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Do these two women look like they need more carbohydrates? Are they so starved for calories that their access to baked goods constitutes an emergency requiring government intervention? Alas, these two Democrats in Oregon took advantage of a law against “discrimination” that makes it mandatory for bakers to provide cakes for obese women who want to marry each other. The U.S. Supreme Court disagreed

Common courtesy once forbade the civilized person from making mention of what is called “sexuality,” and you can call me old-fashioned, but I lament how the Left’s identity-politics agenda has ruined our manners as much as (or arguably more than) it has ruined our morality. Homosexuality and transvestitism are not recent inventions, but public discussion of such behaviors was once more or less prohibited. Nowadays, everyone is expected to “come out” and publicly proclaim their carnal appetites, their fetishes and “gender” delusions, and we’re all expected to applaud them for their courage in “coming out.”

So the fact that Rachel and her younger brother are both homosexuals, and that their parents divorced when they were young, is not something we can explore from the perspective of developmental psychology. Why? Because this might hurt their feelings. This quasi-therapeutic attitude of protecting the allegedly fragile self-esteem of Victims of Society is what justifies the Compulsory Approval Doctrine. We are supposed to believe that homosexuals are delicate creatures, emotional weaklings who are just one insult away from committing suicide, and therefore everyone must constantly applaud them for their courage.

Well, excuse me for not volunteering as an LGBT cheerleader, but it so happens that I know actual gay people, and in general they don’t seem to be suffering from a deficit of self-esteem. The real-life gay people I’ve actually known were not emotional basket cases, trapped in a slough of suicidal depression; quite the contrary, in fact. Exactly how this myth of gay victimhood became part of our cultural narrative is a subject worth studying, but my point is that this whole bake-me-a-cake business and the endless witch-hunt against “homophobia” is misguided, and contrary to First Amendment freedoms.

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""James Shawlin told KUSA that he stopped by the Floor and Decor store on Friday to exchange defective materials he had purchased to build a stone fireplace.

Shawlin said that a store manager spotted him going through boxes to check the stones and “was not too happy.”

“I was a little firm with him, and I just told him, ‘Hey, you know, my husband and I spend a lot of money here. We’ve been using you guys for ten years. We have $3,000 worth of stone.’” Shawlin recalled telling manager. “And [the manager] goes, ‘oh, that explains it now. The faggot that voted for Hillary.’”

Another customer expressed support for Donald Trump after overhearing the conversation, Shawlin said.""

Maybe he should have considered discussing it with the store manager before rummaging through property that did not belong to him. These faggots act like entitled idiots and then get mad when somebody calls them out for it.

It’s no secret that same sex parenting is extremely damaging to a child’s mental health, and to pretend otherwise is a joke. Full grown adults who were raised in homosexual households have confirmed just how perverted their upbringing was. Being exposed to pornography, having parents that openly promote a promiscuous lifestyle, not being allowed to discuss natural confusion over two boys liking each other, and also being expected to hate people who are anti-gay.

It’s also no secret that there’s a major link between pedophilia and homosexuality.

(((Researches))) love to push that homosexual parents are better than straight parents, but their only evidence is that the four year olds in that environment appear to be very happy.

I’m sure any four year old is happy when they’re allowed to wear whatever they like and act retarded.

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You see, your side, not my side, thinks of rednecks and conservatives and Christians as being obsessed with a psycho-pathological phobia and hatred of gays. Your side coined an silly term for the alleged phobia because it did not exist until you invented it: homophobia.

My question to you is this: do you believe that some, even most, hetero men have a visceral and instinctive desire to beat homosexuals to death?

If so, why is it bigotry if I report that your side believes this?

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On the softer side of this sales job we have SheZow. This is new gender bending cartoon, just for kids, playing on The Hub. In SheZow, the hero guy, a manly little boy, becomes SheZow against his will. He is bummed out at first about having to dress up as a girl super hero, what with the pink boots, the skirt, and the cape. But eventually he gets into it and learns to explore his feminine side and experience personal growth. Yes, he learns the importance of getting a manicure and to leave his more macho attitudes behind. After all, men are barbaric. He discovers that he has “Super Empathy” when he is dressed as SheZow. Yes before long Guy is joyfully putting on the magic ring and shouting the magic words, “You Go Girl” to transform into SheZow.

It gets worse. At Camp You are You, a summer camp for boys with “Gender issues” boys from 3 to 14 are taught how to walk like girls, talk like girls, shave their legs, apply make up, and put on a fashion show wearing female attire. The kids are taught that they can be whatever gender and feel they are and that this is totally normal and should be accepted.

