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I doubt anyone on the production team has read “Breeders: How Gay Men Destroyed the Left.” Hence I am left to conclude that the movie’s pretext embodies everything that “anti-gay” opponents of surrogacy such as myself have been warning, because there is a deep-seated but suppressed anxiety running rampant in Hollywood about just how horrible our society will become if gay men are uncritically awarded everything they demand.

The “men’s rights activists” who are furious about Fury Road seem to have missed the film’s implicit plea to the audience to give heterosexual love a second chance. (The plot features a few details, which I will not spoil the film by revealing, involving male-female love as a necessary “redemption” after the devastation wrought by the sexes withdrawing romantically from each other.)

Within the dystopian context of Fury Road, not all men belong to the homoerotic elite. Those who are part of it control the water, resources, and political process for the hordes of heterosexuals in ragged, torn clothing, who are kept out of the fortress and forced to wander like beggars in the sands of post-apocalyptic Australia.

The warriors in the Citadel have washboard abs. They range from muscle bears to slender “twinks.” They decorate themselves with silver glitter, facial makeup (eye liner?), and tattoos or brands of other men’s names so their flesh attests to their undying male-male spiritual bonds. Miraculously unworried about being wounded, burned, or struck with skin cancer, the sexy “war boys” carry on all their battles and brute labor under a blazing sun with no armor or covering of any kind, so that everyone can see their lean stomachs and deltoid muscles flex with each thrust and parry. Ten years ago, the film 300 hinted at homoeroticism. Fury Road offers no hint of anything else.

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Ἥλιος said:
Speaking of Kris, the hole shtick of using "they/them" pronouns on him is idiotic. His design is clearly masculine, but of course Toby Fox wanting to pander to/being part of the tumblrite community makes him "non-binary" or whatever.
Gru said:
That's exactly how it was done in Chapter 1, everybody just referred to Kris as, well, Kris, and it didn't throw me out of any of the scenes because the game wasn't trying to force anything down my throat.

But now Chapter 2 comes in and is trying to force the nonbinary they shit down my throat and it takes me out of all the scenes, like you said. Thankfully from what I know of Chapter 1 the lang.json files the game's script was in were just in a folder without having to check through the .exe's files itself. It's probably the same with Chapter 2 unless Toby did some bullshit there so it'll probably be easy for somebody to just mod the game with some text edits to go back to the Chapter 1 format of writing around Kris.
I detest the "non-binary" fad (maybe even more so than standard trannies) and have no doubt that Toby's in the woke cult that propagates it, but the impression I have is that Kris' is just an innocent repeat of Frisk's concept from 2015: a player-character made simplistically androgynous for both male and female players to project onto, meaning that you'll always be correct whether you say the character is a boy or a girl. While it's true that Kris does appear to be more masculine than Frisk, there's still enough ambiguity, especially next to Susie who we would've absolutely interpreted to be a boy if her name wasn't fuckin' Susie. So far, it seems to me that there's been just as much restraint in calling Kris singular "they" as there was for Frisk, although dialogue could've been written to avoid pronouns altogether.

On the other hand, I do realize that the major difference between the games' protagonists is that Kris is established immediately to be divorced from the player with a backstory and set name used repeatedly while the player is meant to believe in being Frisk.

On another note now that I've played Chapter 2 myself, I really wish Ralsei kept the hat. Same goes for Susie's hair to a lesser extent.

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If you are white and you are a heretic to the religion of anti-whiteness, there exist no indulgences to procure ultimately freeing oneself from the wrath of those committed to being the most vociferous and devoted to their growing cult.

These people are not just nuts, but they’d apologize to the black criminal who mugged them on their way to fasting from whiteness, confessing to them as they lay in a puddle of their own blood that they deserved this righteous beating, and to have their possessions taken by a non-white.

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As a servant of Jesus Christ, I reject the hatred FOR and FROM, the glbt community. I challenge the glbt community to denounce telling children that homosexuality is normal, WITHOUT the consent of that child's parents; the PRIME goal of the glbt community. I speak out against homofascism, transtyranny, genderinsanity, and ANY end-run around parental rights. REDEFINED marriage harms children.

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First and foremost, the ad has nothing to do with cookies. There is no reason Oreo should be lecturing its customers about hot-button political issues. No matter what the left says, the issue of LGBT support is a political one, and that brings us to the next problem with this commercial.

Everyone can agree that it is not acceptable to treat people poorly or attack them for their sexuality. The problem arises when it comes to acknowledging this behavior as a sin.

