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RE: [RageFuel] Holes who don't want kids should get their wombs removed

Abortion is one of the greatest evils. I can understand if having a child will kill it's mother and it's in early stages, but i can't fathom the idea that someone would kill their own children/family just to keep being degenerates and whore around.

Society is truly a shithole, their opinions are based on the mainstream, not what's right or wrong, if we lived during Hitler or slavery time, most of society would be firm supporters of both of them despite what they keep saying now, that's the mindset of blind sheeps, which is following what they're told without questioning. They're good at nothing but virtue signaling.

It's one of the most evil crimes I can imagine. It's a combination of every moral wrong possible into one action.

Yes, and the sad thing is that they don't think it's wrong, that's how ignorant they're. I know they should be punished for this, but we also should feel sorry for them because they certainly don't know better.

Yes, society is a shithole because of foids and her degenerate lifestyle.

Yes, it's certainly one of the major aspects responsible for this downfall.

We certainly should not feel sorry for them.
Have you seen how nonchalant they are about aborting their babies? They see it as a virtuous action.
The fact that foids support abortion is the clearest proof of their inherent evil.

Yes, but what i meant is that they're clearly retarded, don't you pity/feel sorry for retarded people sometimes?

That would be like a poor person feeling sorry for a rich person.
I may make a thread about the topic of abortion in the near future. I want people to understand exactly how terrible that action is.

That would be a great thread, waiting for it.



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