Six year old Coy Mathis is a little boy in Colorado, who thinks he is a little girl. He was born the only boy in a set of triplets. By 18 months, he decided that he wanted to dress and be treated just like his sisters. He didn’t want to be the odd man out. His patents gave in within six months and started dressing Coy as girl and referring to him as a girl. Coy was then enrolled in school as a girl. When a teacher found Coy, in fact, had a penis, she told the school and the school district made the decision that Coy would have to use the boy’s bathroom or a gender neutral staff bathroom by himself. Coy’s parents sued claiming that he, or “She” was being discriminated against and suffering harm.

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" You seem to be very narcissistic. How are you a true fan? How is your opinion any more legit than any other."

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I offer in evidence the testimony of the opposing counsel. Here is an ad hominem that attacks the questioner rather than answering the question. The idea that one should use one's own judgment to judge the strength or weakness of an argument is one never proposed in their rhetoric, only personal attacks.

In a column where I level the criticism that they hold a lack of judgment to be the sole measure of their moral goodness, a Morlock opens the portcullis of his mouth and lets escape the unreflective word that I must have some psychological malfunction, that is, being a narcissist, because I make a moral judgment. See?

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Anne and I have just left Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan where I launched an entirely new and non-confrontational strategy for protecting the marriage and the natural family: The Natural Life Movement.

As you know, I have been a soldier in the so-called culture war since the late 1980s and my response to the attack on marriage-based society has been consistent with that warfare paradigm. It was and is an accurate metaphor, because the political left been waging all-out war against Biblical family values since the Stonewall Riots of June 28, 1969 (Gay Pride Day). That’s when the LGBT movement abandoned its pursuit of “tolerance” for a new goal of “gay” supremacy. It adopted Herbert Marcuse’s Culural Marxist Strategy to end what he called “the repressive order of procreative sexuality” through “elimination…of the patriarchal and monogamic family.”

However, after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s lawless declaration of a constitutional right to “gay marriage” by judicial fiat in the Obergefell case, and Barack Obama’s eight-year transformation of the federal government into an arm of the LGBT movement, the culture war from the pro-family side looks a lot more like a military occupation. Surveying the current battlefield I see skirmishes over transgenderism that look like “mop up” by the “gays” and looming on the horizon an enormous new threat called “transhumanism.”

The “culture war” was always a war against the natural order of human sexuality, family, community and civilization which all spring from the root of “one flesh” male/female complimentarity. Now that the left has all but won that war, the transformation of all other aspects of human society and the material world around us from natural to artificial will escalate rapidly.

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Faggots always feel a need to flaunt their depravity and to force other people to be subjected to their sickening behavior.

They are incapable of keeping their perverted actions to themselves, as they are so shallow that the only thing they can think of to define themselves by is their obsession with other men’s anuses.

They like nothing better than to shock and disgust normal people and thanks to the ‘equality’ legislation that the Jews helped them to push through government, we are now forced to either watch their filth or we lose our jobs, as this unfortunate McDonald’s security guard recently found out.

"The doorman, who is employed by a third party security firm has been permanently removed from working in any McDonald’s restaurant.

This comes after Matthew Dummigan, of Leicester city centre claimed the doorman at the Market Street branch told him “no kissing allowed” when his male friend “pecked” him on the lips.

Matthew said that when he asked the doorman whether it would be acceptable if it had been a man and a woman, the doorman said “yes”."

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It is no longer news that statues of real, white American heroes are being removed from public places and images of fake, non-white non-heroes being erected. The totalitarian reconstruction of culture, including the historical past, has now become commonplace. Nevertheless, the reasons offered by those waging the cultural and racial warfare remain interesting, if only because they are now revealing what the enemies of the West think they can get away with.

In Brooklyn, New York, the culture war has escalated to a new level. First, a statue of three white firemen who raised an American flag at the site of the World Trade Center was to have been changed to reflect the racial "diversity" of those who died at the site. The original point was to commemorate the firemen who raised the flag, who were white, not the victims of the terrorist attack. The real point, of course, has nothing to do with the World Trade Center or anyone who died there. The real point is simply to erect an icon to "diversity" itself.

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I also think that two opposite sexes are needed for mating, and that marriage is a mating ritual used to establish chastity hence paternity, ergo the ritual is not merely unneeded, but actually absurd and pointless, if used to celebrate the erotic non-mating behaviors of two or more non-mates not of the opposite sex, where neither chastity is sought nor paternity is possible.

Sorry for shocking you with my bigotry. In the old days, bigotry was called logic.

