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[This is an archived post from 2014 so it's somewhat dated, but it nonetheless provides an insight into Price's mind; his desire for traditional restrictions and boundaries for their own sake, against what he sees as the dehumanization of individualism. Read this post alongside this to get a fuller picture: http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=111274]

The head of our propaganda outreach to Russians, a radical feminist lesbian supporter of Pussy Riot named Masha Gessen, wrote an op ed a couple weeks ago that essentially makes Putins case for him. Gessen, of course, sees herself as an ally of progress, but she and her cohort are responsible for alienating an enormous number of native born Americans including, incidentally, those who would traditionally be most inclined to sacrifice themselves for the flag and nation.


Gessen focuses on homosexuality to the exclusion of other fraught cultural issues, clearly because she is biased in this regard. However, it is not only coerced acceptance of a redical redefinition of family, which Gessen explicitly supports, but the annihilation of distinct cultures and peoples through a radical form of multiculturalism and promotion of diversity at all costs. Naturally, the peoples who succumb first are the smaller nationalities, but ultimately everyone loses as a fundamental part of their humanity their culture is amputated or otherwise mutilated to fit some poorly defined common form that every man, woman and child can be stuffed into. Adding to that, Americas aggression against non-belligerents, foreign adventurism and coercion of weaker nations and peoples to impose its will has added an element of terror to our crusades. In truth, the American right and left differ only in their means, but the end goal is the same: the obliteration of any and all that stands in the way of unrestricted expression of the id. It is, as Putin correctly notes, a descent into chaotic darkness and a return to a primitive state.

The contemporary American elites vision for the future is a horrific nightmare in which anything goes, and therefore nothing is distinct or cherished but pure power to do as one pleases. There are to be no limits but the physical: no moral restraint, no customs, no traditions to stand in the way of unfettered action on primal desires and appetites. Putin, it seems, is genuinely opposed to this mission on a personal level, and has articulated his opposition in a manner that has galvanized the Russian people into a politically united force.


Again, institutionalized homosexuality is only one issue, but it may have been the one that finally crossed a red line. Considering that even in my very liberal state of Washington legalization of gay marriage passed by only about one percentage point in late 2012, and then only after enormous campaign donations from the globalist billionaires in the state, it is probably too costly even for the US to successfully convince the rest of the world that it is a good idea. But for whatever reason, progressives have made it their defining cause and staked their movements claim to the future on it. This act of hubris may prove to be progressivisms Achilles heel, but in the long run what matters and hurts the most for those of us more traditional Americans is our dramatic loss of faith in our own nation.

To see the US reduced to little more than a platform for the greedy and licentious when it used to be a beacon of liberty and common decency in a savage world is profoundly unsettling. It is also why I am all but certain that our decline is a fait accompli rather than an imminent threat.

At this point, we can only hope that nihilistic radicals like Masha Gessen refrain from plunging us into a catastrophic war on their behalf, sacrificing our sons for ideals that we despise from the bottom of our hearts.



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