South_sudan #fundie

I tried not to get sucked into this, but here's something to think about. I have seen some of this "proof" of evolution, and they're right. It makes sense. However, that's not evolution. That's ADAPTATION, guys. There's no change of KINDS. Sure the lizards, and the bacteria, and everything else changed, but they didn't change from one thing to the next. They're still lizards, right? So there's no proof here for Darwinian Evolution, just adaptation.

P.S. Both creationism and evolutionism can be listed as science or religion. This isn't "science vs. religion" and all that. Both faiths (yep, that's right, it's a faith) have somewhat equal chances of being true. And why can't they both be right? Some people believe that God created simple unicellular organisms that later evolved into more complex forms of life. However this directly contradicts the Bible.



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