Anna Diehl #fundie

When you sincerely want to please God, He is going to be pleased with you. Maybe you were the guy who kidnapped little Tina, raped her, and chopped her up into little pieces which the police recently discovered. Now Tina’s family hates your guts and they’ve been quoted in the news as declaring your actions to be unforgivable. But what does God say? Does He consult with Tina’s people before talking to you? No, He doesn’t. How God responds to you is going to depend on how your own soul is responding to Him. If you’re being an unrepentant little brat, then God is going to be convicting you to repent and threatening you with dire consequences if you don’t submit to His Authority. But if instead you are horrified by the depths to which you’ve sunk and you desperately want to get right with God somehow someway, then He is going to eagerly embrace you and help you start working on the underlying issues that motivated you to snatch little Tina in the first place.



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