South Carolina Representative David Hiott #transphobia wltx.com

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Patients who go to any affiliate of MUSC Health for gender-affirming care will no longer be able to receive it due to a part of a law passed in May that primarily targets preventing these procedures for minors.

MUSC has pointed to one sentence in the bill that says public funds can't be used "directly or indirectly for gender transition procedures," as the reason they can no longer offer these procedures to anyone, including those over 18.


But that wasn't the intention of lawmakers when adding to the language, said bill sponsor Rep. David Hiott.

"Our bill dealt with the minors only," said Hiott. "But I applaud MUSC for going the next step and saying they are not gonna do any of those procedures for any individual in South Carolina."

Savitri and Ravi Kumar #ableist #psycho wltx.com

Police in south India have arrested a couple after the woman allegedly threw their deaf and nonverbal 6-year-old son into a crocodile infested canal, leading to the child's death.

The incident happened in the Dandeli rural area of Karnataka state on Saturday, according to police, who told CBS News that Savitri, 26, who uses only one name, threw her son into a local canal after an argument with her husband.


"We found the child's body from the canal on Sunday morning," Karnataka Police sub-inspector Krishna Arakeri, who is investigating the case, told CBS News. "There were several injury marks on the child's body and one hand was missing, which seems to have been eaten by a crocodile."

During preliminary questioning, Savitri told police that her husband, Ravi Kumar, 27, would often blame her for their son's disabilities and urge her to throw him into the river, Arakeri said.

South Carolina Superintendent of Education Ellen Weaver #wingnut #sexist #transphobia #homophobia wltx.com

COLUMBIA, S.C. — State Education Superintendent Ellen Weaver is urging school districts across the state to ignore the new federal Title IX guidelines issued by the US Department of Education last week.

The regulations, aimed at preventing sex discrimination in schools, offer new protections to groups such as LGBTQ students, pregnant students, and victims of sexual assault. However, they do not address the issue of transgender athletes.

In a statement released by Weaver, she expressed concerns about the new rules, calling them "troubling" and stating that they create chaos and confusion for teachers, students, and parents.

[…]Weaver's letter recommends that districts refrain from implementing the new rules at this time, suggesting that a court may block the rules before their effective date. She argues that the Biden administration's actions undercut existing Title IX law and are an attempt to "redefine biological reality."

"Title IX applies to every school that receives federal funding, so ignoring these rules could put risk us losing federal dollars when our schools are already really underfunded," [Jace Woodrum, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of South Carolina], emphasized.

thedeadflag #moonbat #kinkshaming #sexist thedeadflag.tumblr.com

(arguing that the male pregnancy/”mpreg” kink is transphobic and wrong)

Trans men are being ignored in favour of cis men, despite the cis men characters embodying traits of trans men in order to create/progress a certain narrative. This is textbook fetishization.

[…]So essentially, cis men are used instead of trans men, which is fetishistic, but even when trans men are used, it’s nearly always fetishistic in how the characters and narrative are handled.

[…]any media content that doesn’t explicitly humanize trans people will end up being transphobic.

[…]if they’re not trans, then the work is a transphobic write-off

[…]In reality, mpreg doesn’t explicitly claim to be related to trans (or intersex) people, but it cannot be viewed outside of that context in a world where trans and intersex people are also displaced from our bodies and our realities by cis dyadic people, in a world where our body parts are literally objectified and fetishized and removed from our humanity. I literally don’t give a crap what anyone’s intent is, that’s the reality of it, that’s representation that harms trans and intersex people, and if people fail to realize that, then they’re harming trans and intersex people, categorically.

“Understanding Transmisogyny” #moonbat #sexist #kinkshaming transmisogyny-explained.tumblr.com

(trying to argue that the term “femboy,” even when used by and about cis men, is transphobic)

Enter femboys. Femboys often look exactly like the standard trap — a very young, semi-androgynous, flat-chested, thin, white anime girl — though they’re frequently depicted even more salaciously because the artist has no reason to “conceal their masculine traits,” instead drawing attention to their genitals.

The default reasoning people use as to why this concept isn’t transmisogynistic is that femboys are gender-nonconforming boys who aren’t trying to trick anyone into believing that they’re girls. […] However, this argument completely ignores that half of the issue with traps and futanari is that they are a fetish. In every instance, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the penis — it’s shocking and unexpected; it’s connotative of a cis boy in disguise; it’s accentuation goes hand-in-hand with male femininity, designating male femininity as inherently erotic. […]

This is what you’re contributing to when you normalize the fetishization of “femboys,” the fetishization of the juxtaposition between a feminine presentation with a so-called “masculine” biology.

H_T1998; Reasonable-Design_43; SnowMiserForPres; AliceLoverdrive #kinkshaming reddit.com

(from a thread discussing AI-generated deepfake porn)

Porn is degenerate unless you make it yourself with your partner

I absolutely agree. Tried to explain this to someone and they fought me tooth and nail over it

That person 100% cranks it to the hub daily. Porn just melts peoples brains it’s crazy

"it's my God given RIGHT to jerk off to and objectify a human being. If you don't support that, you want my rights and my freedom taken away"

Why yes, I want all the coomers to be stripped of rights and sent to uranium mines, why do you ask?

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad; Ramesh Solanki #fundie nbcnews.com

Netflix has removed an Indian language film from its platform after the movie faced a backlash on social media for depicting the daughter of a Hindu priest eating meat.

Hindus are India’s largest religious grouping and Hindu priests, as well as their families, are typically vegetarian.

“Annapoorani — The Goddess of Food,” a Tamil-language film that was released in theaters in December and aired on Netflix later the same month, was no longer available on the international streaming platform as of Thursday.

[…]On Wednesday, protesters from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), a hardline Hindu organization with ties to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, shouted slogans against Netflix and the movie at the company’s Mumbai office, according to a post on X by VHP spokesperson Shriraj Nair.

