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I wish to every single person on that website the most horrific, painful, gruesome, brutal and torturous end that will make the most powerful people shit their pants.

But like all things in life, the authorities will probably do nothing about it because they either secretly support it and probably live in that site in secret, or they just don't care about what happens to everyone else so soon as they still live comfortably and get paid. Even if this site does get what it deserves in the end, those people won't and will just migrate to the next big thing. Like Twitter.

I hate this as much as you and everyone else does, but unless those people are executed or imprisoned for life, this kind of shit will never end, it will grow and grow until we live in a dystopia that's run by these very unnatural freaks who hide behind their screens and keyboards.

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Well damn, that's not very nice, lol.


Oh no, I'm so fucking sorry. Haha. Very funny, but I will continue to enjoy the thoughts of ripping apart those "things" that should of been aborted before they were even concieved.

If you think I'm a monster, good, I'd rather be a monster for killing every single person that was described in this post who did those immoral depraved fucked up things than be a human who's too weak to do shit and gets brainwashed by government cocksuckers and commits to such demonic acts that even Satan himself would look down upon in disgust and shock.

That is all.

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Liberals are Xenophobic to the extreme.

Why else would they decry that all cultures must remain pure, and that no outsiders have the right to infringe upon their own culture. The common cry of "you're just saying that 'cause you're white" is about as xenophobic as you can possibly get.

I mean, the fact that trendy pan-Asian cuisine is the literal definition of cultural appropriation, according to their terms. Or let alone the fact that "Asian Heritage Month" is a thing, with the motto of "we love Asians, 1 Asian is as good as another!" But that's SOMEHOW acceptable and different and exempt from their holy judgement because it's a liberal inspired movement because ... well ... they're like orks. They can simultaneously hold 2 completely contradictory accounts of reality as truth and not think anything of it.

fuck it. Liberals are why humanity deserves nuclear holocaust.

Tell Us How You Really Feel Award

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I will NOT apologize you. You are a fucking effeminate Luz Noceda cocksucker, you are a disgust to true men and you should be bullied by true men because TOH, Amphibia, SVTFOE, MLP FiM/EQG and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, or other any show with female lead character is for girls only.

I hate femboys, male feminists, gays, male fans of any girly-lead-character media or franchises and I prefer you be DEAD.

If you want to be a true man, stop watching those shows and start watching Sanjay and Craig, Pickle or Peanut, Billy Dilley, Ren and Stimpy (including Adult Party Cartoon) or any TV show who is male-lead-characters or sexual female degradation characters. Also please, play GTA 5 (including the strip club minigame), No More Heroes franchise, God of War greek mythology saga (including the sex minigame) or any male-character or sexual female degradation videogame.

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(When someone ask why his posts are always political.)

There's several reasons, but I'll give the most depressing one: it doesn't hurt my bottom line.

As far as I can tell, the woke don't have disposable income. I can't tell how many times I've seen someone get offended and say "I was thinking about supporting you, but now I won't." and I'm just thinking "bulllllllllshit, if you were actually going to pay me you would have."

... it's not like Disney where they've had the lowest attendance summer at their theme parks ever (hell knows how much that has cost them) ... or Bud Light laying off tens of thousands of employees.

That's kind of the dark punch line of the whole thing. It simply is what it is.

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It can be tricky, but it's not impossible to have a Biblically-appropriate homosexual marriage that obeys God. But like with heterosexual couples, sex for personal pleasure is considered just as bad for gay couples. It mainly boils down to intention. Innocent intimacy is a thing, such as the motivations being an act of comforting love between couples rather than just wanting to get yourself hard and go wild in bed. Two men sharing a bed naked isn't anymore a sin than a man and a woman. But if either couple starts getting a little too kinky or horny, THEN we have a problem. Doesn't mean you can't like sex, but it's not a game: sex needs to be taken seriously for the safety and comfort of everyone involved. Sex gone wrong leads to serious problems for everyone involved and it needs to be treated with caution. Again I'll say that romantic attraction to each other is perfectly fine for both straight and gay couples, but when methods of sex that are considered unnatural are used, problems arise. If homosexuals want to have sex, they must go into it married, take it seriously, and have innocent intentions just like heterosexuals.