One of the greatest innovations of postmodernism is the removal of all traces of logic from public discourse.

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Smith wields a particular grudge against a Danish computer type, 29-year-old Emil Kirkegaard. Kirkegaard runs the online academic journal Open Psych and has published in high-impact journals, such as Intelligence [Are Headstart gains on the g factor?, by Jan te Nijenhuis, Birthe Jongeneel-Grimen & Emil Kirkegaard, Intelligence, 2014]. Smith’s fury with Kirkegaard extends to anyone who, like his Danish nemesis, attended the London Conference on Intelligence at University College London, on which I’ve reported before, meaning that Smith has created Rational Wiki articles about most of the academics involved. The Rational Wiki page London Conference on Intelligence [accessed January 11, 2019] starts “London Conference on Intelligence were a series of controversial pseudoscientific[3] conferences held annually at University College London (UCL) from 2014-2017, attended by far-right speakers, including white supremacists and most notoriously, Emil Kirkegaard…” and gets worse from there.

Kirkegaard’s own summary of the research into Smith’s background is most enlightening.

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Get ready for some serious power levelling here; I was friends with a kid whose dad knew Terry Pratchett and, having loved his books, I used to ask for stories on him.

From what I've heard Terry would not have gone woke; the man had a very real world understanding of differences between men and women. Fuck it, you can see it in his work, there aren't many male writers that can flesh out a believable female character, but this one bloody well could.

Fucking wokies don't know shit. And Neil is just hanging on to any thread of relevance he can, pathetic old crow. Thank god the poor man died and missed this peak clownery.

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Troon Ross/Sophie Campbell and Becky Cloonan have put out some okay/decent artwork. As a colorist, troon lunatic Tamara Bonvillain and Alex De Campo are decent.

Gail hasn't written anything genuinely good. At most she has mediocre Birds of Prey/Secret Six that are over praised and barely passable.

What is so galling is that none of these 'women' are notably good at what they do. They have contemporaries, some of them women but most men, who are far better than them at art, writing, color et al. These people would have produced better work.

Gail is the prototype whisperer. She got her job by pulling the Al Sharpton shake down. Step 1, accuse a business of being bad. Step 2, let it be known you can help them with their image problem. (A problem you created). Step 3, make money off of a corporation for doing nothing but cleaning up the mess you made.

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{from 2014}

This, in fact, is what the Leftists hold to be their qualifications to make a moral judgment. Ask any of them. They will tell you repeatedly, so vehemently that one cannot get in a word edgewise, that they make no moral judgments, that making judgments is wrong, and that to make a judgment even in one's thought is wrong -- they call this bigotry, because they call everything by the word that means the opposite of what they really mean.

The people not upset about this are not fans of the show, because to be a fan means to use one's judgment to judge the show as being well crafted and the story well told. The decision was poor story telling, and that would be obvious - no matter what one's opinion about the morality or desirability or corrosive effect on society of sexual perversion.

What is the lesson here for little boys and girls watching the show? That every friend of yours, male or female, secretly craves sexual congress with you? That to be a policeman means you can neither have the magical girl nor the attractive rich girl, but you are a big loser, and they go off with each other? That family means nothing, that sex is entertainment and means nothing, that life means nothing, that ergo young women should act like bigmouthed jerks? That a woman in a leadership role is not a princess, prophetess nor priestess but is instead a pervertess?

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The movie is not even close to being in the same conversation in terms of a box office sensation as "A:IW" and "Black Panther," yet Feige has decided the post-white male world of the MCU (spoiler alert: Captain America and Iron Man are anticipated to be killed off in the upcoming "Avengers: Endgame") must based around Captain Marvel.

The MCU is going the same SJW/woke way as the Star Wars franchise, and, judging by how "Captain Marvel" did over its second weekend at the box office, the American public isn't too keen on seeing the franchise rest on her shoulders.

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There is no more important story than what’s happening in the most affluent portion of Atlanta, where the predominately white area of the city is seeking to secede to form its own city.

Why? Because of black crime and the type of life black people create in the absence of white people.

Obviously the way forward is pushing for Shelley v. Kraemer being overturned, but that would not immediately restore the United States of America to its former glory.

The simple question is this: what percentage of homicides in all of Atlanta are committed by blacks? What percentages of homicides in the Buckhead portion of Atlanta are committed by blacks?

This is the story of 2022.

The Bulkhead session movement is all about freeing white people of black criminality.

