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Psychiatric Drugs and Peter Gotzsche

It is disappointing that it is not acceptable to question or challenge the Medical / Pharmaceutical Establishment . It is shameful that in the country of Canada for example there is so little access to non psychiatric drug treatment for first episode or mild occurrences of anxiety/ depression. It is so clear that we are the victims of “ Doctors in Denial “ and manipulation by Big Pharma. For anyone and particularly Canadians I would recommend two Canadian books that document the corruption and collusion dominating the Psychiatric Industry, first is ‘ Doctors in Denial, Why Big Pharma and the Canadian Medical Industry are too close for Comfort ‘ by Toronto Emergency Room Doctor, Joel Lexchin and the second book is by former Oakville MP Terence H Young , ‘ Death By Prescription ‘ which records his ten year battles with the Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Canada and various Professionals to find the reason for his sixteen year daughter ‘ Vanessa ‘s ‘ death by mis prescribing and the eventual passing of new Canadian Legislation in 2014 called ‘The Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs ACT. I acknowledge that Mr Shorter is correct about some drugs being of value in certain Mental Health treatments but he does not acknowledge that there is direct relationship to the exponential rises in all categories of Mental Disorders ( aka DSM ) and the sales of Psychiatric drugs by Big Pharma. There are also now more people than ever, including children and seniors who will be life long users ( addicted to) Psychiatric drugs and many of whom will face enormous problems
withdrawing from these drugs. It is absolutely shameful that an industry that sells potentially poisonous pills, have been fined billions of dollars in for fraud, bribing doctors, illegally promoting off- label uses, and manipulating clinical trials or publishing only positive clinical results has been placed on such an untouchable pedestal. I suggest to do your homework, read or watch or listen to the many well founded reports of Dr David Healy, Dr Robin Murray, Dr Ben Goldacre, Dr Peter Gotzsche, Robert Whitaker,Dr Joanna Moncrieff, Mad In The Uk Podcasts with James Moore,
and the many people who have lived experience with the Mental Health Industry. What happened to Dr Gotzsche and the Cochrane group is shameful and a case of the ‘elites’ protecting their territory. I applaud his efforts to establish on March 9 2019, his ‘Institute of Scientific Freedom ‘. There may still be a role for ‘‘Psychiatry” but a more humane, ethical profession that puts non drug treatments as a priority and stops being so beholden to the Pharmaceutical Industry. In addition governments should legislate that results of all clinical trials be made public. No more hiding the data! But this is going to be a major battle because too many people make a very good living from the misery of other people.
After all if there were really people getting better there would be a lot of people out of work! Count them if you want to try. All the best who are trying to demand the best rather than addiction and dependency on toxic chemicals and the straight jacket they come with.



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