There is a difference between loving someone and endorsing his or her actions.

The Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin, so it is not something Christians should be promoting, no matter what Oreo thinks.

As Christians, we believe loving someone is deeper than just accepting everything about that person. Sometimes love involves addressing a concern with a brother or sister in Christ, uncomfortable as it may be.

In the case of homosexuality, loving a neighbor may look like silently praying for him, or it may look like confronting him in a loving way about his sin. But it does not look like affirming his sin and telling him he is not doing anything wrong.

Commercials like this one suggest the only way to be someone’s “ally” is to cheer on his or her actions, right or wrong.

In the left’s eyes, it is not enough to quietly pray for someone or stay silent publicly on an issue. Instead, they suggest the only way to be loving is to outwardly promote sin.

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Whether they read the bill or not is immaterial. These people are so fanatical in their ideology they view anything as threat to their ideal no matter how benign it may be to the LGBTQ community. We're talking about people who equate words and silence to violence.

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But that agreement didn’t hold for long. A few days later, the counselor and the girl were messaging each other on social media. Among other things, the counselor called the girl “Al” – a boy’s name – and said she was worried about her being at home with her family.

She told the girl, "If you feel unsafe at home, or are thinking of hurting or killing yourself, there are people I can call to make sure you are safe. Please let me know if this is the case." (Very disturbing: The counselor is putting suicidal ideas into the girl’s head!)

When Ashley found these social media posts, she was livid – and felt even more violated. She sent this email to the counselor, pulling no punches:

I am asking you once again to not have any contact with my daughter.

She is doing fine and we are doing the very best that we can. This "turmoil" was caused when a confused little girl went to a trusted adult and was encouraged to believe that she had a mental illness (body dysphoria).

This trusted adult (you) did nothing but encourage my daughter to believe this lie and THAT has caused her more pain.

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What you need to understand is, the real reason they're upset about this is that they're seeing the clear signs that the long time Leftist Control of our education system is being wrenched away from them. The Right is finally, after decades of increasing Leftist Indoctrination of our children, starting to fight back and wrestle control over the education system away from these sick monsters. It boils down to this statement...

"The Left doesn't have children, they have yours."

Leftists are less likely to have kids, so for their ideas to persist, they need to indoctrinate others. And what better time to sow the sickly seeds of Socialism into someone than when they're young? Like King Solomon once said, "Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they're older they will never stray from it." What this law is, is a flashing red warning sign that their access and ability to poison kids minds with their regressive and failed ideas is being ripped away from them.

Just look at the anti-CRT pushes happening across the country right now. Glenn Youngkin in Virginia ran on an anti-CRT platform and won! Florida's Anti-Grooming Law has majority support across the nation. The Right is taking back control of the education system, and without young minds to indoctrinate and subvert to their failed ideology, their ideas will be all the more harder to push through in the mainstream. That is why the Left are losing their minds over the anti-grooming law.

That, and the pedophiles among them are going to find it harder to groom their victims now without detection.

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In fact, despite Atlanta Magazine’s headline, people are willing to see it. But they won’t say it out loud. But they don’t want to be called racist for telling the truth about who has made Atlanta uninhabitable and driven Buckhead to draw up separation papers. As for 2022, crime in general and rape in particular are reaching stratospheric heights [Rape in Atlanta soared by 236% and murder by 43% in 2022 compared to the same time last year after a woke city mayor and pandemic lockdowns sent crime soaring, by Melissa Koenig, Daily Mail, February 21, 2022]. The simple truth is, black men and boys commit almost all of Atlanta’s violent crime.

At bottom, Buckhead’s push for independence is 100 percent about race, but in 2022 America, no one can say it. Whites’ taking their own side in a fight is tantamount to racism and white supremacy, and if you talk to some Leftists, treason that richly deserves a firing squad. Thus, Bill White, who leads the secession movement, was tarred and feathered coast-to-coast for daring to retweet VDARE’s entirely factual report that homicides zoomed up in 2021 in cities boasting large black populations. [Buckhead cityhood leader tweets, deletes post from white nationalist blog, By Greg Bluestein and Chris Joyner, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 3, 2022].He responded, pitifully, by Disavowing and emphasizing his homosexual credentials, saying “I don’t think I’m perfect. I’m a human being. I’ve been told by my husband I’m too old to be on social media.” [Buckhead City movement leader apologizes for retweeting white nationalist group, by Richard Elliot, WSB-TV January 04, 2022]

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After I had surrendered my life to Christ, been delivered from my addictions and started a family of my own, I saw the world in a wholly different light. A nineteen-year old man, who had “come out” as “gay” after being molested seven or eight years earlier, himself molested a four-year-old boy. I was close to both families and watched that child change from sweet and loveable to hyperactive and rage-driven. He never became homosexual himself to my knowledge, but never really recovered either and now in his 40s lives a miserable life of addiction and crime.

