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It's funny when women think they can scare or intimidate me, Intimidation only works if you have more physical strength and are larger then the person or have a huge amount of wealth or power. That or maybe being the leader of a group of thugs, but if I was forced to get into a physical fight with a women then 9/10 times I'd win. So sorry women but honestly your as threatening as a little kid and it's honestly kind of cute. *pats and rubs your head*

Same thing applies to soy boy cucks or anyone smaller and weaker, Intimidation is flaunting your strength to try and deter someone but it only works if you have more strength then them. It's just annoying when women try intimidate me, and it's mostly women oddly never really men so I'm just gonna link them this post when they try. Also I don't prefer physical or verbal fights at all and is always the last resort for me.

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Anyway incase you haven't noticed most fat/inflation art doesn't look or try to be realistic, that's because nature wants men to breed with a thin and skinny women because they have the best chance at having successful kids. Remember nature just wants creatures to screw a different member of their species with the opposite reproductive organs and have kids to continue the species and probably evolve into something else. It's just an aspect of life on earth, it's not an active force that has an agenda. Nature can be scary because of how impersonal and merciless it is, but it does give you an honest, clear answer.

And reason why being slim with large boobs and a large ass is so popular is because it's a quirk left over from caveman looking for the ideal breast to hip ratio. Because the wider hips mean an easier time giving birth and large breasts mean the women can produce more milk and feed the kids.

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So, the very recent and irritating Old Navy ad on YouTube I've been getting far too often for my liking, has inspired me to write this little journal entry about why being morbidly obese is utterly horrible for you. Honestly the ad is some of the most cringe shit I've ever seen and yes I get it, obesity rates are unfortunately on the rise in the west. So they're going to make entire lines of clothes for people so fat they won't be here in two months. But they also somehow have choose the most annoying dance routine with the most annoying music ever. Like do they do research and purposely create the worst most universally loathed commercial ever? Also how many brakes you think they took in between takes? Because they needed to rest and cool off after 1-3 minutes of light movement.

And before you say something like "urr pot calling the kettle black!" yes I am a little chubby, I went from 200+ pounds to 180 pounds by cutting the amount of food I eat and thus my calorie intake in half. I've also been walking my dog often and honestly? I've never felt better! I love being able to actually run, fit in a normal seat and I can't stop myself sometimes from looking at my slimmer figure. That's because I'm beginning to actually take good care of my body and be responsible for it, which is what this 'thin privilege' bullshit actually is. Fat usually female SJWs who blame they're fat bodies and poor physical health on other people, because it's somehow our fault they completely lack responsibility and proper eating habits.

You might then think and point out it's very ironic coming from someone like me who has a fat/inflation fetish to 'fat shame' obese people and talk about how it's bad. Sorry to burst your bubble but I never have, never will and never said I liked the real life land whales known as BBW, hell even the realistic fat women 3d character models i see sometimes on DeviantArt (especially is they're made by one artist i call 'Squerral C@&t') are disgusting to me and a major turn off.

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This is mostly just rude and arrogant tough chicks I see online trying to shit talk me and being imposing. It's quite annoying so I just thought I'd make one quick post to link them too, honestly this meme is shitty and doesn't really scare me if that's the point. And it's so unfitting it's honestly quite funny so thanks for the chuckle, if wanna discuss this here then sure. I do like productive conversations but if your gonna waste my time with ancient shit memes then I have better things to do with my life and art to draw.

Anyway if some random guy picked a fight with some random women they'd probably win, based on how many women I see nowadays who aren't really that muscular (or are very fat). not to mention have no defensive training so the likelihood I will get my ass kicked is minimum. And no I'm not a internet tough guy, I never claimed to be and I'm just pointing out basic biological reality and putting some gals pissing match with me to an end.