The film depicts the daughter of a Hindu temple priest in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu eating meat and later entering a high-stakes cooking contest, where she cooks meat.

“This film ... is intentionally released to hurt Hindu sentiments,” Ramesh Solanki, who described himself as the head of an organisation called “Hindu IT Cell,” said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Davey Hiott and other South Carolina Republicans #transphobia #enbyphobia wistv.com

A ban on gender-affirming care for kids and teens in South Carolina is moving quickly at the State House.

Just hours after lawmakers gaveled in to begin their 2024 legislative session Tuesday, the newly-filed bill, H.4624, drew hours of criticism from parents and pediatricians during an afternoon hearing.

[…]But supporters, including top Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives, claimed they are pushing this legislation to protect kids.

“When God created us, he created us male and female, and that’s it. There is no other choice, and all these other folks that want to change that from birth or change that through their life, we need to stand up against that,” House Majority Leader Davey Hiott, R – Pickens and the bill’s lead sponsor, said during a news conference Tuesday.

This bill would ban minors in South Carolina from undergoing “gender-transition procedures,” including surgeries, hormone therapy, and puberty blockers.

It would also prohibit state dollars from paying for these procedures and would ban Medicaid from covering them for anyone younger than 27 in South Carolina.

Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren #fundie arstechnica.com

Science instruments aren't the only things hitching a ride to the Moon on a commercial lunar lander that is ready for launch on Monday. Two companies specializing in "space burials" are also sending cremated human remains to the Moon, and this doesn't sit well with the Navajo Nation.

The Navajo people, one of the nation's largest indigenous groups, hold the Moon sacred, and putting human remains on the lunar surface amounts to desecration, according to Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren.

“The sacredness of the Moon is deeply embedded in the spirituality and heritage of many Indigenous cultures, including our own,” Nygren said in a statement. “The placement of human remains on the Moon is a profound desecration of this celestial body revered by our people.”

[…]Charles Chafer, CEO of Celestis, pushed back on the Navajo Nation objections in an interview with Marcia Smith of SpacePolicyOnline.com. “Nobody owns the Moon” and there is “no religious test for the conduct of space activities,” he said.

“We reject the whole premise that this is somehow desecration,” Chafer said. “We handle these capsules reverently. We do not scatter them on the lunar surface. We object to the entire characterization of our service that I read in the letter. It’s the antithesis of desecration. It’s celebration.”

Various anonymous commenters #moonbat #transphobia #sexist #enbyphobia #dunning-kruger datalounge.com

(more discussion on the term “queer”; followed-up from https://fstdt.com/TVNWJ9FLKBG2B)

>Queer and cis go hand in hand. It’s hipster bullshit.

>The Trans Industry needs "Queer" as an umbrella term to lump in AGPs and pedos with the LGB. It's also why they have completely appropriated (and literally purchased) the original Black Lives Matter and turned it into something that actively harms black women and children. It's why they infiltrated and destroyed 3rd Wave feminism. These are the same rich white straight male colonizers we've known for most of recorded history. They rename our cultures, wear our cultural dress as costume, invade our spaces, forbid us our language and rights. And make a lot of money doing it.

>Now it's used by straight women wanting to be edgy.

>[…]it's such a broad term now, it's used as fad slang for every fad gender swap, purple hair, they them zee za zou pronoun BS[…]

>The term Queer is completely meaningless now that it represents self-obsessed straight people.

Various anonymous commenters #moonbat #dunning-kruger #transphobia #biphobia #enbyphobia #sexist datalounge.com

(in which people take various positions on the term “queer”; I'd actually tag this as heterophobia if I could)

>"Queer" now means straight people who want to larp as oppressed. To me, that makes it doubly offensive.

>"Queer" has a long history as a slur against gay men in particular, and they are the only ones who can "reclaim" it. Not women pretending to be gay men, not straight people who dye their hair cotton candy colors, not trannies, or enbys, or any of the other imaginary identities. Homosexuality is an orientation, not an "identity".

> "Queer" allows them to elide and obfuscate the stark disparity that exists between gay people and everyone else (bisexuals, while they experience same-sex attraction, still benefit from heterosexual privilege).

>Because you can't define it nowadays, it's meaningless as a word. I hate all this stupid 'non-binary' 'queer' nothingness.

>Back before many of you were born, we simply said "gay and lesbian." "Bisexual" was something people grew out of. There was no need to encourage it.

>it's been extra funny watching the bisexuals shriek on social media about how they're left out of everything or how they are stigmatized.

>"Queers" are asshole fake gays temporarily using the gay community to add some kinky flavor to their dull straight lives, and they are going to be the death of the real gay community.

> Go ahead and pretend to shamed when you’re misgendered when you foolishly try to look like the gender you are not. Your obvious body dysphoria is a sad condition and you should seek treatment instead of validation.

puppy_cat #dunning-kruger #transphobia ovarit.com

(Regarding an episode of “Bob's Burgers” where Louise researches Amelia Earhart)

I've always liked how Louise is seen as a bit of a tomboyish character and had a wide array of interests. I've especially liked it how she would speak out against girls not being allowed to do certain things that boys are allowed to do, and talk ahout how girls can look and do whatever they want to do (and insinuating they don't have to be boys to do so). I haven't watched this show for a decent while, but that was something that I've always enjoyed about her character, and I was even surprised it was allowed to say things like that anymore, with all the TRA garbage in the media today.

(Submitter’s note: she's apparently unaware that “Bob's Burgers” is a VERY trans-friendly show)

Ann Conder #fundie wistv.com

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - For the past three school board meetings some people have recited the Lord’s prayer during a designated moment of silence.