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Why can't people just accept that since the Japanese have more bearing on my life & western society as a whole than any other asian country & they make better products & pop-culture than the rest of Asia, not only are they the only country that deserve to be the dominant economic powerhouse in Asia, but also, unlike Germany, they're too good to apologize for any of the atrocities they enacted during WWII? Why can't people realize that the creation of their very own pop-culture should excuse them from having to make any apologies or reparations for the 2nd sino-japanese war & that china doesn't deserve the appreciation or sovereignty it has?

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The Soviet Union was more a nationalist country then a communist nation after WW2 because they focused more on tribalism and the family element in Russia just like the National Socialists in Germany as they believed in there own race and nation instead of this multiculturalism and egalitarianism shoved down our throats here in the White Western World which is why the United States and Western Europe are decaying and falling to this white genocide campaign by the Liberal Globalist Establishment. This man Kyle when it was said his people supported the Soviet Union it was more of a sense of pride and nationalism now that he become a Russian Women he is now apart of a homogeneous society to produce children for her country which is the most important job in any society as the preservation of one's race is what preserves there civilization. I mean today in the world the White Birth Rates have dropped so significantly because of this consumerist propaganda that focuses on self-indulgences and the burdens of producing children which makes most White people lazy to have children I'm glad this man is now finally has a purpose to produce children for her nation now I mean in the United States and Europe because of this Consumerist Propaganda its making us weaker and in most cases making the men more feminine as were losing our masculinity through this stifling of our men so that they don't become strong masculine white people but weak and frail feminine men so in general there turning the men into women and the women into men promoting masculinity in them so they won't adopt natural feminine traits or stay home and produce children but take on full time careers except the thing is Men don't bear children only women can and its impossible to do that when there at work instead of home. So In general I'm glad that this caption was made as finally this man has a purpose to produce children for our people and I wish this could happen to all the feminine males in the country so that could be doing the same thing this young lady is doing being a proud, patriot, and loyal wife to her husband producing children for her race and nation so that our own people can continue existing instead of being bred out of existence like what's happening in the West so our hope lies in the East and we as Western European must follow there example or else we perish.

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Why can't the world just accept that since Japan makes better products than germany & the rest of Asia, Japan should not only be the dominant power in asia instead of china, but it would also be morally & pragmatically wrong for the japanese government to apologize or reparations for the war-crimes imperial Japan committed against the rest of Asia because said non japanese asians didn't create japanese products or pop-culture & thus don't deserve any apologies or reparations? After all, as long as Japan never challenges America's authority & they keep making more products & pop-culture for the US to enjoy, who cares how the rest of Asia is affected as long as Japan remains the sovereign power in asia?

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Remember: feminist writers kill off "toxic male" heroes and attempt to replace them with Mary Sue protags (heman, terminator, 1st draft indy 5)


Just like how they wish they could murder men in real life. Or how they destroy the careers of male rivals and usurp their positions.


Because damn those evil men.


Totally trustworthy those women are

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My name is Robert, alternately known as “Colonel Knight Rider.” Throughout my life, I have abided by one maxim above the rest: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

When I was a child, I was certain that, if I worked hard enough and studied video games and films hard enough, I could write a movie based on Nintendo’s Super Mario video game franchise better than the 1993 feature was. Unfortunately, I allowed Hollywood’s elite to take that dream from me because I was manipulated into believing I had no chance. Nintendo canon purists on an otherwise ghost town of a forum community insisted that Nintendo would not want another origin story film that does not follow the canon of the games to the letter to be produced. They conspired against me by choosing words they knew would appeal to my anger, and I fell for their trickery. Thus, I was banished from their now seldomly active community for refusing to submit to their groupthink. However, the trailers for the animated reboot I had long hoped to see have definitively proven these cyberbullies wrong. I feel both relieved that I never really was as crazy as they proclaimed me to be and disappointed that I missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

