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It’s been featured pointedly in a top newspaper, but the people don’t understand. I am writing this article for a free internet medium in order to help the people understand: George W. Bush is no human. He is not the son of his alleged parents. He is a cloned president. The Clone President. The sizzling hot subject of cloning has not yet reached the public, but it is the biggest subject of all.

The headline of this article places the first letter of the word „president” in parentheses because legally speaking the sitting president is merely a resident of the White House, see legal analysis of the Supreme Court corruption swindle at


The word „clone” is intended and is not to be confused with the word „clown” even though in the given context the two words may come close. The subtitle „Democracy in Action” – yes, the subtitle alone is ironic because the report gives us barely anything else to laugh about.

The human race is possessed by demons. That is a common religiously tainted word for a certain type of freak life. Some beings can slam their life into a reverse gear so that it does not grow and procreate but it shrinks and disintegrates. They are like Dr. Jekyll after he drinks his potion and turns into the abominable Mr. Hyde. These beings are mentally sick, upside down and follow a perverse goal of death instead of life.

George W. Bush died in 1987 and was carried on through secret laboratories (Area 51 etc.) as a zombie henceforth. He is not the only one. They walk among us and look like we do; but they are geared to sorrow and not to happiness. Their souls are like wild animals. Their survival is driven by fierce cruelty untamed. They are fugitives from paradise. They are dwellers of the jungle. Their law is the law of the jungle – to eat or to be eaten.

America has no president. It has a series of look-alike cloned Bonobo chimpanzees who are 100% remote controlled through magnetic waves. The alleged President is a sophisticated theme park diorama, a walking and talking 9-11. Its controlling force is not democracy but jungle law and demonic possession. This has a pre-history in British royalty (Greg Hallett) and in the personality development of the young George W. Bush (Brownsville, TX, Children of the Fold Satanic ritual slaughter, Bush at that time still human).



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