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If you want to understand how the Democrats set their strategies on any issue or objective, just ask yourself, “How would a Hollywood script-writer story-board it?”. From the Benghazi botched kidnaping plan, to the Russian Collusion and Impeachment scams, to the Covid 19 plandemic, to the Ferguson-thru-Floyd race-rioting, to the J6 “White Supremacist Insurrection” it’s pretty easy to see how events and accompanying propaganda seem to follow pre-set story-boarded narratives. In other words, the Progressives’ “tide of history” is always pro-active, not reactive.

True, the story-boards are adjusted in real time for unforseen developments but always to preserve the pre-set narratives as the highest priority, because for Progressives, the narratives are Scripture, while “reality” is just a culture-created illusion that must be conformed to “Scripture.” Thus, to the leftist elites, DNA and physiology-defined male/female gender is actually fluid and malleable, while subjective, self-perceived “sexual orientation” is fixed and immutable, grotesque ideology-based double standards in the enforcement of the law are applauded, and irrefutable documented truth about the righteousness of various police shootings of dangerous criminals who happened to be Black is simply deemed irrelevant.

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He made the best of a bad situation by framing the fast-tracking as yet another example of his genuinely superior executive skills, while in reality ALL the globalist players wanted to neutralize the legal and ethical barriers to the world's first "universal" vaccine and its promise of vast profits. They only needed President Trump not to oppose them.

That forced surrender to Big Pharma was also sweet revenge against President Trump for his interference with their domestic price-gouging policies. (Here's the most recent example of their longstanding brazen greed.) If you recall, he heroically tried to force price cuts on numerous drugs such as insulin, and had some limited success. But Big Pharma not only won that battle, they made sure he would be punished for having defied them. The all smiles "vaccine" rollout was President Trump's punishment in the same way that being forced to nominate LGBT supremacist Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court was President Ronald Reagan's punishment for having tried to put Robert Bork there (a second Scalia who would have solidified a pro-family conservative majority).

Scott Lively #conspiracy scottlively.net

Now lets fit these pieces together. Picture the Clinton/Obama/FBI/CIA/Zuckerberg/Lincoln Project war-room as November 2019 arrives. There’s one year left to derail the Trump train. The table is packed three-deep with the best strategic minds and war-gamers of the deep state, key political, Big Media and Big tech power-brokers from both parties, some Soros and Gates operatives and a few deep-cover spies from inside the Trump White House. The mood is tense, anxious. Lots of furrowed brows and nervous tics. The Russian Collusion Hoax has failed. A dozen pre-planted “whistle-blowers” and other dirty tricks have failed, one after the other. The Impeachment Scam looks like it will also fail. The economy is booming. Blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, Jews and blue-collar union members are rallying to Trump in unprecedented numbers. An historic, massive Trump landslide reelection looks more and more certain.

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Trannies are perfectly healthy and normal, and this is all normal.

Don’t worry.

A utopia is just over the rainbow.

"A paedophile has been jailed after she had cocaine-fuelled sex with an Alsatian dog."

Why isn’t she allowed to have sex with a dog?

Love is love.

She should be teaching school children.

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Mentally Ill Tranny Ruins Family Christmas, Posts Terrorist Attack on Own Family on Internet

When you create a society where people only care about themselves, this is what you are going to get.

You are going to get trannies interrupting family Christmas to pull out tranny flags and demand that their families accept that they are now trannies.

This is the part where God should destroy everything with fire from the sky.

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After having been utterly wrecked by Rand Paul Fauci tries to claim that people who want him arrested at out to kill him mentioning one lone Californian on the stand. This man has been using the crisis he funded to smear and destroy science. Hell the Darpa papers prove ivermectin and hydroqlourine work to stop the virus.


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Walking around that city, with the smoke of the night before from cars and burnt buildings still pungent in the air, I reached the great Robert E. Lee monument, completely desecrated with anti-white slogans and the acronym “ACAB.”

ACAB—"All Cops Are Bastards.”

The past was being erased in real time, because what Flaherty had called the Biggest Lie of our generation—that of black victimization—had set off a mighty conflagration of anti-white insurrection across America.

Standing at a monument to one of America’s greatest heroes, later torn down in celebration of the George Floyd Hoax, I was doing everything I could to fight back tears.

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Oh they do think you can change. All you have to do is bend the knee and completely suck up to them and their ideology. Just look at the numerous “ex alt-right/ex Anti-SJW” stories that have cropped up in recent years and the amount of praise they get and how they’re accepted almost entirely without any question to authenticity. Basically, if you suck their dick hard enough, they’ll suck yours even harder.