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(Oh it is SO sad that society doesn’t tolerate your intolerance, Glowala you gross prick)

Honestly, The more I learn how insanely authoritan, racist, sexist and phobic mainstream media and the left is currently and remember how it will only get worse. The more I am convinced of my theory that the world ended in 2019 and this is hell and I'm getting depressed... Not 'oh I'm sad' i'm talking about full on proper existential Multi month long depression. To the point where I'd not want to be awake anymore, I'd want to be in a medically induced coma until society improved. Like I know there was a lot of screeching herpes and bullshit in 2019 but compared to now? two years ago was pretty much wonderful. God I miss the past...

I'm just gonna have to start mentally preparing myself to not be depressed and incredibly upset, To use an analogy America to me is like an old loveable grandpa who has some flaws and has done some real bad shit when he was a kid. But despite that he's done some wonderful and great things that make up for it, but now he's very old and he's beginning to lose himself and become a different person as his dementia develops. Unfortunately he is also suffering from chronic stage 4 cancer and will likely die very soon. All you can really do is ready yourself for when he passes, however though like many people in that situation I will remember the United States for what it was at it's and peak not it's cancerous death.

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Hey everyone, I just came back from voting and... There is a fucking COMMUNIST PARTY in Canada! What the actual fuck! That would be like a communist country that somehow isn't a dictatorship having a libertarian party. The principles that Canada values is freedom and liberty of the individual while communism favours the 'collective' (well, the 'collective' after the wrong thing people are purged). The two are not oil and water, but super oil and super water. Thankfully though I have faith in my common citizen and I suspect that they will be the laughing stock of this election.

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(Excerpt from the story “Ego Trap”)

Robert nodded. “I’ll have what she’s having, please and thank you in advance.” But the scooper did not fill his order right away. “Uh, hey, is there something wrong? Are you fresh out of Cookie Dough? I can get some cream from the cattle farms in Whitecrown and…”

A chilly detachment overcame the scooper’s disposition, his face now inexplicably devoid of expression and his body standing as still as an idle nonplayer character in a retro video game. The knight in interwoven buckypaper armor and his friends had no trouble picking up the cues to indicate that something was off. “I cannot serve you,” he mumbled.

“Um, excuse me, but could you please speak up?”

The three humans, one half-Naiad, and one phoenix all crept backwards and watched in awe as the scooper’s skin turned gray, his eyes changed to empty black circles, his ears shrunk into his head, his nose grew pointy like a perfect right triangle, his mouth became minimalist black line, and his clothes shrunk into his androgynous body. Now more clearly but mechanically, he repeated, “I cannot serve you. You are a person with faith in a religion and forms principles around that religion.”

“So what? A lot of my friends do, and so does my family.”

“By the power of our master Rowena Oaks, you are not permitted under any circumstances to vocalize your religion, as she has observed you doing in the past.”


Sparks flew from the automaton’s head, which began to spin at increasing speeds. “Prayer detected! CODE RED! CODE RED! CODE RED!” And the automaton’s head flew off and rocketed around the room, ricocheting off of a freezer, a menu, a table, a lamp hanging from the ceiling, a chair, and a promotional poster, among other obstacles before crashing and burning out at Robert’s feet.


In the ensuing rampage, Team Colonel Knight Rider held up well against the automaton army, making their heads explode with every slash, smash, and shot. Not seeing an end to their numbers any time soon, Robert tried radioing COLT to bring in backup, but this time, COLT did not answer. As soon as he turned his attention away from his radio and back to the battlefield, his pupils shrank at the sight of three automatons using their bare fists to phase through Elsie, Fionna, and Max. Sure enough, they all shook as they painfully morphed into automaton versions of themselves, chanting, “Prayer detected! CODE RED! CODE RED! CODE RED!”

(Later in the fight, CKR gets captured. Rowena Oaks, who is clearly based on CKR’s perception of JustAlongForTheRide, is a mad scientist/atheist cultist who uses “Indoctrination gas” to turn CKR’s mother into a straw leftist feminist automaton who tries to behead his father for not believing that “orange man bad”. She is easily incapicitated and cured by the power of prayer. Despite this, no one ever thinks of all the other automata they’ve killed, and indeed, CKR later brutally kills another automaton with no comment. In the end, Rowena commits suicide out of fear of having failed her master, Mordred.)