Later as my compassion grew for homosexuals, we took in a repentant ex-“gay” who was dying of AIDS. Sonny lived with us for the last year of his life and I was with him when he died. He attributed his homosexuality to being raped at age seven in a YMCA men’s room by a friend of his father. Sonny’s form of Sodom Syndrome compelled him to seek “gay” sex in settings with the strong smell of urine. He never chose to be that way and expressed deep shame in it, but even in his last days in Christ, the pattern burned into his brain by the youthful trauma remained the identity of his flesh while his mind and spirit were freed only through sexual abstinence.

In the earliest days of my ministry I had the pleasure of making friends with Anthony Falzerano, a leader of the ex-“gay” movement. He said the most common denominator in boys who get recruited is a kind-of “father-hunger” due to troubled family relationships, and that this is easily recognized by predators on the prowl because they suffered it themselves. He and other ex-“gay” leaders showed me by example that the cure to homosexual dysfunction is restoration of male normalcy through long-term healthy relationships with fatherly mentors.

My ex-“gay” friend Richard of Portland, OR sought me out in this way after the predator who made him his houseboy at age 12 (his piano teacher) kicked him out and replaced him when he got too old. My fatherly help blessed Richard through some rough times and gave me personal experience in mentoring ex-“gays.” He never went back and is doing well today.

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Get your good read Right Here


Leftist pushing 'trans' garbage leave children even more confused, MORE SUICIDAL, health is badly degraded into adulthood, CHILDREN HAVE BONE PROBLEMS THAT ONLY OLD PEOPLE OUGHT TO BE EXPERIENCING.

The more I know about Leftist Idiocies, the more I think they are doing their damndest to Kill as many people as possible- preferably before they can reproduce.

Just my Educated OP.

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You’ve heard of “Going Postal”. Several different shootings by postal workers (mostly white) have set that in the American vocabulary. But have you ever heard of a “Disgruntled Minority Massacre”? No, because when a black commits a mass murder, he’s not identified in the press as black—except when he claims racism. VDARE.com lists Disgruntled Minority Massacres as another of its public services, like its listing of outbreaks of "Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome," with which Disgruntled Minority has some overlap e.g. Akouch Kashoual, below, was from Sudan, originally.

The phenomenon of “Going Postal”, or “Workplace violence” is usually said to be caused by a “disgruntled” employee. Many of these “disgruntled” employees are blacks who target their white or Hispanic co-workers. What disgruntled them? Racism. Not ours—theirs.

Blacks in America are taught to hate whites. Not just by their parents and clergymen, but by American schools. They feel, and express, hatred of white society without fear of criticism.

They also feel, and express, resentment at having to work for a living. Barack Obama, of all privileged people, said that when he had a regular job as a research assistant in an office in New York he felt “like a spy behind enemy lines. “

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We all learned in elementary school that plants breathe carbon dioxide. No one has explained yet what negative effects carbon dioxide is having on “the climate.” They’ve just declared that this is a fact.

They aren’t really even talking about “global warming” anymore, because all of their graphs on temperature have been so wrong, and they’ve been forced to admit that the world is still at the end of an ice age, meaning weather should be warming anyway.

So now they’re just saying that like, carbon dioxide causes hurricanes and earthquakes.

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I was told to place myself on something called the Riddle Homophobia Scale. I chose the "acceptance" level. As it turned out, "tolerance" and "acceptance" are still considered "homophobic" ("implies there is something to accept"). Ultimately, I was told, I should aim to find myself nurturing GLBTQA, wherein I will realize that "gay/lesbian people are indispensable to our society", and will view GLBTQAs with "genuine affection and delight," manifested by an eagerness to be an ally and advocate for their community.

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Its amazing to think about how men are able to reinvent themselves to undermine women. The progressive stack is made to undermine men and claim they have privilege, then those same men take advantage of said system to become unprivilaged and take advantage and erase women. The sports fiasco is one thing, but my favorite is the lesbians who arent interested in men being guilted into sex by “transgender lesbians” who happen to have penises.