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I think the so called " Second Civil War " would be over very VERY soon.
((( (( (Their) )) ))) only leftwingish, smelly Hope is -> that they have taken ENOUGH SHITS INSIDE THE BRAINS of the US-Army, that these would move and try to prevent their utter Destruction.
The Side of the obnoxious, recalcitrant, eternal Crybabies ( Leftwing ),
the Side of the based, hard-working, law-abiding Worker-Class ( Rightwing ), ???
There is no Question who would win. But sadly -> the political Right has to much Humanity inside their Hearts, to give these recalcitrant Darkness-Spawns the Treatment they deserve.
While this is good and prevents disgusting, smelly Globalists like George Soros to see their "DESIRED US-AMERICA" in which US-Americans slaughter each other,
it's R~EEEEEEAAAAAAAALLY hard to constantly get called a "Fascist" and the likes all the Life : and constantly being viciously attacked in one way or the other,
and NEVER roll out the Whip and the Belt and give these pieces of sxxx the absolute TRASHING that they always provoke and beg for - for Years and YEARS on End - and who never stop with this crap.
It started so hard in November 2016,
when a Man was elected as US-President, that their " MAIN STREAM MASTERS " had demonised, defamed and slandered for about half a Year,
People SCREEEEEAAAMED into the Sky like Demons bathed in Holy Water, hence creating legendary Meme's,
and only because the Citizens of the United States elected a Man ((( (( (THEY) )) ))) didn't want to see elected, an UUUUUUUUUUNBELIEVABLE Era of Division and obnoxious Bullshit was kicked loose.
I am not even US-American and even "i" can't unsee it. SO. MUCH. HATRED. for US-America and the based, law-abiding, honest-working Labor- and Worker-Class,
it's IN~SANE.

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Companies should strive to be "all inclusive" because not everyone is worth including.

I mean, do you really want to compromise your product to accommodate that 1-in-100 idiot who still walks around wearing a mask? It's been 3 years, and those morons still haven't figured out they don't work; instead, they abide by their surrogate religion.


No, it isn't worth including them. You compromise the core too much to reach that final 5%. Let them rot.

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So, Iibs started wondering why libs get so pissed off when you talk about Elites running the show.


Then I realized that it's because libs are so full of themselves that thought of anyone being better than themselves (especially "elites") is just so offensive that it simply cannot exist.

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Personally, I don't know why every country on the planet with a military production complex ISN'T shipping their combat kit to Ukraine. This is like the PERFECT opportunity to rake in some easy free advertising.

"Hey dudes, I know everyone bought from Russia - but as you can clearly see their tanks are shit. And here's some real time footage of my military gear kicking in that shit. I think it's time you ditched the Ruskie shit and signed on some new kit with me for your self defense needs ... after all, it's not like China's gonna resist the urge to be a dick and kick off WWIII."

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Yeah, no. Fuck you too. You do NOT have my consent to make me into your fetish and you do NOT have my consent to turn my medical disorder into your kink. It DOES harm people both physically and mentally, and that is what you creeps don't understand. You're so blinded by your lust you can't even see our crying.

"I particularly see no problem with people liking diapers for fetish reasons, and I don’t think it’s an ableist thing." - You're right, it's also a pedophile thing, a kink out of the humiliation of others, and their pleasure in their own filth. It's fucking disgusting no matter how you slice it.

"People who have diaper fetishes are not targeting people who have to wear diapers." - Yes, they are. They trivialize and dehumanize us by turning our medical conditions into cute "sexy" costumes they can use for sexual pleasure while we suffer. It's sickening you don't see the problem in turning people's genuine pain into a kink.

"Do I find it entertaining that people fetishize my hair color or my breasts when they serve another purpose? Not really. But is it realllyyyyyy gonna harm me at the end of the day? No." - I thought the same thing about my appearance before I got sexually assaulted because someone made a fetish out of me, my body, and my disabilities.

"So I ask of you my friend to please not label anyone with a non-harmful fetish as a monster." - I am NOT your fucking friend, you pervert. And it is NOT "harmless" fetish: it's dangerous, disgusting, and dehumanizing. It will never be the "UWU innocent" thing you try to doll it up as. Whether these pervs realize it or not, they ARE hurting others and making jokes out of us.