Former Berkeley County School Board Member Ann Conder has been leading the prayer. She says the board used to open all meetings with the prayer up until 2016. In 2016, South Carolina leaders passed the Public Invocation Act. It says that prayer at public meetings must not “advance any one faith or belief, or coerce participation by observers.”

“For fear of legal repercussions, the board at that time made the decision to place on the agenda a moment of silence instead of the longstanding practice of opening prayer. I beseech you to reinstate that historical practice,” Conder said to the board during public comment at a recent meeting.


“It is to invite God into our boardroom so that he will grant you righteous guidance as you make your decisions for our children and their education. We will not be silenced and we will continue to invite God into this boardroom,” Conder said at the comment podium.


When asked to comment specifically about the altercation at the start of the last meeting, Conder gave a statement saying: “I just don’t feel I need to defend something that is a constitutional right, but most importantly a God given right.”

South Carolina Representative John McCravy #transphobia wistv.com

(South Carolina has passed a hate crimes bill in its House; now it goes to SC Senate)

Republican Rep. John McCravy said leaving gender in the bill would allow a progressive court a door to dismantle efforts conservatives have made to pass bills curtailing what sports teams transgender people can play on or the bathrooms they use.

“The language in this bill could be used against the Save Women’s Sports Act. It could be used against arguments about bathrooms,” McCravy said. “I think you see what the real agenda is here.”

Hamline University; Aram Wedatalla; CAIR Minnesota #fundie wltx.com

An adjunct professor fired from Hamline University in St. Paul has filed a religious discrimination and defamation lawsuit against the school.

Fabian May & Anderson, PLLP, announced Tuesday that the firm is filing the suit on behalf of Dr. Erika López Prater, who was let go from her position at the university after she displayed an artistic depiction of the Prophet Muhammad during an Oct. 6, 2022 lecture.


Prater's course syllabus included the following disclaimer:

"I aim to affirm students of all religious observances and beliefs in the content of the course. Additionally, this course will introduce students to several religious traditions and the visual cultures they have produced historically. This includes showing and discussing both representational and non-representational depictions of holy figures (for example, the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, and the Buddha). If you have any questions or concerns about either missing class for a religious observance or the visual content that will be presented, please do not hesitate to contact me."


López Prater distributed the syllabus to students and reviewed it with her class. It was also posted online.

On the day the images were shown in class, López Prater told the Times that she warned students right before the painting was shown in case they wanted to leave.

After a student in her class filed a complaint, López Prater was let go from her position. That student, Aram Wedatalla, is also president of the Muslim Student Association at Hamline University.

“I’m 23 years old, I’ve never seen a picture of a prophet. Never in my whole life” Wedatalla said at a recent press conference hosted by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “It hurts; it breaks my heart to stand here to tell people and beg people to understand me. To feel what I feel.”


Though on Jan. 13, the national CAIR chapter released its own statement, writing in a series of tweets that the organization had seen "no evidence that a former Hamline University professor acted with bigoted intent or engaged in Islamophobia when she analyzed a medieval painting depicting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that was drawn hundreds of years after his passing by a Muslim artist."

hate2breakittoya & thewoesofyaoi #kinkshaming #moonbat thewoesofyaoi.tumblr.com


“im a survivor and i engage in bdsm to cope and explore my trauma in a safe environment”

you just admitted yourself that you’re retraumatizing yourself. what’s more, you’re retraumatizing yourself… for the purpose of sexual gratification? and your partner is not only okay with it, but playing the part of your assaulter brings them sexual gratification as well? and you’re still gonna argue that it’s a healthy coping mechanism and a healthy sexual practice to be involved in?


if i may proffer my own Hot Take to add onto this excellent post: inasmuch as systemic oppression is a form of continual, lifelong trauma, this is also true of other “kinks” or sexual behaviors that have to do with reinforcing the violence you face as a member of a marginalized group.


tl;dr these forms of oppression all include a facet that attempts to govern your sexuality, which asserting your sexual agency goes against. To a degree, I think this can in and of itself be regarded as a form of sexual trauma. It’s often easier to try to deal with that trauma by turning into a Fun Sexy Thing that you can control, rather than digging deeper into your own pain and its causes.

prosperina65 #transphobia forums.primetimer.com

(from a thread about annoying commercials)

The commercial for the new HIV prep drug, Descovy, annoy the hell out of me. Specifically the bit where one of the actors says that it hasn't been tested on people who were assigned "female" at birth. No, you mean people born female. The actual biological sex they were born as. Because all but small percentage of people were born either male or female. It's not like gender, which is cultural and something you can be assigned, it's a biological fact.

So basically this drug hasn't been tested for anyone who was born female, regardless of how they might identify now. Just say that.

rad-bad-and-dangerous-to-know #transphobia at.tumblr.com

But that's not true. Every transwoman was born with a dick and surgical mods to a penis doesn't make it anything other than a penis that's been carved up and rearranged.

If a man's penis is injured beyond repair and something must be rigged so he is able to urinate, does he automatically become a woman? Of course not. He is a man who survived a life changing traumatic injury. So are transwomen.

It's also worthy of note fewer 15% percent of transwomen have had neovaginas surgically created. That is considered statistically insignificant. If a party of transwomen got together roughly one in ten would have mutilated peens. The other nine would be out swinging.

Adam Morgan and the “South Carolina Freedom Caucus” #transphobia #pratt #wingnut wistv.com

The Medical University of South Carolina announced they are dropping pediatric transgender clinics.

The clinics provided hormonal care to minors.

In response, the South Carolina Freedom Caucus, which is made up of conservative politicians around the state, called the decision “a huge win.”

“This is a huge win for the Freedom Caucus, but more importantly, it is a huge win for childhood innocence,” Chairman Adam Morgan, R-Greenville, said. “Officials from MUSC have informed us that they will no longer be providing morally and ethically repugnant ‘gender-affirming care’ that results in irrevocable and irreparable harm for minors.”

