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(A christian review of the anime film: “Your Name”)

However, being a tale from Japan, there are some negative elements built into the story. The world created in YOUR NAME is thoroughly Eastern. The towns and countryside all have shrines to local deities. Thus, while these false pagan references mostly occupy the background, the guiding principle behind the lives of the characters originates from Shinto Buddhism. Concepts from this way of thinking ground themselves heavily in the movie’s references to tradition and honoring family ancestors. There is an openness of each character to the possibility of there being more to life than a person can experience with the five senses. In this regard, YOUR NAME is consistent with a biblical worldview that acknowledges there are unseen orders of creation that are as real as the one experienced by the senses. YOUR NAME posits that these other spiritual dimensions can be experienced by humans, but it does so within false pagan context.

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The Bible speaks clearly against pagan religion and perverse notions of switching one’s sex. So, media-wise viewers will find YOUR NAME to be unacceptable, no matter how well it is put together.



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