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Doctor who has followed the set role of being a male for over 60 years now, however with the reveal of the new female Doctor it is clear the BBC does not respect the story line, the history or tradition of the show, instead they are mindlessly following the uneducated SJW community for attention and publicity. Doctor who has shoved in numerous political points down our throats (uneducated comments on capitalism etc..) which do not belong on a sci-fi TV show, the change brings up numerous questions that simply can not be solved such as the relationship with River Song, Bills sexuality, the companion's gender and much more. It is not sexist to see this is not fitting with the Doctors themes and many loyal facts see this as the final nail in the coffin for the once great TV show, i see this is a disgrace and insulting to mine and everyone else's childhood with numerous people of the only 2 genders agreeing with me.

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It’s great that Vladimir Zelensky was able to get all of his fellow Jews out of the Ukraine. It’s also nice that he himself is operating out of a soundstage in Tel Aviv, and doesn’t have to worry about any harm coming to his person. Now he can just keep this conflict going forever without there being any consequences to his own people.

He did an interview with Fox News where he said that there are no circumstances under which he would agree to give Russia back the Donbass, which is ancient Russian territory. His government, which is run by Jews in the US State Department, have been slaughtering Russians there for 8 years, which is one of the main factors that triggered the Russian intervention. He is not willing to stop doing this – under any circumstances.

This is Absurd
Putin’s terms have remained the same since long before the conflict started:

He wants a surrender of the Donbass Republics and Crimea,


He wants a neutrality agreement

That’s all.

Zelensky has gone back and forth about whether he would accept these terms. Now he’s saying no.

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Frankly, if you’re getting a new passport, you should probably just choose the tranny “X,” because it will make you less likely to be abused by the TSA.

If some obese Mexican man tries to feel up your balls, you can say “hey buddy, didn’t you see the X on my passport? This is sexist abuse!” No one wants to get fired for that. He will then send you to the obese black woman, and you can then say “hey woman, don’t touch my balls!”

They will eventually just let you go through the terminal unmolested. No one wants to deal with this.

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Washington Post: Pregnant Women Are No Longer Pregnant Women, They Are "Pregnant People"

I’m guessing that most instances until recently had a comma between the words, such as in, say, “When she was pregnant, people were solicitous.”

Marx’s theory was that the working class will win because there are so many of them. The new view reverses that: that the deranged, confused, and disagreeable must win because there are so few of them.

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A friend who has NordVPN, which as a VPN is reasonably priced and efficient, reported that he had to turn it off to access VDARE.com or American Renaissance. I knew this wasn't our fault, there's nothing wrong with our sites in the way of malware, or insecurity. I suspected what's called "Censorware" which is designed to keep people using library or work computers from accessing immoral websites.

But why would you want to do this to yourself? It turns out that NordVPN has a feature called "CyberSec" which is supposed to protect you from "ads, unsafe connections, and malicious sites".

What they don't tell you is that "malicious" can include Wrongthinkful.

When you have CyberSec turned on and you try to go to VDARE.com, you don't get message saying "blocked" you just get a message saying you can't connect.

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The federal sentencing guidelines recommended eight to 10 years. Judge Jackson sentenced the defendant to three months.

Yes, yes, he was only 18, and he was remorseful. Good for him!

But Judge Jackson also dramatically departed downward in sentencing a couple of ripe perverts—one who attempted to travel across state lines to molest a 9-year-old girl (when his thousands of child porn images weren’t enough); and another who’d distributed more than a hundred pornographic photos and videos of his own daughter.

On average, Judge Jackson gave child porn defendants sentences more than five years below the minimum under the guidelines.

In other words, Judge Jackson is the beau ideal Democratic Supreme Court justice.

In her favor, KBJ is at least a Generational African American (GAA), i.e., Descendant of American Slaves (DOAS)—unlike Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Joy Ann Reid and approximately 90% of the “African Americans” in Harvard’s entering class this year, according to the Harvard Crimson.

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American and Russian Conservatives Would be Best Friends and Partners Against Globalism if not for Non-Stop Anti-Russian Propaganda by the Leftist and Neocon Media.
Dr. Lively talks about the very positive implications of the BBC’s negative coverage of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to honor God and protect marriage in the new Russian Constitution. Ironically, the BBC accusation that Putin is pandering to the Russian people by making this proposal confirms that this is exactly what the people want!