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And I'm talking so fucking overly spastic and absurdist that all but the most anti fun, anti humour, asshole, sjw, queer feminist can enjoy it and probably laugh their ass off. So to simplify I'm into over the top, absurdist ironic racism? Or at least stereotypes. I do also laugh at shit that completely catches me off guard when ever I look at lolcows on Mister Metokur, like when the creator of TempleOS who was very mentally ill would call black people just casually walking by "Nigger Cattle" and "Part of the CIA conspiracy". I literally almost died from chocking on my ginger ale, after I laughed for about 15 minutes screaming "Why the hell did you say that?! That's horrible!". And I'm talking so fucking overly spastic and absurdist that all but the most anti fun, anti humour, asshole, sjw, queer feminist can enjoy it and probably laugh their ass off. So to simplify I'm into over the top, absurdist ironic racism? Or at least stereotypes. I do also laugh at shit that completely catches me off guard when ever I look at lolcows on Mister Metokur, like when the creator of TempleOS who was very mentally ill would call black people just casually walking by "Nigger Cattle" and "Part of the CIA conspiracy". I literally almost died from chocking on my ginger ale, after I laughed for about 15 minutes screaming "Why the hell did you say that?! That's horrible!".


Incase I have to say it I'm not racist and strongly believe in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous quote "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” It's just that my sense of humour is just so fucked XD

Also for what ever fucking reason! My brain wants me to make a Xcom style video game about a group of primitive tribal Africans who get modern guns and armour, then go on to attack random usually white innocent tourists who came to Africa on a safari in the most stupid and bombastic ways possible. Worst of all the games called "Nigger Crusade". I'm likely never ever going to make this but seriously though! Why brain, why! XD

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Neo-Nazis deliberately target people who have been reduced to mental mush from horrific bullying and abuse, because they're mental defences and self esteem have been reduced to 0. People like that need hope, love and support in they're desperate time of need and it's that need they exploit, to gradually manipulate them into a new recruit. Aside from Jews and other groups they hate Neo-Nazis don't go around and harass people like that as often as SJWs/Feminsits do. And a broken person is a broken and as long as they didn't brake them directly it's a possible free recruit. So yes Feminists are the best Neo-Nazi recruiters.

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I made a comment on this deviation, I said "Satan has many guises.". Since then I have been trolled by this deviant and their friends, for at leas one week to 10 days. I am not going to repeat what was said because it is of great content, but this deviant said they did not follow Satan. Yet in their gallery is proof they do, it is another deviation of mine here titled "SAY WHAT?"

If you want to read all the comments, then simply search "The Horned God" Here under newest and it is about 6 pages in. I am not doing a link, if someone wants to see the replies they will make the effort. A friend of this one has made a call out journal on me, ASKED me to reply, THEN HID ALL MY REPLIES. Their hypocracy is evident.

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Guess I can't get mad about horrible dog killing and eating savages who are Asian. *Shrugs* I'm actually going to dispute this because all I did was call out a toxic element of Korean culture and tell them to fix they're shit. Plus it's a bad look on DeviantArt Staff for supporting dog eaters.

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As a puppy owner, Dog eater REALLY fucking piss me off! and it's usual those fucking Koreans! sorry I'm just extremely pissed because Dogs are the most wonderful and loyal species on Earth, they're family at this point. And fucking Ching Chong wants to eat them, savages or at least that part of they're culture is. Korea PLEASE fix your shit! and a deep and sincere thank you to all those Koreans who don't do that barbaric practice.

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This is because a large part of the social and political decline we see in the United States is seen because it became a democracy, Democracies are very similar to republics to the point most people get them confused. But the 'franchise' (aka voting) is available to everyone in the country, while I would agree this sounds like a wonderful idea and a way younger me would certainly agree, age and reality as I've seen it has proven my current belief to be undeniably true at least to me.

Lots of people especially in high crime/drug use cities such as California are simply filled with selfish people who care more about themselves then the country or other people, and they use they're voting power to bend local laws and welfare to benefit them and people just like them. That's why in very blue states we see criminals practically legalize robbing people because self defence and guns are illegal or restricted to the point of uselessness, this along of course with the cripplingly bloated welfare state which is slowly killing the entire country. This is the clear and observable events which happen to every blue city and are a good indicator of giving people lack responsibility voting power.

