Fed Up #racist amren.com

Geez! That also describes Mexico perfectly. I recall a former co-worker. He came back from a visit to Mexico and said the sign, WELCOME TO MEXICO should be changed to read: WELCOME TO MEXICO! LAND OF THIEVES!

Or for turning a substantial part of a first-world culture into a replica of the s-hole they came from. But you can verify that in any city or town with a large hispanic population.

Kindly explain what culture they have? Enjoying cockfights and dog fights as they watch dumb animals literally rip each other to bloody shreds. Racing down a street, radio blasting their trash music as loud as they can, while being so drunk they almost kill themselves or worse, innocent people. Enjoying the premise no woman has the right to reject their advances -- if she does, rape is not only right but properly so. Incest with a young child is not really a crime, seen on a par with illegal parking or driving while totally intoxicated.

Yeah, and you forgot that they think that they can cheat on their wives or girlfriends, but their wives or gfs cannot cheat on them. These Hispanics have no morals or family values, and I get angry with these dumb clergy people, teachers and politicians who praise Hispanic morals and family values.

We read more than a few news items in the Houston Chronicle about family values. Especially incest, rape, and the like. Not to mention what "people coming to better themselves: did along the border. The only reason you won't read truth in today's Chronicle is because the newspaper has to kowtow to the advertisers.

Even there music is nothing but a spin off of German Bavarian music.

Germans compare to Mexicans like a diamond compares to a pile of dog droppings..



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