Dr. Lively offers his own first hand observations of the moral conservatism of the Russians in his three trips to Russia and discusses the importance of Russia’s firm rejection of Marxism and re-embrace of the Orthodox Church as the primary cultural influence in the post-Soviet Russian Federation, while the United States has trended in the opposite direction as evidence by the Socialist/Communist showdown in the unfolding Democratic Primary.

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Opponents of the bill call it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, but there’s nothing in it that prohibits the utterance of that once-lovely word. What the bill does do, though, is prohibit classroom instruction on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” with children in third grade or younger, “or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

In short, the bill safeguards their innocence. It lets kids be kids.

To us this seems so obvious. But, hey, perhaps the Left hasn’t yet learned the lessons taught at the ballot box in Virginia last November. And as for Floridians who disagree with DeSantis’s approach, nothing prohibits them from discussing transgenderism with their kindergartners at home, nor from moving to, say, a “progressive” state like New York or California, where such instruction is no doubt a more integral part of the formative curriculum.

These freedoms, though, didn’t stop the pro-grooming crowd from going after the governor. Our Emmy Griffin wrote recently about Woke Disney’s hissy fit. And, indeed, the wholesomeness of Hollywood was on full display during Sunday night’s Oscars, when, between breaks from b*tch-slapping each other, they childishly repeated the word “gay” to the delight of, well, themselves.

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A couple of years later, St. Petersburg became the first of several major Russian cities to ban LGBT propaganda to children. In 2013 the Russian Parliament adopted the law nationally almost unanimously, backed by the support of a stunning 88% of the populace. President Putin both signed and publicly supported the law, saying “I believe we should leave kids in peace.”

But the WCF8-Russia never happened because within weeks of the passage of the Russian law LGBT uber-activist Obama turned 180 degrees against his own State Department’s “Reset Policy” of normalization with Russia and launched a full-fledged international campaign to demonize Putin and the Russians starting by sabotaging the Socci Olympics in February 2014 followed by orchestrating the 2014 coup in Ukraine to replace its pro-Russian president with an Obama/Biden stooge. Obama essentially restarted the Cold War in revenge for Putin’s highly influential defiance of the global LGBT agenda. Several countries (including Ukraine) who were ready to quickly follow Russia’s lead were dissuaded from doing so by the vehemence of Obama’s reaction.

NOW, however, seven years later, the pro-family hero Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary has followed Russia’s lead and banned LGBT propaganda in schools, saying: “the European basic treaties clearly show that it is an issue that belongs in national authority,” adding that “Brussels bureaucrats have no business here”. No matter what they’ll do, we will not allow LGBTQ activists to enter our kindergartens and schools.”

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It's time to bring the Dani tribesman of Indonesia into the 21st century. [Inside the remote Indonesian Dani tribe who cut off the tops of their fingers when a loved one dies and keep mummified bodies of ancient warriors, By Tariq Tahir For Mailonline, November 17 2017] Undoubtedly, they long for democracy, and all the modern things we have here.
Let's pack six or seven families into a big home in Chappaqua, N.Y., where Hillary Clinton lives, or the Kalorama section of Washington, D.C., where Barack Obama lives. Maybe Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell would have them move next door.

Then our finest elites can experience the diversity and cultural enrichment they advocate, and watch these Stone Age wonders run around naked, display the mummies of ancient warriors and cut off the ends of their fingers when relatives die.

After all, we've been enriched by child rape and genital mutilation. Why not this?

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Grand news from away Down Under. Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a man of his word. The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has just towed back to Indonesia two boats loaded with Muslim terrorist illegal aliens seeking the largesse of the Australian people. Obviously lies were manufactured claiming that RAN sailors were "rough" with the terrorists. Well, one would hope so.

But apparently "rough" remains undefined by the terrorists and the world press as no actual description of what was rough, other than "some force" was used, even on women.

Note that touching a Muslim woman by an infidel is a crime in all Muslim terrorists' eyes.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton points out that hormone therapy, puberty blockers and sex reassignment procedures are child abuse.


LOL what "best medical practices"?

Very triggering: people saying that kindergarten kids don't need to hear about hundreds of different sexual orientations and gender identities, that children shouldn't be part of a social experiment, and that elementary schools shouldn't invite men in speedos or in drag to talk to the class.


Washington Free Beacon #transphobia freebeacon.com

As part of a social studies class, a New Jersey public middle school forced students to watch a video about a transgender man’s hormone treatment—all without notifying parents.

