Gymcelled #sexist

Brutal Absolutely brutal dating site results - One whole year of consistent messaging

"WHAT??? THERE ARE GUYS WHO DONT GET REPLIES FROM WOMEN ON TINDER???" Also jfl he thinks 200 swipes is a lot image

Not based at all. Why would it matter if youre an angry incel though? Funny how if youre incel, youre opinion is as good as trash. Those are rookie numbers ngl. I used to swipe 200 per day, but eventually ran out of foids to swipe on.

He's only saying that to not get downvoted to hell. That's how it works in cucked spaces, you always have to preface saying you don't agree with X group, in this case inkwels. Also "YOU MUST ONLY BE GOING FOR TOP MODEL FOIDS :soy::soy:" This is so infuriating considering how high foids aim

9s and 10s. I swiped right on all kinds of hideous creatures (the kind that would haunt you in your dreams) and still got zero matches. And he thinks 5s and 7s women would swipe right on the average guy, JFL @ this deluded moron.

They somehow manage to accuse men of doing everything foids do, it's so surreal I don't even know how you could get this idea of men not wanting to fuck 90% of foids and being super picky. It's so universally known that men are so thirsty and willing to fuck anything

Wow, that is indeed brutal. I always knew my laziness had a point, I'm sure that if I tried hard, nothing would've changed.

I think this whole idea of laziness being destructive is just a thing that comes from chads. If chad is inactive then yeah he's missing out on lots of success and positive experiences. This could also be somewhat true to a much lesser extent for normies. But for us? I've never been rewarded in any significant way for all my efforts. If anything I regret putting in so much work. Had I known I would have chilled much more and not tried



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