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By the way, as I’ve often said, there’s always a backstory in such cases. Transgenderism does not occur randomly. You will never encounter such a case that cannot be explained as a result of social influence or disturbances in the child’s family life

This child exhibited extreme emotional disturbance in the wake of her parents’ divorce and, as previously mentioned, was encouraged in her transgender identification by a school counselor. The public education system has become part of the Transgender Industrial Complex and, as this case proves, the courts are also complicit in this madness.

We’re experiencing a shortage of millstones, it would seem

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Attempting to explain gender theory to normal people is like attempting to explain a schizophrenic’s delusions to sane people. Normal men are masculine in the most common-sense understanding of that word, and normal women are feminine. Because the meanings of male/masculine and female/feminine are so obvious, from a common-sense point of view, normal people take these categories for granted.

"The notion that women form relationships with other women as a result of childhood trauma is a harmful, almost laughable, stereotype that lesbian and bisexual women continually face. It is simply untrue . . ."

Damaged, you say? How dare you imply Amy Austin is damaged?

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Not an expert on this, but infants show "racial" bias to the race of their parents, not their own race. Studies with adopted infants of different races from the parents have shown this. This is thought to be a visual familiarity effect babies associate between caregivers and those who look similar to caregivers, which makes sense as others that are close to the infant are likely to be extended family of similar ethnicity.

Even so, this doesn't prove babies are inherently racist, only that they associate visual information from those around them to possibly categorize who is family and who is not. It should also be noted that reasoning for familiarity vs novely effects in infants is a bit murky, and as far as I know researchers have a hard time determining why some studies return familiarity effects and why some show novelty effects (where infants are more interested in something new)

He then makes this grand leap to saying this is related to cops shooting different races at different rates. Again, not an expert, but doesn't the data show that white cops are less likely to shoot at black perpetrators than black cops are to shoot at black perps? He's taking an idea that isn't even correct, linking it with another idea that isn't correct, and then saying "this is the only reasonable explanation" and that it's all CRT

This was longer than I wanted to write out, but I wanted to make it clear how wrong @ryu289 is here once again.

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Previously so-called, independent thinkers kneeled before the troons, including Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, & Neil Gaiman. The little trolls whose careers she made, ran out to attend specially set up pressers, so they could burn the witch.

I can take or leave Harry Potter too, but can’t help admire JKR for not turning into some giant hypocrite or milque-toast cunt who goes along to get along. It’s particularly humorous when considering Gaiman, as he has historically peacocked what a Champion of Free Speech he is: http://archive.md/Plu1X

The TL;dR of the Gaiman blog is that he’ll stand up for porny comics, but JKR saying biology is real, is Too far.

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But, suddenly there is a small glimmer of hope thanks to a bold conservative legislator in Texas named James White. White, who happens to be black, contends that Texas state law on marriage trumps Obergefell v. Hodges, the so-called “gay marriage” ruling, which was the pinnacle of Justice Kennedy’s LGBT championing-career in 2015.

I have always contended that the Obergefell ruling is illegitimate and void because both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan performed “gay weddings” during the pendency of the case. That was the most egregious violation of judicial ethics in the history of the court, making a mockery of the bedrock principle of judicial impartiality every jurist owes to every party before the court regardless of their personal views or past rulings on similar cases.

MassResistance #homophobia massresistance.org

On March 11, 2021, the State Board of Education unveiled the new 60-page proposed K-12 “health” curriculum. It was comprehensive – and alarming.

The outrage by parents across the state was swift. One week later, NFFV released a five-page list of the obvious “red flags” in that document.


NFFV began spreading the word and meeting with parents across the state. At one NFFV workshop, parents met with Mark Bonkiewicz, the NFFV leader, to ask what they could do. Mark worked closely with them to form Protect Nebraska Children Coalition (PNCC), a group specifically focused on organizing parents on this issue.

Protect Nebraska Children Coalition gathered over 20,000 Facebook members in four short months. Together with NFFV, they became a major force in the battle!

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Second, in all the media-driven hysteria about the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill one glaring fact has been consistently omitted. The fact is that Ugandan law is typical of most African law in that it tends to be very harsh in the letter, but very lenient in the application. I doubt very much that anyone arrested under the new law (if it passes) will receive anything close to the jail terms allowed for in the bill.

Third, and most importantly, there is one easy, guaranteed method of protecting oneself from ever being subject to the Anti-Homosexuality law in Uganda: Don't Commit Sodomy! We all seem to forget, in the dense propaganda haze of American popular opinion, that homosexuality is defined by voluntary sexual acts. Homosexuals are no more compelled to commit sodomy with each other than a married man is compelled to cheat on his wife.

