ComprehensiveSmoke6 #sexist

Re: Research shows: Male users like 61.9% of all female profiles, while female users only liked 4.5% of all male profiles.

I dont get why people are surprised, Woman have way more to lose hooking up with dudes anyway. were the one with the dicks, biologically males can go impregnate 1000 girls and have zero responsibility while the woman has to keep the baby for 9 months in harsh conditions. Plus no dude wanna be with a girl that has fucked a bunch of guys, so why spend your sex count, you're gonna get shamed on with less attractive dudes? Ask yourself would you really fuck guys you find unattractive if you could get better guys? Woman are just playing the game tbh i dont blame them.

Bullshit. With all kinds of birth control and abortion no foid is factoring in the possibility of pregnancy when she takes a dick, what the fuck? What a cope. Chad hits it raw and she doesn’t give a fuck but she makes sure her normies strap up

Women lie about their count anyway, most are whores.

The only part I agree with is that the slags can fuck Chad so they do and then settle with their looksmatch in their 30s when they realize their just a cumdumpster for the hot guys. They are inconsiderate whores



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