MUSC released the following statements related to the decision and its current policies.

MUSC Health has worked diligently to make sure that we are in compliance with the 2022-2023 Appropriations Act and proviso 23.4 and will do the same with any future legislative requirements/directives.
MUSC Health does not have a dedicated pediatric/adolescent transgender endocrine clinic.
MUSC Health no longer provides pediatric/adolescent transgender hormonal care.
MUSC Health does not offer gender-altering surgery.
Behavioral health and nutritional support and social services are provided, based on need, for all pediatric patients and families regardless of sex, gender orientation, or race.
The parents or legal guardians of any patient under legal age are involved in all decision-making regarding their children.

Marley K. #racist #moonbat medium.com

There is no such thing as Black supremacy. There never has been and there never will be.
Black folks ain’t superior and any person spewing it has a personal motive. You should flee from them promptly. There is no way any Black person in America or Black people collectively can be Black supremacists.

Any person using the term is doing nothing more than deflecting from their own discomfort discussing race and is incapable or willing to deal with their adjacency to white supremacy.
Black people cannot be racist, only prejudice (many people don’t know the difference between prejudice and supremacist)
People using the term Black supremacists have an entirely different motive, and it’s keeping their White gate owners, employers, family members, and friends happy and comfortable. I’m not about to allow anyone (including Black folks) to use their privilege to scapegoat Black folks who recognize what white supremacy is going to them individually and to Black people collectively.

As Michael Harriot noted, Black supremacy isn’t a thing because Black people can never be supreme or superior. I also believe people misconstrue racism and white supremacy.
Lastly, White and European people are the only people in the world who believe and act as if they are superior to all other races. The rest of us are just trying to either navigate or compete with white supremacy for seats at the table or scraps from the floor. This is a White man’s world. Black folks are just squirrels trying to gather a few nuts to survive the winter.
Black supremacy is a made-up term coined by folks who either love/need their paychecks supplied to them by White people, are Black folks married to White folks who aren’t ready or willing to unpack their own ties to white supremacy, or biracial people torn between the Black/Brown parts of themselves and their other part — the White or White passing side.

Jack Bloom #conspiracy forensicfilesnow.com

(regarding Amy Bosley, who murdered her husband in an attempt to conceal her financial fraud, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison)

I know for a fact she never actually went to prison. She was introduced to the Dwarf Mafia out of Syracuse New York…their main offices are hidden on Syracuse Universities’ property, underneath Bird Library.

I’ve been to their meetings and the jobs they carry out there for an unforeseen power, are terrifying.

She is doing deeds now that would set your soul afire.

Page #racist lipstickalley.com

(Regarding the missing child Jaliek Rainwalker, and the suspicious behavior of his adoptive parents)

This is the exact reason why white people have no business adopting black children. They take out all their pint up racism on the child. Reminds me of that white lesbian couple that killed all those black children in Portland. Those “parents” had no electricity or running water?! And was getting $1500?? How the hell did they get approved as adoptive parents??!! Because they were white and can do no wrong. I really wish our people would get their stuff together so their black children won’t end of like one of these tragedies.

Southern Sons Active Club #racist wistv.com

BLYTHEWOOD, S.C. (WIS) - WIS is continuing to look into the distribution of pro-white flyers that have allegedly been passed out to some people living in the Blythewood neighborhood.

A Blythewood resident says he was handed one of the flyers on Halloween night. The resident says he believes the masked men were going door to door with these flyers.


The flyer gives information on a pro-white group called the Southern Sons Active Club.

It claims that the white race is going extinct and one of the group’s goals is to secure the existence of that race. The flyer also makes use of the “SS” symbol, which is commonly associated with officers in Nazi Germany.


The resident called the Richland County Sheriff’s Department which sent a deputy to the scene.

According to an incident report, the two men that gave him the flyer were wearing black masks with a white design resembling a ghost. When questioned, the men ran off.


The Southern Poverty Law Center has an online map that identifies hate groups by city and state. A researcher with the group Cassie Miller said in an email that the Active Club is a white nationalist hate group with about a dozen chapters around the country, including the Southern Sons Chapter in South Carolina.

The group was started by longtime white nationalist activist Robert Rundo. Rundo was formerly the leader of the Rise Above Movement, a white nationalist group that engaged in violence at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.


The Richland County Sheriff’s Department says they will continue to investigate to find out who passed out the flyers by running a lab analysis on the paper.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia wistv.com

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Two of the men vying to lead South Carolina for the next four years outlined their visions for the state’s future Wednesday, with one pitching for South Carolina to stay its current course and the other arguing his opponent is pulling the state back to the past.

Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, seeking re-election for a second term, and former Democratic Congressman Joe Cunningham met Wednesday in Columbia for their first and only currently scheduled debate ahead of the Nov. 8 election.


“I think it was fine the way it was before under Roe v. Wade,” Cunningham said. “…If an abortion ban comes to Gov. McMaster’s desk with no exceptions, he’ll sign it, and I’ll veto it.”

Prior to Roe’s overturn, McMaster had indicated his support for a ban from conception without exceptions, but he has since said he finds the exceptions included in the state’s currently-blocked six-week ban — for the life and health of the mother, sexual assault victims, and fatal fetal anomalies — as reasonable.

South Carolina’s Republican-dominated legislature has been attempting since the summer to further restrict abortions, but lawmakers have not been able to come to an agreement on a final bill.


Questioning later turned to what would happen if the Supreme Court overturned another precedent, protecting same-sex marriage nationwide.

McMaster said he would follow a current state law that bans it. While that law is still on the books, it has been unenforceable following the court’s 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision to require states recognize same-sex marriages.

“Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think marriage ought to be between a man and a woman, just like I think that boys ought to play in boys’ sports and girls ought to play in girls’ sports,” McMaster said.

Cunningham, seemingly caught by surprise by McMaster’s response, responded the governor was taking the state backwards.

“Gov. McMaster has been leading South Carolina into the 1950s since the 1980s,” Cunningham said.

South Carolina State Senator Josh Kimbrell #wingnut #transphobia #enbyphobia wistv.com

State Senator Josh Kimbrell is calling for change, threatening to defund libraries across the state if certain books are not removed from the kid’s sections.

He held a press conference Monday, at the Spartanburg Public Library, following what he claims are hundreds of complaints against books that teach children about gender identities. During the press conference, he added that the books are hiding behind “being educational”.

Examples of the books in question are “You be You”, “The Pronoun Book”, and “My Own Way”.

“I do not want tax money to be used to put this stuff in the hands of kids against their parent’s wishes”, said Kimbrell.

Protestors lined to streets outside the library making their voices heard against Kimbrell. One mother of an LGBTQ+ child said, by taking away inclusive books you are taking away free speech.

Jodi Snyder said, “this is our library too and our library is inclusive, diverse, and loving and we protect our children by making sure that they are learning about all people and all backgrounds and all socioeconomic backgrounds and all orientations. Josh Kimbrell is trying to ban books. That’s banning freedom.”

The director of the Spartanburg County Library said since the start of the year, he has only received six complaints about LGBTQ+ positive books. He said if anyone has a concern over books to please fill out a complaint form your branch.

Andrew S. Fischer #ableist #wingnut lewrockwell.com

In New Jersey not long ago, I went to play miniature golf with my fiance. I’ll call the place “Golfville.” After we’d paid, we discovered that the course consisted of nothing but flat, straight, unchallenging par-2 holes. I immediately complained to the management, and the response was that a NJ law requires any new miniature golf course to be wheelchair accessible!

In other words, I mused, only crappy miniature golf courses can now be built – which means no one who isn’t handicapped will want to play, effectively killing the pastime – just so a handful of theoretical miniature golf “diehards on wheelchairs” can play.


I understand the desire to include the disabled in recreational activities, and this is not a bad idea. (I’m sure that if I were wheelchair-bound I’d be complaining about all the things I couldn’t do and all the places I couldn’t go. Would I have the right, however, to demand access to everywhere I feel like going?) What I don’t understand is that the federal government has any business telling mini-golf entrepreneurs what they can and can’t do with their own property, that it can define what a “socially integrated experience” is, and then it can force all of this down everyone’s throat in order to include a small minority which may or may not have any interest in the activity in the first place.

If there were, in fact, a demand for wheelchair-accessible mini-golf courses, wouldn’t businesspeople be building them? The disabled from miles and miles around would descend like locusts upon such places, and their owners would make fortunes! Forced compliance would be unnecessary if the need actually existed.

So, as old mini-golf courses wear out and new ones are built, nine holes out of eighteen will be tepid at best, effectively killing the fun for the non-disabled 99% of players. An alternative would be to build two courses, one for the disabled and one for the non-disabled. Twice as expensive to build, but too bad for the entrepreneur…. Of course, all of this will really improve people’s attitudes toward the handicapped.

Anderson University #fundie #homophobia independentmail.com

Current and former Anderson University students gathered Sunday morning to show support for a professor who says she lost her job last week because of her sexual orientation.

About 20 people stood outside the university's metal archway on Boulevard in Anderson holding signs and waving flags in support of the LGBTQ+ community and former theater professor Miranda Barnett.

In a video posted Wednesday on Instagram, Barnett said her contract as a part-time professor at Anderson University had not been renewed for the fall semester because she is queer.

[…]the spokesperson also sent a written statement to the Independent Mail that reads, in part, "Anderson University is a private Christian university which upholds the South Carolina Baptist traditional view of sexuality and marriage as set forth in Scripture."

[…]Barnett, a Greenville native, won Anderson University's 2019-20 award for "Excellence in Teaching" for part-time faculty. Nominations were submitted from students and faculty, and the recipient was chosen by a student and faculty committee, according to the university's website.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster #fundie #wingnut wistv.com

Gov. Henry McMaster will soon sign a bill that would allow healthcare professionals to deny service on the basis of their beliefs.

A spokesperson with the governor’s office said he plans to sign the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act into law Friday.

The bill would authorize what’s known as “medical rights of conscience” in South Carolina. It would essentially protect doctors, nurses and medical students from being fired or punished for opting out of services based on their “religious, moral, or ethical beliefs or principles.”

State law already protects doctors, nurses and technicians from refusing to perform abortions - but the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act would add medical students to that list.

It would not, however, apply to emergency medical treatment that is required by federal law. The bill also states that practitioners are not allowed to refuse services on the basis of race.

A group of healthcare professionals and students previously asked McMaster to veto the bill, saying it could lead to a denial of care for services like gender-affirming care as well as life-saving medications to prevent and treat HIV.

parttimepup #transphobia parttimepup.tumblr.com

(Anonymous asked:

So there is an author who's books I really like (non-sexualized lesbian action romances, anyone??), but I recently found out that she is a HUGE supporter of the troons. Would it be ethical of me to rip her books off online or send her a few IMs and home she comes to her senses?)

I dunno if I can support stealing from an author for any reason but you can always reach out and see if she's willing to have a convo with you about it! I think if you explain the sanctity of the lesbian identity to her she might understand.

Unnamed 17-year old #racist wistv.com

The Sumter Police Department has charged a 17-year-old accused of tampering with a state sign and having it display a racial slur.

The suspect is considered a juvenile under S.C. law, so his name will not be released. He will be charged with aggravated breach of peace and is being held in a state Department of Juvenile Justice facility, according to Sumter police. […]

The sign was located on South Pike West near Shoney’s and US-76/378 bypass. It was placed there by the Department of transportation to alert drivers to an ongoing construction project, according to police.