In my opinion, the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill is still too harsh in the letter. I would prefer something closer to the approach several American states have taken toward marijuana: criminalise it but minimise the penalty and turn a blind eye toward discrete violations. Indeed, this would be my prescription for dealing with homosexuality (and all sex outside of marriage) in the United States. This would preserve the basic freedom of choice for people who choose to inhabit various sub-cultures out of the mainstream, yet provide the larger marriage-based society with the legal power to prevent sex activists from advocating their lifestyles to children in the public schools or to flaunt their sins in "pride" parades through the city streets.

However, since I didn't write the Ugandan bill and have no power to redraft it on my own terms, and since the alternative to passing this bill is to allow the continuing, rapid, foreigner-driven homosexualisation of Ugandan culture, I am giving the revised Anti-Homosexuality Bill my support.

Robert Stacy McCain #transphobia theothermccain.com

Remember: @papierhache jumped into my timeline in response to incitement by a troll trying to stir up trouble because I’d used the common slang “shemale” in promoting a post about conflicts between transgender activists and radical lesbian feminists. And after sending me multiple messages condemning me as a terrible hater — because slang is the New Fascism — @papierhache evidently thought she would evade further criticism for her moralistic posturing.

Scott Lively #homophobia scottlively.net

According to the third century Christian monks called the Desert Fathers, “pride” topped the list of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. However, the Bible itself identifies homosexuality as the most deadly, giving it the special designation “toeva” (abomination) in the Leviticus 18 list of worst-possible sins which cause the land itself to “vomit out” its inhabitants, and making clear that widespread homosexuality was the cause of the incineration of Sodom and Gomorrah (Jude 1:7, referencing Genesis 19). That incident, unique in Biblical history, expressly linked male homosexual sodomy (and that sin alone) with the last-days destruction of the world by God.

So what should faithful Christians and Jews think of “Gay Pride,” the international month-long celebration of homosexual sodomy that occurs every June, drawing support from numerous governments around the world?

ares12 #sexist deviantart.com

Once upon a time, G4 used to be loaded with hot hostesses, yet once you look past their sexual appeal you get that these hostesses were actual Geeky women who knew their stuff and loved their jobs.

Now, we can't have nice things like in the gold old days of G4 anymore because, in an SJW's mind, there's no line between sexual harassment and flirty compliments.

I get that a level of professionalism is part and parcel within any industry, to which I agree, but if being a Geek in the current cultural sphere now requires having a stick up your ass and having a masochistic attitude because of my white skin-color, then call me a Nazi. I'd rather much reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Cambion-Hunter #dunning-kruger #fundie deviantart.com

What brought this on is that during the recent Colleyville, Texas synagogue hostage situation where Islamic terrorist Malik Faisal Akram held down a Reform Temple synagogue, which thankfully was overcome with all the hostages safely recued, The F.B.I. pushed a major false narrative that they “did not know the terrorist’s motive” all in an attempt to COVER UP ISLAMIC ANTISEMITISM ROOTED IN ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS TEXTS:

Federale #racist vdare.com

Despite the demonstrations and interference by kritarchs, a partial Muslim ban was put into effect. What was more important was that those charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists were allowed to do their job; identify, arrest, and deport arriving BIPOC terrorists. The agency charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) charged with actually protecting our borders and making decisions as to the admissibility of aliens at Ports-of-Entry (POE) upon their arrival into the United States. These inspections are executed by Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) assigned to the Office of Field Operations.

Paul Kersey #racist vdare.com

This era is going to end.

Those who enabled the blackout on who is primarily responsible for violent crime and who is committing the bulk of it across what was once the United States of America will be punished.

Because one day, white privilege will be restored. The original aim of the Founding Fathers of our great nation will be reconstituted, and those who fret about implicit bias and systemic inequality will see its reinstitution.

That’s the reality of what our enemies fear: those of us alive remembering what our ancestors knew and what they tried to prevent for their posterity.

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You’ll excuse my confusion, but amidst the hyperventilating screeches — GLAAD claiming that Phil Robertson was pushing “vile and extreme stereotypes” — maybe I missed what it was the Duck Dynasty patriarch actually said that was wrong.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would
be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me.”

Is it a “vile and extreme stereotype” to say that gay men engage in anal sex with each other? Or is it in some way objectionable for heterosexuals to say that they prefer the opposite sex? Why is this offensive? To whom is it offensive and why?

