the sidewalk, or a car with childrens inside?
Rest to their souls, but for the rest...

This is the result of stupidity/lefty propaganda hooking up, you get a generations of arrogant idiots that will blindly surrender their lives for cheap thrills.

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Well damn, that's not very nice, lol.


Oh no, I'm so fucking sorry. Haha. Very funny, but I will continue to enjoy the thoughts of ripping apart those "things" that should of been aborted before they were even concieved.

If you think I'm a monster, good, I'd rather be a monster for killing every single person that was described in this post who did those immoral depraved fucked up things than be a human who's too weak to do shit and gets brainwashed by government cocksuckers and commits to such demonic acts that even Satan himself would look down upon in disgust and shock.

That is all.

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I wish to every single person on that website the most horrific, painful, gruesome, brutal and torturous end that will make the most powerful people shit their pants.

But like all things in life, the authorities will probably do nothing about it because they either secretly support it and probably live in that site in secret, or they just don't care about what happens to everyone else so soon as they still live comfortably and get paid. Even if this site does get what it deserves in the end, those people won't and will just migrate to the next big thing. Like Twitter.

I hate this as much as you and everyone else does, but unless those people are executed or imprisoned for life, this kind of shit will never end, it will grow and grow until we live in a dystopia that's run by these very unnatural freaks who hide behind their screens and keyboards.

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This is the effect of voting on emotions rather than policies and the rot in our society. There are those who are trapped in their own addictions, their own bodies unable to do anything to help themselves. The increase in drug use, crime, shipping jobs away from out nation, and the lack of fathers and healthy households instead trying to escape reality than deal with it leads to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysgxfm7w-9E

Don't get confused about the propaganda, don't abandon the morals that helped build this nation, and don't forget honest truths like hard work, family, and you are your brother's keeper. We as a nation need to turn this around and sadly I have no idea what to do so far from major problems. We have people trafficing in human beings using them as slave labor and abusing kids, we have drugs being shipped in on mass from around the world, we have people who are so broken then I have no idea how to help, and even those who want to do right, how are they going to fix their cities where gang violence rules with no guns in the hands of the common people while violent thugs can ship in military grade full autos to protect their drug empires?

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I kiiiiinda think that a lot of folks who buy into the whole "free will is a lie, scientific predetermination is the way" ... fall into in of 3 camps

a) they can't think for themselves.

b) they have such low effort thought processes that others can predict their every move, so they're conned into thinking they have no free agency

c) they're the despicable con artists who can read other people and manipulate them into thinking they don't have a choice in the matter.

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No one should be ashamed of making straight ships between fictional characters and this is where Genshin Impact sets the most despicable example since My Hero Academia. As a hetero lad, I could not care worth a fin if LGB ships exist but if there are artists that are threatened to delete a straight ship off of Pixiv or any other art site by cyberbullies, then I must express annoyance to it.

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Why I am saying Marvel is currently delivering social justice advertising is, just recently and judging by Disney's ownership and direction over the company, they have decided to make a reboot where the X-Men will be race-swapped and some of the characters will either have their sexual orientations or genders changed in order to boost their Blackrock ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) scores in which doing so shall please Larry Fink and many other shareholders that want their coffers filled in desperately.

Now don't get me wrong when anyone thinks I'm a bigot for hating the X-Men for having women or ethnically diverse characters that have already existed for 60 years (and that is counting the X-Men's cancellation in 1970 due to low sales until its revival 5 years after that) within the comic books, cartoons, videogames and even a fair share of anime. I don't really hate that fact, it is just that the social justice activists that infiltrated Marvel and Disney wanted to insert their "current day" identity politics drivel into the works of fiction along with our favourite characters, and that ruins the X-Men for who they are, strong and flawed characters with complicated backstories. They are nobody else's personal mouthpiece which Stan Lee surely did not want, even if he was alive. The X-Men already have a lot of wonderful female characters, so making a film based strictly on a third-wave feminist lens by making the team purely female is just illogical since none of the lovely ladies like Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe, Laura Howlett and Betsy Braddock should be treated like visual icons for cultural Marxism, but just characters that good-minded individuals like me can relate to.

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I don't follow much wrestling in general, but American UFC wrestler Sean Strickland got quite the haymaker for the wokiots -- especially those that corrupted the LGB community circle -- and the globalist tyranny that has been throwing us "peasants" down, especially during the era of the Bat Ship Crazy Pandemic.