Police say the sign belonged to a paving company involved with a road improvement project.

On Saturday, the sign was altered by an unknown person to display an offensive statement. (Submitter’s note: The statement was “HONK IF YOU HATE N******”.)

Officers were notified around 4:30 p.m. and the statement has been removed.

“We will investigate this to the fullest,” Chief Russell Roark said, describing the incident as extremely disturbing, “A scar on the city and its residents that is in no way indicative of the community where we work and live.”

Three South Carolina state representatives #wingnut #racist #transphobia #homophobia wistv.com

H. 4605, also known as “Freedom from ideological coercion and indoctrination,” would regulate what goes on at any entity that receives state funding, grants, or tax exemptions, including public and private schools, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, state contractors, and private businesses.

Reps. Lin Bennett, R-Charleston, Mike Burns, R-Greenville, and Cal Forrest, R-Saluda, are sponsoring the pre-filed bill, which will officially be introduced when lawmakers return to Columbia in January for their regular legislative session.

The bill would prohibit entities like schools from teaching “discriminatory concepts,” such as that “an individual, by virtue of his or her race, sex, ethnicity, or heritage, bears responsibility, or must confess or atone for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race, sex, or ethnic group” and that they “should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress because of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, heritage, culture, religion, or political belief.”


The bill would also ban these entities from compelling students or employees to accept, affirm, adopt, or adhere to “controversial and theoretical concepts,” including the existence of genders other than male or female, nonbinary pronouns, implicit bias, and that race and sex are social constructs.

It would prevent schools from teaching students under 18 about sexual lifestyles, acts, or practices; gender identity or lifestyles; and pornographic, lewd, explicit, profane, or similarly age‑inappropriate materials, or instructing in ways that “repeatedly distorts or misrepresents verifiable historical facts,” “omits relevant and important context,” or “interjects the instructor’s personal views,” among other regulations.

Schools, businesses, and entities in violation would lose their state funding or tax exemptions until the Attorney General determines they are in compliance, and the bill outlines that the Attorney General’s office would have to set up a phone and email hotline to take complaints about potential violations to investigate.

Three South Carolina state representatives #transphobia #sexist #pratt wistv.com

Lawmakers are reintroducing a bill that will ban transgender women from playing women’s high school sports in SC.

A bill pre-filed by two Greenville representatives and one Aiken representative signed onto the bill that adds a section to the state code of laws that transgender women/girls may not participate in women’s secondary and post-secondary sports.

Also mentioned in the proposed bill, it is stated that transgender men/boys MAY participate in male sports.

The biological gender of the student will be confirmed using their birth certificates.

The bill has been filed in the past by Representative Ashley Trantham (R-Greenville) who has sponsored it again for this upcoming session.

The two other representatives are Rep. Melissa Lackey Oremus (R-Aiken) and Rep. James Mikell “Mike” Burns (R-Greenville).

When asked about the bill in February, Rep. Trantham said:

It’s not that I’m not compassionate about what they’re going through. But I would also point out, we have to think about how this is going to impact our girls. I mean they have to be able to have a level playing field and we just know based on the science that when we allow biological males to compete with our girls that we’re taking away that opportunity.

The bill has far to go and has to be signed by Governor Henry McMaster in order for it to become a part of state law.

Marion Hutson #racist wistv.com

(For context: Columbia’s first black mayor, Steve Benjamin, is retiring at the end of this term. The candidates heading to a run-off election are Tameika Isaac Devine, a black woman, and Daniel Rickenmann, a white man.)

A public figure in Cayce is under fire for allegedly making racially insensitive remarks.

Marion Hutson, one of nine Cayce Historical Museum Commissioners, allegedly told a city employee that Columbia “doesn’t need another ‘colored’ person as mayor.”

Cayce council members are now calling for an investigation into the remarks. Three council members voted to keep Hutson as commissioner, and they tell WIS they want an investigation into the remarks.

Hunter Sox was a candidate for Cayce City Council, and Hutson was a family friend campaigning for Sox.

“It’s terrible to hear,” Sox said. “I would not have had someone campaigning for me if I knew there were a possibility he would say such a thing. I was appalled and shocked and we don’t allow those comments in the city of Cayce.”

WIS spoke with Mayor Pro Tem James “Skip” Jenkins who voted to remove Hutson from his position Tuesday night.

“Hutson’s statement is unacceptable and disturbing,” Jenkins said. “I don’t know where we go from here. It’s slated to be brought back up at the council meeting next Wednesday. I’ll do an on-camera interview after it’s resolved. I don’t want to get ahead of the investigation.”

WIS also spoke with Council Member Phil Carter who voted not to remove Hutson yet.

“The comments were unacceptable, despicable and I don’t condone those statements period,” said Carter. “I voted Tuesday for due process so that there can be an investigation into the alleged statement. I believe strongly in due diligence.”

Tim James voted to keep Hutson in his position and hopes there will be an investigation.

“The City of Cayce has a sweet spirit and is a loving community,” said James. “It’s unconditioned and doesn’t mirror the sweet spirit of our city and citizens and we will address this issue.”

City of Cayce Mayor Elise Partin posted a statement on her Facebook page which says she doesn’t believe there needs to be an investigation and she believes the worker who made the allegations.

OTB Tax #quack wistv.com

GREER, S.C. (WIS) - A Greer company said it is hiring new employees who have not or will not get the COVID-19 vaccine or who don’t want to wear masks.

OTB Tax put up a billboard on Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville and one on Highway 123 in Easley that says: “No Vaxx? No Mask? No Job? Perfect. We’re Hiring.”

The billboards have been up for about a month.