The video, “Ten Years on Testosterone,” details the transition of LGBT activist Aydian Dowling through hormone injections. Teachers and administrators at Pearl R. Miller Middle School in Kinnelon, N.J., did not notify parents about the lesson, which included slideshows with definitions of different gender ideologies, beforehand.

“You can build up the courage to stand up for yourself in a way that this is what you want to do with your life,” Dowling says in the video after injecting testosterone.

“I felt as if I was blindsided,” Loren Malfitano, whose two sons were shown the video, told the Washington Free Beacon. “They’re learning about this ideology of gender before they even have classes on the actual biologies of males and females.”

Matt McGloin #dunning-kruger #elitist google.com

Taking a page out of the book of yours truly, Stephen King takes a stance against diversity, and of course, gets blasted online for it.

King is actually a leftist himself, but to his credit he has some class and offers that quality shouldn't be sacrificed just for the sake of diversity.

In a series of tweets, the legendary horror novelist reveals he nominates for the Oscars where he reveals that diversity isn't a factor at all when it comes to how he votes.

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Sundar Pichai (born “Pichai Sundararajan”), CEO of Google. The most notable action Mr. Pichai [Tweet him] has taken as CEO: his decision to fire James Damore for noting that men and women are different. This does not bode well for the rest of us, as Google is under immense pressure to disappear results from SPLC-designated “hate groups” like VDARE.com.

Kamuroshiryu #transphobia deviantart.com

Ever since Hogwarts Legacy had been met with disproportionately negative criticism from a variety of woke videogame journalists who previously slandered Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling for posting "transphobic" tweets, when in reality she criticised the very illogical aspects of transgender women being allowed to enter men's public toilets to sexually harass biological women, in addition to journalists even ignoring the very fact that she supported Women's Rights, treats her fans with great amount of respect regardless of their personal backgrounds and donated to charities frequently as she lost her status as a billionaire.

John Derbyshire #racist vdare.com

Race-denialist item of the week comes from a website called StreetsBlog, which bills itself as, quote, "Informing The Movement To Improve Walking, Biking, And Transit." Oh, you didn't know there is such a movement? Me neither; but as someone who walks a lot, bikes a bit, and rides New York City public transit, I have no objection at all to there being one.

Headline from them, January 8th, headline: NYPD Targets Blacks and Latinos for "Jaywalking" Tickets. There are scare quotes around "jaywalking."

It turns out, you see, that 89.5 percent of summonses for walking against a traffic light, or crossing mid-block, that's just short of ninety percent, went to blacks and Hispanics, who are together only 55 percent of city residents. That's flagrant racism, obviously.

And as if that isn't bad enough, 44 percent of the tickets go to people aged 18 to 25, even though that group comprises just 7 percent of the population. So New York City cops are not only racist, they're also ageist.

When will there finally be justice and equal outcomes for all? How long, O Lord, how long?

Massresistance #homophobia #fundie #pratt massresistance.org

The LGBT movement decided to counter the pro-family activism. On July 31, 2021, the first “Gay Pride” was held on the Cayman Islands. The large crowd of marchers included the British Governor, Martyn Roper. There was a substantial turnout.

But it was basically a sham. The observers said they’d never seen so many foreigners in the country at one time, as were marching in that parade. As one Cayman citizen told us, “It was blatantly obvious. They were not from here. They were not locals.” According to activists we spoke with, the people who work at customs even said that large numbers flew in the day before the parade and flew back out the day after. “So they came down specifically for the gay parade. It did not represent the support they have from people here,” we were told.

Although there’s still more work to do – overturning the Governor’s “domestic partnerships” edict – this was a huge win. As Kattina Anglin told us:

I think you should know that people here in the Cayman Islands are rejoicing. There’s a big sigh of relief – not just by Christians, but other people in the country who want to maintain a healthy society, a society where the man and the woman and the children is the definition of marriage, of family. We are a God-fearing nation.