"I’m speaking as someone who has two DL buddies." - They are not your buddies and they are not mentally-sound. Get them help or leave them out of your life.

Also, thanks for the article: it made me hate you sickos even more. Stay the fuck away from me, disabled people, kids, and this website.

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It is important to fight against cultural appropriation. If non-minorities act like minorities, it will be harder to tell them apart.

Ensure that all races act exactly in the way that their race is predestined to act; least society fall apart... so is implied by liberal propaganda without expressly saying so.

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Who the fuck is paying for reparations Mr. Not?
If its the Republicans- then-
A. You blew up the Republicans and all their money. They're debt-slaves now.
B. Hope you enjoy an insurgency for the next 50 years.

If its the remaining loyal states then-
A. This government sucks. Its giving preferential treatment to Blacks. You're just doing black supremacy and ignoring all the times other Whites, Natives, Asians, and Hispanics get/got exploited.
B. Damn I've come home to my new BugHome(tm) because my suburban home was bulldozed while I was in service to Kamala-Lock-Em-Up-Harris. And I gotta pay extra taxes to the Black guy next door.
Who also gets reparations? I know you said descendant of the 1st Civil War. Do you not realize that's 170 years ago? If generations are 20-30 years long, thats 8-9 generations depending on how much family you have. Do you not realize how many people that is? That's 512 ancestors for you in 8 generations, and 9 generations doubles that for 1024 ancestors. Thats not even getting into adoption if you'd count that or even be able to find connections.
Though I guess since its generalized to just 'African-Americans', so again- back to that black supremacy thing. Or is it just African-Americans, emigrant Africans need not be cared for. Or is it all Blacks in American society? Recently emigrated Nigerians and Congolese get special treatment. Is it anyone with a darker-than-caramel skin color?

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if Christian, yes lgbtq is a sin, and should be punished, that's religion in a nutshell of any sort, I'm from a Christian family and this is how they believe on the subject, my beliefs don't fit jus6 one region though, and it's their choice to be that way, if they chose, ne I'm straight, and could care less about lgbtq, honestly tired of hear about the nonsense on the news as well

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drivanmoffitt:...80 million is way too small for a nation of that size, especially one that controls almost all of the former US, which by the way has a population of over 331.9 million (also Mexico has a population of over 126.7 million all from 2021 so give a take a few million now) so what the fuck happen to the 437+ million people? Not good as you state its' fascist....

benji150: Well, in order to eliminate the US population, it is necessary to compulsorily recruit them, send them to the holocaust, torture them for fun and entertainment, use them as human bombs for bombings, use them as laboratory rats without anesthesia, etc.

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Its stuff like this that makes me very glad I turned AOC into a dictator of a failing state it confirms just how much of a fraud the left are.
Protecting democracy? Let me guess a sign of dictatorship is neutering centralized government in favor of giving states the right to rule.
no actually that what the say in fact alt right leader Richard Spencer endorsed Joe Biden for president. In a series of tweets, he wrote.
“The MAGA/Alt-Right moment is over. I made mistakes; Trump is an obvious disaster; but mainly the paradigm contained flaws that we now are able to perceive. And it needs to end. So be patient. We’ll have another day in the sun. We need to recover and return in a new form.
I will never flip on my fundamental principles. (My principles were never voting for the supposed ‘the lesser or two evils’ or ‘stopping big government.’)
Walking into certain defeat, even death, is not heroic. It’s foolhardy. I have no sympathy for martyrs. I admire winners.”
In all you fascists only change in one area what you call people who stand in the way of your control. Hitler cried jews, you cry alt right or cis white male.
The far right aren't burning cities to the ground dude thats the left wing antifa. In all these far right supporters are they these one that turned out to be staged?
Pick a city Chicago, NYC, LA, and even Dallas. The lincoln project is staffed and funded by Democrats dude its about as right wing as my cat is a pony.
You're clearly delusional those cities crime riddle hell holes NYC has murders walking free. In all its pretty clear you aren't going to facts and data.