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But yet I see the exact opposite from BLM. I get that originally it was intended to protest police brutality against the black community and hopefully lead to police reform. But now? when I see hundreds of innocent people being robbed for no fucking reason and entire buildings firebombed to the ground? I've become against the BLM movement. BLM is a demotic terrorist organization that claims to represent the interests of black people, it is however NOT all back people just like how not all Germans are Nazis and how opposing Nazisim isn't opposing all Germans.

If these people actually believe what Martin Luther King jr said. "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character". Then they'd protest like he did. He didn't commit such horrible violence upon the American people because do you think that people would've been in favour of reform if they were being assaulted? How many new racists were born because they're property was stollen from them by some crook in the name of BLM?

BLM is a black supremacy and terrorist criminal organization, they don't follow MLK's goals or dream in fact they've shit all over it and harmed race relations drastically. And if they do use their 'Idols' work it's just looks for an excuse to rob. So that's all George Floyd actually was, an excuse to commit horrific terrorism on innocent people who didn't do anything wrong.

I don't give a single shit if you think I'm racist because I am not, I'm not gonna prove it because my country and many others it's guilty until proven innocent. And honestly how is this even racist? Because I called out the truth? Because I dared to say why no one else does? Because I'm not afraid to address the elephant in the room? Because I can and will point out the racist hypocrisy of a pro black 'equality' group destroying cities.

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I'm not going to lie because why would I? Anyway I feel like I need to at least express this a bit other wise it'll be to much built up anger. But I've been angry, not openly and definitely not publically.

But I'm getting increasingly saddened, frustrated, angry over 'politically correct' groups and 'protected people' being such horrific racists hypocrites who bully and harass pretty much normal people for wrong think with the actual privilege they've been given. They are the Neo-Nazis best dream come true because they're vile sexism, Heterophobia, racism and general bigotry. Focused hate mobs slander and threaten said people so much that they are non stop stressed, scared and shaking, they get very depressed and can't sleep at night. And after they pick the suffering of the actual victim dry? they move on to the next wrong thinker.

That's why I call them drama locusts because they act just like them, I understand human behavior and instincts It doesn't matter if every trans person for example or Spanish person or just who fucking ever are not complete scum. The human brain has a strong negativity bias it's why we often talk bad about people instead of good and why we focus so much more on bad news in the media. Now someone who has been reduced to a mental wreck, who's been reduced to a weak state from the beating and no doubt boiling with resentment and anger which is rapidly becoming hatred?

They are the perfect targets and indeed are the majority of recruits for neo-nazis groups and I kind of can't blame them as someone who's been reduced to that point twice now in my life. And it doesn't matter what anti-feminist, anti-commie, anti-SJW folk like me and probably you say to them because they have been to assaulted and are already too far gone. So yeah eventually they'll be enough actual victims joining these groups to seek revenge on people who wronged them.

They are doing the same thing that the WW1 treaties did and completely fuck over people who are now open to radicals and fascism, if the nazi empire ever returns it will because of the star bucks drinking, blue haired retards who ruins peoples lives.

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The thing that made it hard for them to survive and fight back is that there's culture is completely based off of surviving off the land and you can't exactly find technology in the gut of a horse. So they were always going to be out matched sadly.

The reason why I am so patriotic and love America is not because of how it began but because of what it became. Up until recently you could say America throughout the past century has been a beacon of hope, the last true stand on earth for liberty, justice and freedom. I'm sure I don't have to tell you about my stance on the Soviet union and all that stuff since you probably know a lot about that form me.

Oh yes America is built on the bones of aboriginal people but it took the land and used it to become a force of genuine good for the past century. I Don't see any other super power in our history doing something similar.

But that's just my opinion on it.

