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I'd be careful with that word 'fool' if I were you. Jesus said that if a man says 'you fool' he deserves to be punished with hellfire.

See, LightWolf is an example of a person who didn't give an immature response. I'll watch the video and explain why the maker of the video is wrong and I'll talk a little bit about "hyperliteralism."

Okay so number 1, flat earthers don't believe in globebuster's model of the sun. The sun can't move faster on some days and slower on other days making some seasons less sunny. It just doesn't make sense. I believe that the model in the book of Enoch is the true model where the sun moves on invisible tracks in the sky and is not affected by gravity.

I haven't checked but I think Globe busters might be a group of shills.

Number 2: The water vapor in the air acts as a convex lens and the suns light doesn't make it across because it is refracted downwards to where it reaches the night sky. There's also a daylight that doesn't come from the sun but it's shut off and is now known as the quantum vacuum.

Globe busters made a big mistake in showing the graphic with the sun opposite the moon all the time like yin and yang, but the moon moves like the sun just slower.

an eclipse happens because the sun and the moon are the same size (about 32 miles wide) and a solar eclipse is when the moon passes over the sun, a lunar eclipse didn't exist in the beginning but there's an invisible object that passes over the moon. The sun does get hotter if you fly towards it but nobody does this, so this guy is right. It's nice how this guy is pleasant when presenting this. The axial tilt of a ball earth doesn't even make sense when you think about it. An area on the ground is still hit with the same radiation. Why would it be cooler?

I think it's safe to say that Globebusters doesn't represent the flat earth community (and neither does the flat earth society). Number 3 proves that they don't know what they're talking about or, more likely, they want to give a nonsensical model of flat earth that just stirs up confusion and dissent.

(It continues like this)



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