Conservapedia #homophobia conservapedia.com

Homosexual logic is the "logic" used to justify the Homosexual Agenda. Like liberal logic generally, homosexual logic relies on statements that appear to be logical but that are actually rife with logical fallacies. Examples include:

Calling things the opposite of what they are, e.g., justifying their special rights as just another form of equal protection.
Improperly shifting the burden of proof by asserting that homosexuality must be understood as not a choice until it is conclusively shown to be one.
Slippery slope arguments in which they argue that repression of homosexuality will lead to a series of bad results that actually will not follow or that have nothing to do with homosexuality.
Cherry-picking only those parts of the Bible that suit their purposes, while arguing that any parts of Scripture that are inconvenient to them need to be "interpreted" correctly or were "nailed to the Cross," or that just by mentioning them, you are "twisting" them in some unspecified way.
Taking it for granted that any book with a pro-homosexual slant must be true, rather than critically assessing whether that book is credible.
Appealing to majority will, but only when it suits them; switching back and forth between "This is what the people want" and "America is a republic, not a democracy."
Demanding that their own interpretation (or misinterpretation) of the Bible be made binding on everyone, despite the establishment clause.
Demanding limited government, but only when it suits them, while supporting government oppression of anyone they don't like.
Claiming to be persecuted when in reality it is they who are doing the persecuting.

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Just make it illegal to arrest non-whites and use white taxpayer dollars to allow non-whites to have free public transportation. Better yet, just force every white person to give a non-white individual their car. This is America’s future if white people don’t learn to say “no.”

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SuperJew Spielberg Claims That Indiana Jones Should be Played by a Woman

The earlier Indiana Jones films already featured several strong female characters, such as that insufferable bitch in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Including characters like her in secondary roles is a much more effective and subtle way to promote the feminist agenda than going full Ghostbusters.

But Jews can’t do subtle any more. Decades of constant winning has dulled their cautiousness, and now it’s “all in or nothing” for them.

Their genetics accept nothing less than the destruction of all that is good in the world.

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As the U.S. prepares to confirm to the Supreme Court a black woman who cannot define the word “woman” [Blackburn to Jackson: Can you define ‘the word woman’?, by Myah Ward, Politico, March 22, 2022], we are reminded of the fact that Ketanji Brown Jackson has been nominated because she is a black woman, not on merit. She almost certainly got into Harvard due to being black, and not on merit; indeed, she has declared that she will recuse herself from a forthcoming case challenging Affirmative Action policies at Harvard due to her being one of the college’s overseers; also likely not on merit [U.S. Supreme Court pick Jackson to recuse from Harvard race case, by Nate Raymond, Reuters, March 23, 2022]. The Ruling Class has more than ever invested in the egalitarian myth. Now another Regime enforcer is trying to defend it: Kevin Bird of Michigan State University.

VDARE.com readers are familiar with the facts. As psychologist Richard Lynn has noted, a widely replicated finding in social science is that African-Americans have a lower average IQ than white Americans: 100 vs. 85 (See his 2015 book Race Differences in Intelligence). Not only that, but the difference is on the most genetic aspects of intelligence; it is resistant to environmental interventions; and the correlation between alleles (gene variants) indirectly associated with high IQ and race differences in IQ is about 0.9, as Italian anthropologist Davide Piffer has shown.

We would expect a Supreme Court Justice to have an average IQ of at least 130 or so, the level needed to be a highly-successful professional, which leaves a vanishingly small fraction of African-Americans to choose from. Thus about 2.1% of whites have an IQ of 130 or over (that's 4,289, 823 people) whereas because of the differing mean IQ and because the black bell curve appears more bunched than the white one, only about 0.5% of blacks do.

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Flaming Insignias said:
"I know I shouldn't expect much from the death by irony article, but it fills me with anger seeing them cheering on the most vile subreddit."

Do they have an article for all the vaxmaxxers dropping dead during important live events? Surely they'll see the comedy in that, right?

I want to say that I expected nothing worse from tactless, condescending autists. But I guess I was wrong.

A bunch of sociopaths

I'm surprised tropers don't fucking die all the time from the shit they believe unironically

TVTropes pretending to think they know more than actual scientists and virologists thinking that “discrediting” means the same as disagreeing with you.

I thought this was a pseudo intellectual and pretentious subforum to talk about cartoons for little girls and boys.

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The board members met on Thursday night only after being informed the night before that the discipline change would be considered. No opposing voices were allowed to be heard, parents were relegated to shouting opposition from the seats and some were ejected from the meeting.

The Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is issued to each student every year. Students are required to sign, along with their parents. Violations of the handbook are treated as discipline violations that can result in either suspension or expulsion from school.

The new regulation reads:

"No student in FCPS shall … on the basis of gender identity … be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity."

This “discrimination” language means that a student who speaks out against the “gender identity” ideology can be disciplined, and presumably suspended and even expelled, according to board member Elizabeth Schultz, who opposed the change.