Toppa Epps, the CEO of OTB Tax, said the company has 25 employees right now — all of whom are unvaccinated and do not wear masks in the office on Wade Hampton Boulevard.

He said the company is expanding and looking to hire more employees who have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine and do not wear masks.

Epps says the company does taxes, bookkeeping and payroll.

Toppa Epps said the owner of the company, Courtney Epps, feels strongly that vaccines should not be required by companies.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster #wingnut wltx.com

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster is vowing to fight President Biden and Democrats to the "gates of hell" after the president announced new vaccine mandates.


"The American Dream has turned into a nightmare under President Biden and the radical Democrats," McMaster said on Twitter. "They have declared war against capitalism, thumbed their noses at the Constitution, and empowered our enemies abroad."

"Rest assured, we will fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian."

Mojo #conspiracy forensicfilesnow.com

(comment on a blog that follows up on crimes seen on “Forensic Files”)

All sounds like BS ! And I’m starting to see the same faces in these so called CASES! Crazy how NO ONE IS ALIVE TO QUESTION ABOUT THIS CASE? All dead so so young????? lol fake news.

South Carolina State Senator Josh Kimbrell #homophobia #transphobia #fundie wltx.com

Members of the Columbia's City Council are working to ban conversion therapy for people under the age of 18. In Spartanburg, SC, Senator Josh Kimbrell has requested the state's attorney general to block this ban if it is approved.


Senator Kimbrell said he does not want people to be hurt, he just wants this ordinance to be invalidated.

"There are people of faith and there are people who have traditional views of the notion there's two genders — which I happen to hold to — and have traditional views even of human sexuality," Senator Kimbrell said. "They should not be forced to choose between their principles and running a medical practice. I think it's a massive overreach on the part of the City of Columbia. I think it's unconstitutional on its face, and I think it's the job of state government, whether that's folks like me and the Senate or the Attorney General to uphold the Constitution of the nation and the state, and prevent this kind of overreach by municipal government."

Nell Stevens #sexist unbound.com

I think it has to do with a very specific kind of female communication, an intimate sharing of knowledge between and across generations, that was practiced by Mrs Gaskell in the nineteenth century, and is practiced by me and my peers in the twenty-first.

I still remember vividly the day when, as a pre-teen, I went to a friend’s house to play and, instead of pretending we were movie stars or dressing up her dog or whatever else we normally did, we sat in her room and talked. It felt revelatory: that this could be a way of spending time, that hours could be devoted to something as simple as speaking and listening and exchanging experiences. We knew this was something our brothers and their mates did not do. We knew, even then, that we had inadvertently initiated ourselves into something feminine and important.


In my period of indecision about single parenthood, it is only natural, then, that I seek advice from the women around me: child-free women, mothers, grandmothers, single and married, gay and straight. It is to women I turn, have always turned, for knowledge and comfort and help, and they have always been there to guide me. If mansplaining is the unnecessary interjection of unwanted information, then womansplaining, in my experience, is this earnest sharing of hard-earned wisdom between mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, between friends.

Ian Smith #quack wltx.com

After Krispy Kreme announced free doughnuts for those who get a COVID-19 vaccine, a gym owner in New Jersey is rewarding those who don't get vaccinated.

Ian Smith, who says he is a co-worker of the Atilis Gym located in Bellmawr, posted on social media that he plans to give free memberships to customers who don't get a COVID-19 vaccine.

"In light of @krispykreme giving free donuts for receiving the CVD shot, here at @TheAtilisGym we are giving out free memberships to all who don’t get vaccinated. We believe in health - the real way - exercise, good diet, plenty of Vitamin D, Zinc, and an environment to destress."

According to CBS Philadelphia, the gym opened in May 2020 and started a legal battle over whether the state's order for nonessential businesses to close was constitutional.

The gym repeatedly defied the shutdown order and was fined more than $130,000 last year.

Missouri State Senator Rick Brattin #psycho #wingnut yahoo.com

A Missouri senator on Monday pitched a bill that would allow the use of deadly force against protesters on private property and give immunity to people who run over demonstrators blocking traffic.

The proposal is one of several that follow sometimes violent protests in Missouri last summer over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, including demonstrations that blocked traffic on busy roads in the St. Louis area.

“To think that your right to protest enables you the right to stop traffic and literally stop people's ability to move about freely in this nation is a gross misunderstanding of our constitutional rights,” bill sponsor Sen. Rick Brattin said during the Monday hearing.

The Harrisonville Republican said blocking traffic can be dangerous if it stops ambulances or police from responding to emergencies.

Missouri civil rights leader the Rev. Darryl Gray told committee members that people also disagreed with how the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. protested, but “those same methods that you seek to criminalize are the same methods that helped to destroy Jim Crow laws, segregation and destroyed centuries of hatred and bigotry.”

He asked lawmakers not to expand the use of deadly force to those outside of law enforcement.

“If this bill is enacted it would vilify non-violent protesters,” Gray said. “I don’t believe that any members of this august body would deliberately seek to shield drivers who willfully choose to run over protesters.”

Brattin’s bill targets unlawful assemblies on a number of fronts, including making it a felony crime to block traffic as part of a protest. It also would expand misdemeanor harassment laws to include causing emotional distress during protests.

“People can't even go have a nice meal without being harassed, run out,” Brattin said. “I wanted to ensure that people are able to go and enjoy their freedoms and liberties just like anyone else should be able to.”

Neil Rodgers #wingnut wltx.com

The owner of a Spartanburg County restaurant who decided they wouldn’t follow the governor’s mask mandate is now suing the State of South Carolina.

“The first weekend was our busiest weekend ever after you and I did this interview,” Neil Rodgers said to 7 News reporter Scottie Kay on Tuesday. “I sold almost 800 hamburgers that Friday.”