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Neumman/“Sagal” was a 30-ish videogame developer, originally from Illinois, whose mental illness was manifested in serious antisocial behavior. At some point, it seems, Neumman/“Sagal” ran a failed startup that left employees unpaid and wrecked Neumman’s/“Sagal’s” credit rating. In 2013, Neumman/“Sagal” launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding scam. Claiming that a near-fatal auto accident had left toxic metal embedded in his/“her” body, resulting in chronic pain, Neumman/“Sagal” said he/“she” needed $30,000 for a “life saving surgery.” But there was no accident and no toxic metal; Neumman/“Sagal” used the money for sex-change surgery.

A videogame industry journalist named Allistair Pinsof discovered the deception, but Neumman/“Sagal” threatened to commit suicide if he reported the story. Pinsof consulted with his editors, who were hesitant to go with the story, and Pinsof ultimately decided to go public with the truth on his own social-media account. Pinsof was fired and blacklisted by the videogame journalism industry, accused of wrongfully “outing” a transgender person, for reporting the truth about someone perpetrating online fraud. This was one of the scandals that preceded the #GamerGate controversy, involving so-called “social justice warriors” (SJWs) colluding with journalists to distort coverage of the videogame industry.

Good luck finding a straightforward account of who Neumman/“Sagal” actually was, and what he/“she” actually did, in any mainstream news venue. This was the point of #GamerGate after all — videogame journalism had become so corrupted by its devotion to “social justice” issues that it was impossible to get the truth from them.

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In the movie Hidden Figures Americans are being brainwashed with the Fake History that we couldn’t have made it to the moon without sassy black women doing the math. Paul Kersey has already pointed out that the flight path trajectory was actually developed by a white Southerner, Dr. Jack Crenshaw. But there’s an even more Politically Incorrect truth: we couldn’t have done it without Germans—specifically, Nazi rocket scientists. For that matter, we probably couldn’t have launched the Star Wars anti-missile program and won the Cold War

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EXCEPT for one major change, they decided to go the way of ESPN (E.S.P.N. DESTROYS ITSELF) and tried way too fucking hard to rely on personalities over actual substantial content and even worse, made their whole network goddamn POLITICIZED and to top it off they DEMONIZED their audience for who they are and what their positions on gaming were, alienating a lot of their core audience.

The cherry on top of this shit sundae is is the hosts, especially Adam Sessler, had a meltdown on social media at the criticism they received which culminated in mass-blocking/censorship and even wishing DEATH on critical dissidents.

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Guess what? You can’t blame Donald Trump for this. You can’t claim that the “patriarchy” is encouraging teenage girls to amputate their breasts and identify as pansexual nonbinary genderqueers. Feminists who have become concerned about the transgender cult must admit that their existing political theories have failed to account for the psychological influences affecting this generation of young people. Nor have most adults considered how technology — particularly the advent of social media — has given rise to toxic online environments where young people can indulge harmful fantasies and be encouraged in doing so by their peers. Politically correct beliefs about “diversity” and “tolerance,” and fear of being accused of “sexism” or “homophobia,” have had the effect of depriving us of a vocabulary of moral judgment. Young people cannot discern between good and evil if adults are afraid of speaking clearly about these subjects. Many young people are drifting into self-destructive insanity because the voices of reason are silenced or discredited by attacks from the transgender cult, which receives millions of dollars in funding from “philanthropists” like George Soros.

Trying to suggest solutions to tragic cases like Maddy’s is a difficult project, because such people have suffered so much psychological damage that the prognosis for recovery is doubtful. In terms of prevention, however, other young people might be protected if they were clearly warned about the dangers of peer pressure and cult mentalities. Whether you’re talking about transgenderism, heroin addiction, or Scientology, the fact is that adolescents are vulnerable to peer influence, and lack the life experience necessary to discern between harmful and beneficial influences. Young people confronted with a choice between good and evil will often choose evil, if it is presented to them as glamorous and exciting, or as a rebellion against parental authority.

No child is entirely safe from the forces of evil, and it is a dangerous delusion to suppose the apparently happy teenagers you know could not become a victim of these forces. They must be warned.

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Why are girls more vulnerable to “social contagions”? Without any professional credentials in psychology, I can only offer speculative suggestions, but isn’t it possible that this vulnerability to social influences is hard-wired into female neurology by the same hereditary process that hard-wires men for risk-taking and aggression? One does not need a Ph.D. in evolutionary psychology, however, to notice male-female differences. My experience of parenthood, as the father of six children now ranging in age from 16 to 29, qualifies me to make some general suggestions in this matter based on direct observation.

