Carl Benjamin et al #wingnut

[Basically, Sargon is whining about a private business not doing business with a Nazi…]

Robin Hood: Look, whether you hate Mark Collette or not, saying that someone can't have a bank account is saying that person cannot live in society, and must be cast out onto the streets. It should be illegal to leave someone without a bank account at this point, as cash is being phased out. I, like everyone else, destest Mark's Hitler simp politics, but common-law societies are built on criminalising actions, not beliefs. If we allow these kinds of decisions to be made then, as we have seen in every other realm, they will affect non-Nazis eventually. … It seems totally immoral to allow banks to target sections of the public because of their publicly-percieved opinions. People should have action taken against them only for the things they have done, in this sphere. Even murderers and rapists don't have their bank accounts closed. It gives huge institutions total power over the economic life of an individual, and I don't know how the left doesn't look at this and see the relative power dynamics at play. It's monstrous to see what is happening.

AssWorldsman: This is precisely why tech censorship is just scratching the surface. The biggest, most powerful cancel culture is refusing someone the ability to hold, send, and receive currency. It's excommunication from society. This is how companies destroy someone's life in the current year

Rhubba: HSBC must be held to account (pardon the pun) for their decision. It must be put out in the open for the public to know how and why they make decisions like these AND what criteria they use to judge: eg why Patriotic Alternative but not BLM or XR?

PostoPMalemaN: The holocaust never happened, Carl. What’s your excuse for not having educated yourself on this yet?



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