Neil Rodgers is the owner of Ike’s Korner Grille in Spartanburg – a restaurant that’s refusing to obey the governor’s order that all employees and customers must wear a mask inside, unless they are actively eating.

His customers don’t seem to mind. In fact, Rodgers told 7 News he’s had many people coming in from out of town just to participate.

“A big group came from Asheville, older people who came down to support us,” he said. “They loved that we weren’t wearing a mask and that we weren’t letting the government control our lives.”

But the fines for not following the executive order are starting to rack up for Rodgers.

“Spartanburg County has already given me one ticket. SLED has come four times,” he said. “I’ve got a $100 fine and a $500 fine. The Department of Revenue said, the next time they come, it’ll be $1,000 more; and, then, they’ll come and suspend my beer license for 45 days if I continue to do this.”

Rodgers said that’s why he decided to file a lawsuit and a motion for an injunction against the State and Governor Henry McMaster.

“Somebody had to put their foot down, and I wish it wouldn’t have been me, but I did,” he said.

Rodgers told 7 News he’s hoping this move will keep the fees from piling up and, more importantly, he said, he hopes it will stop the executive order from being enforced.

“To get rid of all this and everybody can get back to normal, because that’s what we all want,” Rodgers said. “I feel like it’s unconstitutional for the government to tell you what you can do. I mean, we live in America. We’re still Americans. It’s just getting ridiculous.”

Gates to Zion Ministries #fundie wistv.com

’Awakening Blast of the Shofar’ event to be held on State House steps, pushing for country to return to biblical roots

By Kamie Roesler | September 11, 2020 at 7:04 AM EDT - Updated September 11 at 7:14 AM

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Over the weekend a group will be gathering on the State House steps to push for our country to return to Biblical roots.

The event being dubbed “Awakening Blast of the Shofar” is organized by Gates to Zion Ministries, located in West Columbia, S.C. It will be held Sunday, Sept. 13 at 3 p.m.

“We have people who are scattered throughout this state that are coming to support this, so we are really praying that there is move of God among His people,” event organizer Jan O’Dell said.

“Our desire is that we stand up, and be heard that our country was founded on biblical principles, and we have given away those biblical principles in so many institutions, socio-economical institutions in this country,” Craig O’Dell said.

“You can come out on Sunday at 3 o’clock and make your voice heard. You can take a stand, and we together can make a change,” Jan said.

If you have a shofar you can bring one along, but it’s not required. The event is scheduled to run until about 5 p.m.

Lincoln #fundie forensicfilesnow.com

(regarding the case of Brian Vaughn, a teenager who murdered his father because he wouldn't buy him a new car)

This is a child that fell for the tricks/wiles of the devil (Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10-17). This child was into the materialistic things in life; used car cramping his style so he wants a new car. Some would say this is a blessing from God to prevent him for engaging in a worst fate. If that is the case, then glory to The Most High God ✝️✝️✝️ He was released from prison in 2017 and I believe he was 35 at that time.

Curtis Loftis, Jr. #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy facebook.com

(Submitter's note: This is South Carolina's treasurer.)

I was born a free man and am reclaiming my freedom. I don't care if the politicians, unelected bureaucrats, and their sycophants like it or not. I will be prudent and respectful, but keep your hysteria to yourself, your hands off my wallet, your body off my property and your need for control away from my God given freedom.

I'm tired of lockdowns, curfews, looters, weaponized pandemics, mandatory this and that, gov't caused massive unemployment, bad science, worse science, greedy special interest, wasteful public spending and massive debt. I'm tired of being a second-class citizen to anyone screaming mindless chants that happen to align with the Leftists running our bureaucracies or our tax dollar supported universities that are turning our kids into Marxist revolutionaries.

I won't place a chip in my body, carry a health passport, detail my private life to a government contact tracer or be forced to take medicines or vaccinations. I will not replace my Christian faith with your warmed over Marxism called Social Justice Theory.

I am a free man and I won't kneel before any man save my God.

Patsy Lambert #fundie newberryobserver.com

Being obedient to God
By Patsy Lambert - Contributing Columnist

As believers, children of God, we seek to please God instead of man. Sure we want to have friends and enjoy being with others, but our desire should be to please God and not man.

If we are not careful we will get caught up in doing things just to please others, but it want be pleasing to God. Then we suffer for not making the right decision.

“And he that sent me is with me: but the father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.” John 8:29.

Can you imagine how life would be if we would seek God’s will instead of our own? What a message when God told Abraham to take his only son and offer him for a burnt offering. Abraham was willing to obey God. He took Isaac and the wood to the place God told him. They went to worship God.

Isaac asked Abraham where was the lamb for the offering? He told him God will provide himself a lamb for the offering.

Abraham got everything ready and took the knife to slay his son. The angel of the Lord called to Abraham and said lay not thine hand on the lad.

Behold God had provided a ram for the offering. God saw that Abraham was willing to obey Him. Read Genesis 22.

Being obedient to God, He will provide our needs.

Patsy Lambert is from Whitmire. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.

Patsy Lambert #fundie newberryobserver.com

Prayer is so powerful
March 13, 2020
By Patsy Lambert - Contributing Columnist

Prayer is so powerful, when we pray we are to believe that God will answer our prayer.

It may not always be answered the way we want, but God is in control of our life and He will answer our prayer according to His will. He knows what is best and we have to depend on Him taking care of the situation.

His way and His time will always be best for us.

Elijah built an altar, he built a trench and put the wood in place, cut the bullock in pieces and placed it on the wood. He told the people to pour water on the sacrifice and on the wood. They did that three times.

Elijah prayed, “Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again. Then the fire of the Lord fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. And when the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The Lord, he is the God; the Lord, he is the God.” 1 Kings 18: 37-39

The people saw how God had answered Elijah’s prayer.

We serve the same God today. Prayer is so powerful.