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Another tactic to create more broken homes so the government to step in to become the parent. You see, stable homes = stable people in society who can manage their own affairs with a level head. These creeps hate that, they want broken people in constant need of the government support.

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Now we know that Trump wasn't just lightning in a bottle. To quote Ian McKellen:

A great power has been sleeping for many long years. But the coming of Trump was like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains.

Whatever your feelings or givings about the candidates, they are, at the very least, giving the people something they have been starved for for far too long: Purpose and hope. And the results are mirror images of the 2016 American election. Which brings me to one caveat: if the global current happenings are repetitions of what happened in the US, wouldn't that mean that next elections would be, for want of a better phrase "secure and fair" as ours was? But whatever happens, one thing is certain:

A thing is about to happen that has not happened since the Elder days. The Right Wing is going to wake up, and find that they are strong.

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it's worth reminding that we had a particular individual hold office for 4 years ... nato didn't dissolve, wwiii didn't happen, the economy thrived until the CDC covered China's back in Wuhan


so the next time you hear a fearmonger say "orange man bad", remember they're a mentally inbred piece of shit who has no recollection of history other than what celebrities tell them.

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Obviously, say what you will about abusive parents, or cops. I get some people shouldn't be in that profession, and some people shouldn't have kids in the first place. That's a whole case by case basis, can of worms we don't need to touch.

The unfortunate truth is parenthood comes with needing to dish out some discipline sometimes. Got to stop the bad behavior from growing until it gets out of control. And police or whoever have to kick the ass instead.

I'm not hear to tell anybody how to parent, I couldn't care less if you use THE BELT, a slipper, or just your hand. Your house, your kid, your rules, choose your tool. Will just say make sure you manage to get through the fact your doing out of love. Love hurts sometimes and all that.

Cops won't kick a bad kids ass out of love. And the people those bad kids end up with in jail REALLY don't care how much they kick a kids ass.

So be thankful your dad or whoever kicked your not as hard as other people could. Your ass could be destroyed if they didn't.

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I've seen this one before. It's interesting how feminism only exists because of these spinsters who wanted to redefine feminine roles because they basically failed at being women. I will say that there are some gender norms that are way too rigid, and feminists are right to try to break those down because it makes people overall more free to express themselves in whatever way they want. But I also think that most conventionally feminine women who identify as feminists only do so because of social norms, not because they actually want to be equal, because women are basically NPCs who believe whatever they're told. I think all women know subconsciously that they're the inferior sex and that's why they still expect men to pay for their shit and will dump any guy who isn't capable of leading them. No matter how feminist they claim to be, they're still fundamentally submissive and want men to provide for them and make decisions for them. When I'm dealing with women, I basically treat them like children and tell them what to do, without overtly disagreeing with their feminist views. Women are comfortable with this contradiction between rhetoric and behavior because they're basically incapable of rational thought. You should follow Red Pill advice, but don't ever talk about the Red Pill.

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I suspect there's a problem with libs acknowledging that the US has budget constraints (regarding being able to provide Ukrainian aide)


it indicates that the US economy might not actually be sunshine and rainbows and that it might, in fact, be absolute dogshit with real inflation still being painfully high ... meaning Biden fucked up.


can't admit that, so clearly everyone else is a facist.

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Taiwan takes great pride in the fact that they have in person voting, paper only systems, and complete transparency of the counting process (nothing behind closed doors).

Taiwan values this because the CCP has sought repeatedly to destroy any semblance of fair elections.

... so here in the US ... which party seeks to do away with paper voting?




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I had a lib tell me straight faced, no irony, full of chest, 100% serious that "the biggest problem with society today is that people don't trust the government enough."

... and people wonder why I come across as "bitter" or "cynical" ... it's because people really are that stupid ... and most don't even realize how stupid they are.

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Teacher speaks out against Liberal Parenting

And single motherhood, too. Both of these are bad for children, because they tend not to incorporate discipline into the children's lives and make them respect everyone around them. With no discipline, children grow up to be criminals and other kinds of bad people who harm everyone around them in various ways. When you're a bad person, you might get your life snuffed out by a cop, a vigilante, or someone else defending themselves and/or their loved ones.

Here's a study showing why conservative parenting is better than liberal parenting.

Where I found it at (MSN, a leftwing website, had it): https://archive.ph/MDYMa

The very page itself with sources in some of the links to back it up: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/community-family/children-liberal-parents-suffer-mental-health-issues

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Liberals are Xenophobic to the extreme.