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"What if a 12 year old or teen gets pregnant and can't handle raising the child? She shouldn't have to live with a life long mistake"
Um, guess what, THAT'S LIFE. SHE chose to participate in an adult act. If she can comprehend sex, and is able to mentally be able to have sex guess what? SHE CAN THEN TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY LIKE AN ADULT AND RAISE A CHILD. That's called being responsible. It's called taking account for your actions. You want to have sex, take precaution. If you can find ways to have sex, you can find ways to get a hold of birth control. When I have sex, I will take EVERY precaution to not get pregnant, because I know the consequences I'll have to live with.

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(leave it to Justin to find the trans equivalent to Milo Yiannopolous)

So recently I discovered this Trans male to female YouTuber named Blair White. From what I've seen she's very down to earth and isn't Reeing about people doing petty shit like struggling with pronouns. Hell she actually calls herself by the T word and is a controversial among her own community, It's honestly kinda refreshing and has greatly helped me become more less anxious around Transgender people.

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The answer to that question is best discussed privately.

He's watching me.

He's always watching me.

He never stops spying on me, stalking me, and doxxing me. Nor do the people he normally hangs out with. It's like they think they rule the Internet.

What the fuck are you talking about?

My mortal enemy. The man who tried to rain on everyone's parade at my high school graduation. The man who played the world's most horrible romance prank on me last year and tricked me into giving him my email so he could use it to create various porn site accounts in a bid to steal my identity. The man who continues to threaten various people he doesn't like online with physical violence by challenging them to fights where he thinks he can win, and solely because he thinks it's funny.

When evil incarnate walks the earth, he is the face it wears.

THE VILLAINOUS…well, I'm not going to reveal his name in public, even though I know what it is courtesy of an unexpected ally.

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"Honestly, what is your opinion on homosexuality?"
It's wrong. Just because it makes people happy, it doesn't mean it's right. Rapists enjoy rape and pedophiles like touching kids. Both of those are wrong aren't they? So why is it 'right' for people to be in a relationship with their own gender? God made men and women for a reason! He doesn't want them running around commiting sodomy, it's wrong. And besides homosexuality is all lust. There's no love there.
Yes, I'm homophobic. I don't think it's right for someone to be a fag. And as for marriage or adoption? NO! Those poor, poor children. Everyone knows gay men are pedophiles (look at the statistics) and marriage is supposed to be between men and women.
Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. End of story.

"Honestly, what is your opinion on gay marriage and gay couples adopting?"
Gay marriage is 100% wrong.
I feel sorry for kids who are adopted by queers because what if the child gets raped or molested? What if they teach them to be gay? A lot of gays are pedophiles so it's scary to allow children to be submitted to that. I don't think lesbians should adopt either, just because I don't agree with homosexuals. Go to a straight camp and get your head sorted out! Jeez... these people are just condemming themselves to Hell :l

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(Image depicts the Statue of Liberty crying over a worn out, burnt US Flag)

Burning an American Flag should be a felony. The United States of America deserves a Patriot Month in July. They have their Black History Month and Pride Month. WHERE IS OUR PATRIOT MONTH?!?

When did Americans began to hate everything America stood for? If you are a Marxist and hate America and everything it stands for, then move to North Korea, China, Russia, or anything third-world country you please and let's see if you can make it through the leaders' dictatorship.

Ever wonder why immigrants move to America? To escape FROM Communism, Socialism, and Fascism!