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FSTDT, a far-left gossip blog and harassment campaign, often tries to insult by accusing me of racism. (Spoilers: I'm not racist. But FSTDT, which is primarily used and hosted by white people, constantly displays the N word and other racial slurs in a wide variety of their posts. Even referring to me as an n**ger.) The head of the harassment campaign against me specifically recently started comparing me to Darla Dimple, the main villain of the 1997 animated film "Cats Don't Dance."

Shallowly, it was to basically both call me a spoiled brat and to also imply I wasn't human by comparing me to a literal 2D cartoon villain. (FSTDT often resorts to methods mentioned in the ten stages of genocide like dehumanization and denial while also hypocritically claiming to be anti-Nazi... despite calling me a K*po and comparing my friends to Nazis. Often calling them "freaks and fuck-ups"... many of my friends are minorities belong to groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and Autistic communities, with my own best friend being a bisexual Jewish man. Keep in mind: FSTDT consider Jews, LGBTQ+ people, and Autistic people "freaks and fuck-ups" in their own words.)
This actually got me thinking about both my harassment at the hands of FSTDT and media analysis (one of my passions) as a whole. By comparing me to Darla, they proved to me that they either didn't watch the movie, understand its characters beyond the surface level, or get the deeper meanings and metaphors at all.

"Cats Don't Dance" is an allegory for how minorities were treated during the golden age of Hollywood during the 1930s. From being denied prestigious jobs, given little to no screen time, often reduced to stereotypes, etc. Darla's motivation is to prevent new talented animals (being stand-in minorities) from "stealing her spotlight".

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I made this because I noticed that people are making nice lists and naughty lists of their most liked and most hated fictional characters. Several people have placed Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame on their naughty lists, and rightfully so. Frollo killed thousands of innocent bystanders by locking them in their homes and burning them alive just so he could apprehend and execute Esmeralda. Frollo is the most dangerous villain in a Disney animated movie because of this.

However, I am very deeply disturbed to see that many people have placed another mass murderer who did the exact same thing (albeit on a smaller scale) on their nice lists. I am speaking of Carrie White. Only three people had anything to do with rigging the prom queen election and dumping the bucket of pig blood. However, Carrie incinerated dozens of people who had absolutely nothing to do with what Billy Nolan and Chris Hartgensen did. Carrie White is no better than Judge Frollo from a moral standpoint. Carrie White isn't a hero-she's a monster!

Long story short, if you hate Judge Frollo, you should also hate Carrie White.

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What happened to basic acknowledgment of disability? Homosexuality, by definition, is a reproductive disability. Not an insanity, just a condition that makes reproducing naturally extremely difficult. Whatever else that stems from it, culture, arts, alternative ways of thinking by mixing up masculine and feminine aspects, the scientifically healthy way to look at them is that these exist as a “Coping Culture“, even a very useful one, but that’s the same as ”deaf culture“, or “paralytic culture“, these must exist for disabled groups that are large enough to form a community. They aren’t inferior or superior, to anyone else, they have a disability that they can cope best with by supporting one another.

But what happens when a particular disability becomes reversible?

The Hawaiian leper community became its own distinct thriving culture thanks to the priest Fr Damian, one its members were even proud of. Then, all of a sudden, in the 1940s, they were given wide spectrum antibiotics and told they were no longer restrained to that area, that any who were not too crippled to leave were free to do so. Just keep a carful eye on your numb spots and not to worry anymore about it spreading further.

That was it.

That unique culture was gone in another generation, obsolete.

Thing is, if leprosy was only made curable TODAY , would there be a fringe calling it “cultural genocide“? I have to wonder.

Some might argue that the civilizational ideal would be for everyone to be born cis bisexual with 10% tomboys and tommygirls, thus maximally free for everyone to choose their best lives That they can.

Seems like the most logical goal for a genetically engineered civilization, at least one that values liberty. If several coping cultures die out, let it happen. A Metrosexual subculture from the bi toms can still compensate. Religious people who want orthodox norms can still choose those as well, but they’d definitely be CHOOSING to live as heterosexuals. Others will do the opposite and commit to same sex relationships for various reasons, even though they would still find both attractive.

If the liberal republic ideal has any meaning anymore, than how is that not liberating? If we must make designer babies, why not those babies?