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When Darwin's ideas first started circulating, a lot of people were trying to interfere and prevent it. The platypus was kidnapped as it was brought to England. I have come to realize that it is not the conservatives who were conducting this thought control campaign, but liberals. The same liberals that today conduct their campaign against human bio diversity and the truth about genetic racial behavioral traits.

Before they were called "scientists" they called themselves "naturalists." Before they called themselves "naturalists" they called themselves "natural theologians." Plato was the first Natural Theologian. Science was invented by natural theologians; classical theistic philosophers.

Darwinism eradicates the boundaries of taxonomy. There is no such thing as a species in Darwinism. The concept of "species" is borrowed from natural theology, i.e. Genesis 6 "each after it's kind." All creatures are transitional fossils in Darwinism. All creatures are their own unique genetic taxonomic entity in Darwinism. This is easily proven by looking up the definition of "species." There are six definitions, therefore there is no definition.

Darwinism logically leads to a belief in shifting, unfixed, chemical laws. (From goo to you). Biological Darwinism implies chemical evolution. Chemical evolution implies that the laws of physics evolve. Evolving physics implies that logic is unfixed; a delusion. Unfixed logic means humans are not ever rational. Non-rational humans unable to use logic are unable to begin with the first sentence in this paragraph and arrive at the conclusion that the universe is not logical and humans are not rational.

Darwin renders the universe absurd, and those who believe in it consider themselves absurd.

In the beginning was nothing, and then nothing exploded, for no reason, and everything came out, and everything randomly rattled around until it turned into dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense.



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