Why else would they decry that all cultures must remain pure, and that no outsiders have the right to infringe upon their own culture. The common cry of "you're just saying that 'cause you're white" is about as xenophobic as you can possibly get.

I mean, the fact that trendy pan-Asian cuisine is the literal definition of cultural appropriation, according to their terms. Or let alone the fact that "Asian Heritage Month" is a thing, with the motto of "we love Asians, 1 Asian is as good as another!" But that's SOMEHOW acceptable and different and exempt from their holy judgement because it's a liberal inspired movement because ... well ... they're like orks. They can simultaneously hold 2 completely contradictory accounts of reality as truth and not think anything of it.

fuck it. Liberals are why humanity deserves nuclear holocaust.

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How deep in the trenches of the political and cultural divide do you have to be to think that setting up freaking RAZOR WIRE to protect your own damn border is seen as extreme to the point that you need to take control of the state's national guard?! Hell, my girlfriend is Puerto Rican, and SHE thinks the government's take on this is insane! Good news is that 25 states of the United States, literally HALF, are backing Texas, bad news is that the other half either don't care or are against Texas. Folks, this is how the first Civil War freaking started: dispute over states' rights! Except back then, it was over whether or not states could secede from the Union (and no you sad, sad victims of our modern education system, it WAS NOT about slavery as that was invented by the Union and weaponized by President Lincoln and almost backfired in their faces), and now the same thing is happening again for the same damn reason, that of a tyrannical and overbearing government! Joe Biden and his administration are on their way out, and they know it, so this has the reek of a last desperate grasp of power. If there is a civil dispute, the current administration could use that as incentive to try to stay in power, and I DARE you to try and tell me that they won't try to spin it that way in the coming days!

Evil Is Petty Award

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Point of advice for those who are not politically anchored:

The era of "peace dividends" are rapidly drawing to close. WWIII is going to be a conventional war (ukraine as proven as such), and already everyone is putting off the obvious military spending increase as it will cut into vote-winning social programs.

It will happen, however.

So, if you're not politically anchored: start marketing to crowds who are not anchored to social programs for their income. Those social welfare funds are going to get slashed as defense spending gets an uptick in this new war climate ... meaning the woke demographics will have even less disposable income.

JonFreeman #wingnut #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

(When someone ask why his posts are always political.)

There's several reasons, but I'll give the most depressing one: it doesn't hurt my bottom line.

As far as I can tell, the woke don't have disposable income. I can't tell how many times I've seen someone get offended and say "I was thinking about supporting you, but now I won't." and I'm just thinking "bulllllllllshit, if you were actually going to pay me you would have."

... it's not like Disney where they've had the lowest attendance summer at their theme parks ever (hell knows how much that has cost them) ... or Bud Light laying off tens of thousands of employees.

That's kind of the dark punch line of the whole thing. It simply is what it is.

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The Soviet Union was more a nationalist country then a communist nation after WW2 because they focused more on tribalism and the family element in Russia just like the National Socialists in Germany as they believed in there own race and nation instead of this multiculturalism and egalitarianism shoved down our throats here in the White Western World which is why the United States and Western Europe are decaying and falling to this white genocide campaign by the Liberal Globalist Establishment. This man Kyle when it was said his people supported the Soviet Union it was more of a sense of pride and nationalism now that he become a Russian Women he is now apart of a homogeneous society to produce children for her country which is the most important job in any society as the preservation of one's race is what preserves there civilization. I mean today in the world the White Birth Rates have dropped so significantly because of this consumerist propaganda that focuses on self-indulgences and the burdens of producing children which makes most White people lazy to have children I'm glad this man is now finally has a purpose to produce children for her nation now I mean in the United States and Europe because of this Consumerist Propaganda its making us weaker and in most cases making the men more feminine as were losing our masculinity through this stifling of our men so that they don't become strong masculine white people but weak and frail feminine men so in general there turning the men into women and the women into men promoting masculinity in them so they won't adopt natural feminine traits or stay home and produce children but take on full time careers except the thing is Men don't bear children only women can and its impossible to do that when there at work instead of home. So In general I'm glad that this caption was made as finally this man has a purpose to produce children for our people and I wish this could happen to all the feminine males in the country so that could be doing the same thing this young lady is doing being a proud, patriot, and loyal wife to her husband producing children for her race and nation so that our own people can continue existing instead of being bred out of existence like what's happening in the West so our hope lies in the East and we as Western European must follow there example or else we perish.