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Smith wields a particular grudge against a Danish computer type, 29-year-old Emil Kirkegaard. Kirkegaard runs the online academic journal Open Psych and has published in high-impact journals, such as Intelligence [Are Headstart gains on the g factor?, by Jan te Nijenhuis, Birthe Jongeneel-Grimen & Emil Kirkegaard, Intelligence, 2014]. Smith’s fury with Kirkegaard extends to anyone who, like his Danish nemesis, attended the London Conference on Intelligence at University College London, on which I’ve reported before, meaning that Smith has created Rational Wiki articles about most of the academics involved. The Rational Wiki page London Conference on Intelligence [accessed January 11, 2019] starts “London Conference on Intelligence were a series of controversial pseudoscientific[3] conferences held annually at University College London (UCL) from 2014-2017, attended by far-right speakers, including white supremacists and most notoriously, Emil Kirkegaard…” and gets worse from there.

Kirkegaard’s own summary of the research into Smith’s background is most enlightening.



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