Some incels #sexist

Re: Looks are everything.



imagine some reddit simp doing the same on foid progress pics but with his dick

-500 downvoted 100+ comments calling him a creepy incel

foid ridiculing him for his size to try to be funny

Imagine calling yourself blackpilled and still struggling with the concept that sexual dimorphism goes deeper than physical appearance.

Yeah, it is different if a man does this because men and women are not the same.

It’s just funny to look at the double standard bro chill out

two standards for two different things


Only simps believe in any form of gender equality being possible


Yes but we are making fun of people who believe in "gender equality" by showimg the contradictions.


itd be a different story if foid was sending pics of her nasty cunt, boobs for boobs, i doubt a woman would be super upset about getting pics of nice pecs

the original example is more equivalent for several reasons:

functionally; the penis is an external device, the vagina is internal, breasts are external

male breasts are not nearly as sexually associated

male breasts have much less dimension than females



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