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RE: JFL New website where foids whine about their "rape culture" experiences.

womens problems are so utterly trivial and self-inflicted. and they take themselves so seriously too because society is overly protective of them and pretends that their non-issues are an actual social problem

literally almost all of these stories are either about her boyfriend, a guy she had sex with consensually, or just shit that doesn't even matter like that girl who was "air humped" by a classmate. two kids assaulted me with gym equipment during PE in high school, I would rather be "air humped" a thousand times than go through that again, and yet I still don't exaggerate how "traumatic" it was for attention and sympathy

Amen. I bet every single male has experienced being physically bullied or physically assaulted in their life. On top of trivial sexual shit like this. I remember having my ass spanked by a girl when I was 9, for example. The reason why females care, aside from the victim currency they can get out of such "experiences" and being coddled infants in general, is because they realise such instances are an attack on their sexual power. The more chaste they are, the more high value they are as females. And the more power they have to control male and limit male sexuality, the more sexual power they have de facto.

fuck the more you read these stories the more it becomes fucking RAGEFUEL:feelsree: theres so many fucking women talking about how they were having sex, sending nudes, drinking, going to parties when they were 13-14 years old. and they talk about it as if its totally normal. im done



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