Schultz says the school district — which is one of the largest in the country, with 187,000 students — “punishes students all the time for what they say on social media, even outside of the school year. Without a doubt, students will be punished for saying negative things on Facebook and Twitter about transgenderism.”

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"Natural law—God's law—will always trump common law," said Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a Christian leader in her own right, "God will have the final word in this matter."
But, for now, Justice Anthony Kennedy has the final word.

Same-sex marriage is the law of the land, as the right of gays and lesbians to marry is right there in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which was ratified in 1868. We just didn't see it.

Tony Kennedy spotted what no previous court had detected.

The absurdity of the decision aside,(PDF) it represents another stride forward for the revolution preached by Antonio Gramsci. Before we can capture the West, the Italian Marxist argued, we must capture the culture.

For only if we change the culture can we change how people think and believe. And then a new generation will not only come to accept but to embrace what their fathers would have resisted to the death.

Consider the triumphs of the Gramscian revolution in our lifetime.

First, there is the total purge of the nation's birth faith, Christianity, from America's public life and educational institutions. Second, there is the overthrow of the old moral order with the legalization, acceptance and even celebration of what the old morality taught was socially destructive and morally decadent.

How dramatic have the changes been?

Until the early 1970s, the American Psychiatric Association regarded homosexuality as a mental disorder. Until this century, homosexual actions were regarded as perverted and even criminal.

Robert Stacy McCain #transphobia theothermccain.com

Every intelligent Christian in America understands that we are living in an evil and decadent age, in which the elites are morally bankrupt and our social institutions have been subverted. Your children must be taught to resist the herd mentality, or else they will be pulled down by the undertow of decadence that surrounds them. Peer pressure is dangerous, as can be seen from a review of Abigail Shrier’s new book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

Public schools now actively promote the transgender cult.

“It Takes a Village to Mutilate a Child.”

SwytheQ #conspiracy deviantart.com

Reddit regularly comes to DeviantArt and harasses us. Now they think its a good idea to fight for a government that recruits NAZIs (research Azov battalion, and their war crimes, Azov isn't the only one).

This is the same Reddit that hijacked conspiracy forums, pro Trump forums, and pushed out established members an moderators on good standing to keep their forums from the news. Reddit are the ones who banned people who caught hedge funders speculating on Gamestop.

And the funny thing is that not a damn one of their users who went are openly practice any form of OPSEC and need to be told. Leading to Russians easily locating them. Which is culling the Reddit population a bit. Thank you Russia!

Nothing in this world is what it seems. We live in a Gutenberg period, a Hegelian rise in consciousness, where technology is bringing new knowledge to us all. With that, corrupt old powers structures that need you dumb and scared are going to try and affect it for their own gain, and all of them will be exposed. Some of us prior would not even know the war happened, while some of us who are mired in the datastreams for decades know that the war was planned a long time ago.

This is more then just "Russia bad" this is the power structures of old, who need you dumb and scared, meddling for their own gain now exposed by the bear they tried to kill.

So why is Reddit, FB, twitter and big tech sites taking such an absolute choice to allow their communities to hate the Russians? Why do they regularly engage in irrational policies? Why are they drumming for a mass extinction event by pitting the west and east against each other? What are the trying to prove by it? What will the gain by it?

What will they loose by not having a war?

Well my mind's clear enough to code. Lets begin by backing up this page and turning the news off. Time to create, or at least find that stray unicode for filtering.

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I look forward to the Washington Post article complaining that young black families can’t afford to buy in black neighborhoods anymore because valuations are artificially pumped up. And then there will be an article about how black realtors are going broke because black sellers are being told there houses are worth more than the market will bear so fewer transactions are being made.

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Why does Disney force its conservative employees into the closet, where they have to live in fear, for the sake of appeasing this woke mob that wants to sexualize children? Has Disney forgotten who and what it is supposed to serve? And what about you, Mom and Dad? Do you really want to support a company that treats its religious and politically conservative employees like this — and that empowers a woke internal mob to compel it to interfere in politics to disempower parents’ control over the sexual education of their children, and to turn popular art into culture-war propaganda?

I stand with the internally silenced and persecuted Disney employees, and with the Florida legislature that is not allowing woke capitalist bullies to tell parents to sit down and shut up and hand their children’s minds over to activist teachers. I hope you will too. Trying to stop activists and woke capitalists from queering little children through the schools is a fight worth having.