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Ok so we have the first man on earth Adam and first woman on earth eve
so hey they were the first humans on earth and who started the human race (we did not come FROM FUCKING MONKEYS most stupid scientific bullshit theory there is GIRL AND BOY
and so they made babies and so it kept on and on and generations and on and on and ON AND OOOOOOOOOOOOOON FOR LIKE FOREVER LOL till we get to this era
Idk who originated the liking same gender thing but who ever it was the first homo or lesbo person that person either was weird or really was neglected by the opposite sex
ok cool so u like ur own gender...but u can't breed.
now why is that? why do you have to adopt? (love is what matters) yes but you cant have babies... ok? logic?
why can't you have babies with ur own gender?
because shamefully same gender was not meant to have babies unless it was your opposite whom you would fuck with.
and is logically WRONG.
is not ok to be with your own gender is just...... plain.
IF IT WAS OK FROM THE BEGINNING if there was man with man in the goddamn very beginning then fine...but it was not like that.
somehow humans thought and created the idea is ok...
and when someone points it out that is wrong they either call you a hater or homophobic I DON'T wanna ruin anyone's beliefs but letting u know LOGICALLY same gender not being able to breed is one of the biggest facts you will get out of a same gender relationship.
IT WAS NOT MEAN'T TO BE like that.
the joy of a man inside of a woman is much better then a man inside of a man (don't make me describe how would that work)
is a well poor reality but no one cares and no one will change.
But it will always be wrong.
same gender people are trying so hard to push it to society so they may be accepted and is a sad case.
why do they have to force it? why? because is basically wrong and the majority of the people around the world
know this.
I don't hate anyone that is gay. but the action of being homo is wrong.
it will always be wrong
that also goes to yaoi/yuri it equals real life.
and those who are bisexual have issues. either they were not taught from home what gender to like or something is going for them to lead into having such preference
and those who are pansexual (most ridiculous thing ever) means ur a narcissistic lil piece of shit
you love your to much thinking ur all the all and if you marry yourself you have mental fucking issues.
gosh this world is so fucked up.

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That's not necessarily why I called her an entitled snowflake. I simply put down that she never had to deal with the struggle to overcome antisemitism the way Tartakovsky's entire family did to make her story seem…less triumphant or heroic. And I called her an entitled snowflake because that's how older generations perceive those born c. 1982-96—the common stereotype is that Millennials never had to struggle through life for any number of reasons, bigotry or not, like their parents did. It may not be true of my whole generation, but to every stereotype, there is a grain of truth.

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Anybody who's caught the satire that appears from time to time in Syndicate Wars stuff, can probably guess that I am not the biggest fan of government or police. Violent enforcement against nonviolent, non-contractual behavior (the overwhelming majority of police action) is aggression—it is assault and kidnapping—and I oppose it outright.

But how can anyone go into public with the stated and/or executed intent to...

- destroy property;

- steal property;

- prevent people from moving freely;

- attack people for wrongthink;

- murder people (usually black people, and in far greater numbers than American police have ever committed);

- set fires (sometimes to buildings with people inside);

- topple historical landmarks;

- trash neighborhoods in ways that disproportionately affect minorities and the poor;

- and overthrow a constitutional republic...

...and then act surprised and indignant when they get their infantile asses thrown in jail?

Clown World.

This isn't #fascism, and #BlackLivesMatter (the organization) and #Antifa aren't fighting fascism. They are in fact, and ironically, fascistic themselves.

What this is, is cause and effect, the consequences of bad behavior.

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One could also argue that there has always been and may always be a patriarchy, but it exists for the benefit of women.

Bull. It was a made up term straight out of the second wave when the marxists subverted our universities and started twisting things to their agenda: Destroy the American Family unit and its values, thus weaken it. Sadly they've succeeded.

True enough

(and why would you look at who’s a member in this QAnon and incel infested little rat’s nest of a DA Group? COLONEL-KNIGHT-RIDER! Fancy coincidence, isn’t it?)

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(bit of context: a user named jamesruglia made images comparing gay marriage to raping dogs and children, someone commented on his profile calling him out and this guy came in and started defending rape to own the gays)
'An adult with a child, a human with an animal, a man with a drunken woman, these are non-consenting.'

No. A child can give consent. Many children can go through puberty very early in their life and understand the concept of sex. It's just illegal because the child is underaged.

Animals dont give other animals consent in many cases. Rape exists in far more species than merely humans.

So what if the woman is drunk? We can argue that drinking releases inhibitions. Hell, if people that are drunk and use racial slurs prove themselves to be racist, why dont women who are drunk and freely spread their legs prove themselves to be sluts?

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Okay, you know? I get it. People are celebrating “pride month” because they were the minority and suppressed and so on and so on…

But you know what I don’t get? Why everyone is so eager and keen to “overdo” it with the colors and similar?

