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[Regarding a quiz about Charles Darwin]

I really wish Sporcle wouldn't publish quizzes like this. Charles Darwin peddled a nonsensical, pseudoscientifc theory that has since been debunked, yet for some reason continues to be believed by millions of people (even some so-called "Christians"!) worldwide. His name deserves to live on in ignominy.

ThunderousFire18 #fundie #pratt #dunning-kruger sporcle.com

Sigh... yet another quiz incorrectly categorizing humans as mammals. The idea that humans are animals is based on the debunked theory of evolution. Irreducible complexity destroys the theory of evolution. I challenge any evolutionists on this site to read the arguments put forth by Michael Behe in favor of intelligent design.

Also, if humans are just animals, then doesn't that imply that a sprawling cityscape is no less natural than a bird's nest? After all, both are habitats that have been created by animals. Yet I don't know any evolutionist who would refer to an urban environment as "natural".

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[Regarding a quiz about the evolution of species]

This quiz is based on a dilapidated theory with more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Irreducible complexity screams design. A catastrophic worldwide flood killed the dinosaurs and encased billions of other organisms in mud which we now observe as fossils.

DerrickJ79 #fundie sporcle.com

Bacteria strains and flu virus strains are not examples of evolution. They are simply variation within a kind. Also, none of the examples in that article that bazmerelda posted the link to are cases of evolution, either. Most people don't know this fact: speciation is not evolution. Most people also don't know that creationists believe that different species arise by natural selection. Speciation and natural selection are different from Darwinian evolution. Darwinian evolution is the creation of a completely new "kind" of creature. The term "kind" fits mostly with the taxonomic "Family" group (roughly: bears, cats, dogs, whales, etc.). A change from one Family group to another has never been observed, thus, evolution has never been observed.

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I tried not to get sucked into this, but here's something to think about. I have seen some of this "proof" of evolution, and they're right. It makes sense. However, that's not evolution. That's ADAPTATION, guys. There's no change of KINDS. Sure the lizards, and the bacteria, and everything else changed, but they didn't change from one thing to the next. They're still lizards, right? So there's no proof here for Darwinian Evolution, just adaptation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0u3-2CGOMQ

P.S. Both creationism and evolutionism can be listed as science or religion. This isn't "science vs. religion" and all that. Both faiths (yep, that's right, it's a faith) have somewhat equal chances of being true. And why can't they both be right? Some people believe that God created simple unicellular organisms that later evolved into more complex forms of life. However this directly contradicts the Bible.