Just think of it this way: people celebrate because they wanna be “on the same level” and “equated” with each other, “normal” people, which I can understand as a legit reason so don’t get me wrong here.

… but literally going on the streets and s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g around that they are “gay” and similar with all the rainbow colors n shit?

And than [sic] they feel “offended” if you say something which “could” hurt them and say things like “normal” people could literally do at other months of the year”…

Well in that case…

See you next month b*tches.

[black-grey-white flag and middle finger]

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"I do think people who are pedophilic should get help of some form, but I don't think they should get SAFE SPACES, or be accepted in any way or form. Or especially be exposed to children, even during or after therapy. It's not safe for a minor to be exposed to a 'MAP'"

That is literally the exact kind of language that was - and still is - used to stigmatize LGBT persons, word for word: replace "MAP" with "Trans" or "Gay" and you can see the similarity. That's because there's really no difference in the long run: all of these things argue the same idea, that sexual dimorphism in humans isn't important and that people can screw whatever they want because "it's just love".

Newsflash: It's not love. It's sex. Go ahead and ask any divorced couple if sex is love.

When will humanity realize that sometimes the slippery slope isn't a fallacy? Evil always creates more and worse evil if you let it stay, just like a tiny crack in a dam eventually breaks the whole dam and makes a flood. By accepting LGBT lifestyles in the first place we've effectively accepted pedophilia in the future.

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Well, it all began a while ago, when I saw a poll for the "Sexist of the year" on one Russian feminist site, and it featured one of my favourite scientists. I started looking into that issue, found out the quote they used to accuse him of sexism was taken out of context and misinterpreted, and made a post about it on Facebook. It attracted my feminist friends there, and they started telling me he ought to watch what he says, he ought to be more professional, and so on. Somehow I ended up arguing with one of them about whether human evolution still continues (actually, it does). This was the first part.

The second part occurred a few weeks later, when I made a joke about SJWs and another my friend suddenly started protecting them. This time it developed with much more drama, even his mom appeared there to tell me off and advise me to educate myself in gender studies. People from the previous conflict also joined. In the end I took down all my posts related to both issues and stopped replying to them.

I used to have a better opinion on Russian feminists. I saw them reposting rape statistics, advocating for gender equality in Muslim regions of Russia, spreading awareness about family abuse, and I thought they are better than 3rd wave ones. But it turned out I just hadn't seen the other side of them. They are just the same.

Thanks I am sorry your friends turned out to be such scumbags. I am not sure if I said this to you but I said Russian feminists are going to end up bloke ours sooner or later. I sound like an alarmist but it's true. Frankly is a get back in the kitchen joke a crime? I am stunned to hear a persons mom got involved. As for our evolution well I am in favor of eugenics just to help ease medical needs. I honestly left feminist friends and that behind when I started to be called out for the the dumbest things ever. I have one feminist friend I like

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(stamp with Dr. Seuss's "a person's a person no matter how small" quote next to a fetus)
Oooooo! I can feel even MORE hate then the George Bush stamp!

"And though you can't see or hear them at all, a person's a person... no matter how small." ~ Dr. Seuss

I can't wait for the hate comments on this one! XD
EDIT: And before any of you go pointing out the obvious without reading the comments.... YES! I know Teddy Geisel (Dr. Seuss) sued pro-lifers for using this as one of their slogans. What a whiny little bitch, seriously...

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Congrats to all the liberal pussies out there who cheated their way to victory. You can’t win anything without cheating. You’re weak, you’re disgusting. You’re the soft under belly of America. The sheep on my side of the isle are ultimately the ones responsible for your faux victory. They bought the COVID crisis hook, line and sinker. You can now rejoice as we watch America take four steps backwards and reconvene the pussification of America that began under Obama. Our kids will be softer, weaker, we’ll apologize to the world for asserting ourselves over the last 4 years, and we’ll bow down to all of our adversaries in defeat. Our country has been overrun by cheaters, by pussies, by cry babies. My kids will not be brought up to subscribe to this agenda. It’s very “woke” of all of you who post things like: I’m less concerned about who you voted for, than how you treat people who voted for someone you didn’t. Here’s the problem with that. That would have worked for the past 40 years, but not now. Now, the people who voted for someone other than you want to defund our police. They don’t support those of us in the military. They support people who cause mayhem in our cities, violently attack those who don’t agree with them, attack, assault, and kill our police officers. Burn businesses to the ground, burn churches that feed, cloth, and house homeless people. The people that opted for someone other than you is no longer just someone who disagrees with you on abortion, gay marriage, foreign affairs. They are people for whatever reason want to ruin our way of living, our way of life. They want us to pay restitution for slavery!? How? How can you simply forgive that? You can’t. Congrats you cheating, lying, disrespectful, disgusting, disgraceful pussies. And congrats to all of you RINO sheep that helped facilitate it. Put on those masks and stand tall.

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If "cultural appropriation" is so wrong, then that means I also cannot appropriate the concept of "cultural appropriation" from the SJW culture, since the SJW culture is a different and foreign culture from mine. So that means it's wrong for me to believe that cultural appropriation is wrong, since that's part of the SJW culture, and therefore cultural appropriation is okay for anyone who is not a SJW.

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[From "Dear Black People:"]

I wanted to post this sooner, but due my anger being up to the sky, i needed to cool off my inner fire before writing this and letting you know a few facts:

People, stop. Equal rights doesn't mean 'Superiority Rights'. Instead of stating that 'Black Lives Matter' you should be voting for 'ALL Lives Matter; the black race is NOT the only other race besides whites
•No, you can't mugs us to get the money that we have worked for
•No, white people doesn't exist to help you 'fix/improve' your race
•Refusing your advances doesn't means that i'm a lesbian
•I don't hate black people, i hate the behavior beneath the skin
I live in a country where black people has taken over, forcing the whites to do enormous exodus trying to run away from them. It is so, that even Haitians are slowly making this their own land, undoing all the efforts that our Forefathers did in order to keep us an independent country. Because white people are horribly submissive, we've become easy prey for the black race and i'm disgusted!!!!! I don't want to leave my home. It was built when my white community was might and coming from 2 white families, i don't want to leave my house to some black dude that believe that has more rights than i do.
I live in fear. It's not racism, is FEAR! That's what you represent; proof to me that i'm wrong
Crime is more committed by black people than others. What's next? Coming to my house and kill me? I don't doubt it. Hate is your might. Proof that you're better than me

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(comment on a forum post titled "My Friend is Christian and Doesnt like that im Bisexual")
Well, to start this off, your username is cutie"devil", one of your favorite TV shows happens to be a genre of dark fantasy, Soul Eater, that revolves around a school run by the death, where students should reap the souls of evil humans and a witch, that's believed to gain the weapons the students carry its spectacular power. The whole idea of the anime is Satanic centered and witchcraft embraced.

Based on what I wrote above, I have to agree with A and M on that.

I would recommend general or deep mental health checking(if needed), you have developed this sexual degradation in 2017, I hope it's not too late by this year, don't give a chance for this sickness to grow.
You should be thankful for such friends. You do not need to be religious to agree that this isn't healthy.

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I see that "Robert" is it, likes to withhold information from boths sides, which includes apologies from former member EmpathicDesign for his homophobic and tasteless remarks from the past. He also did not mention that ED politely insisted that "Robert" remain impartial between this SarahGreaserGirl and not involve himself as he was not invited by either of them and when he refused to leave he started listing off some seriously uncool insults like "incest, trash, scum, dirtbag". There are two sides to every story and as a mother raising a son, I will never allow him to act like a little boy who thinks he can just insert himself into conversations that has nothing to do with him!! Especially have a hissy fit and start insulting people, goodness knows if "Robert" did this in the streets he may not become confrontational and violent! Now look, I'm not here to sway you, but you deserve both sides of the story as you have already heard one side and as for the meme about a lesbian who uses her access to female safe spaces, how do you think that makes me feel? How do you think you would feel? It's not funny, it's scary. I hope you understand.