What accounts for the deranged mentality of so many teenage girls in 21st-century America? Why has Third Wave gender theory driven so many young women insane? Isn’t it a fact that, by destroying social norms of sexual behavior — including our traditional understanding of male-female differences — contemporary feminism has thrust these vulnerable teenagers into a world where there are no common-sense rules to guide them toward responsible adulthood? All teenagers are prone to chafe against the constraints imposed on them by parental expectations, but what happens to girls when parental authority is absent or undermined by social and political forces which communicate to impressionable youth that Mom and Dad are hateful bigots for expecting their girls to be girls? The transgender cult now insists that parents who don’t cooperate with their agenda are guilty of child abuse.

We might identify many factors (e.g., the omnipresence of social media) as implicated in the emergence of rapid onset gender dysphoria as a phenomenon among teenage girls, we cannot deny the role played by proponents of Third Wave feminist theory who have lent an aura of intellectual respectability to the subversion of identity and the attack on the gender binary. An ideology that insists there are no rules when it comes to sexual behavior, which celebrates abnormality while stigmatizing “heteronormativity” as oppressive to women — i.e., the ideas promoted by Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble — will predictably produce confusion once this belief system escapes from an academic context to run rampaging through popular culture, like Godzilla stomping Tokyo.

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Here’s the basic thing to understand: there is one kind of sex that is normal, and that is a penis going in a vagina for the purpose of reproduction. If you have a sexual attraction to a child, it is no different than sexual attraction to another man, because it is non-reproductive sex. This is called “paraphilia.”

All of the following are defined as “paraphilia”:

Attraction to the same sex
Attraction to pre-pubescent children
Attraction to animals
Attraction to old women

“Consent” is a spook. No one can explain what it is. It is in theory “agreeing to something,” but then there are all of these ifs and ands.

Mentally ill people can’t “give consent.” This is accepted within consent theory. So, if you say a homosexual is mentally ill – which he obviously is – then how can he consent to sodomy? Homosexuality is obviously a mental illness, as it harms your body. These people get all kinds of diseases, which we know of, but do you know they have to wear buttplugs all the time because they lose control of their bowels? This is choosing to inflict harm on yourself and others in a pathological way, meaning it is the textbook definition of “mental illness.”

I have argued cogently that a woman should never be able to consent to anything, not simply because their decisions are so bad, but because they are psychologically incapable of accepting personal responsibility for their bad decisions. Remember that mother who killed her son recently? She blamed it on her boyfriend. Watch Hillary Clinton talk about the Benghazi scandal, or losing the election for that matter. All she does is go through a list of other people whose fault it was. Now think for a second: have you ever witnessed a woman, ever in your entire life, take personal responsibility for a bad decision they made? I’m talking about in your personal life. Just think about it for a few minutes, go through every horrible thing you’ve ever seen a woman do, and ask if you’ve ever seen one then say “this is my fault and I was wrong.”

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Whereas marriage and family have been protected in human rights law from antiquity, including the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi in 1789 BC, the Jewish Torah in approximately 1400 BC, the Christian Bible in approximately 60 AD, and the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights in 1948, and

Whereas human rights in Western nations have been rooted in theories of natural law, from the writings of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, to the Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas, to the American Founding Fathers’ Declaration of Independence, and

Whereas natural law recognizes a natural order in sexual and family matters, and

Whereas the natural law presuppositions of human rights were reaffirmed in the Nurnberg Trials of 1945, providing the moral authority for the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and

Whereas none of the of the foundational human rights documents from the dawn of time until recent years have granted human rights based on homosexuality, but in several cases have expressly condemned such conduct,

Therefore, relying upon more than 4000 years of legal precedent and the moral and religious principles we share with the vast majority of the citizens of the world,

We Declare that the human rights of religious and moral people to protect family values is far superior to any claimed human right of those who practice homosexuality and other sexual deviance, and

We Call for the European Union and the international community to immediately abandon any campaign to create a human right for homosexual conduct, and to restore religious freedom and family values to their proper superior status.

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Have I mentioned this before? The endgame of all the radical secular left activists is really only about one thing: the complete eradication and abolition of Christianity. That is their ultimate and major focus. They hate God and his people, and they know that only the complete destruction of the Christian church will allow them the complete freedom to carry out their nefarious agenda.

Of course if they came out and said all this in so many words, they might get a bit of pushback. So as with all activists, they resort to euphemisms and they change the language. They know full well that societal change must be preceded by verbal change. Change the terminology and you can change the culture.

So they speak about their agenda items in terms of ‘diversity’ and ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’. All that sounds pretty good – who would be opposed to those things? And of course anyone opposed to their militant mission is a bigot and intolerant and a hater.

Christians are the main haters in their view, and that means, among other things, that the Bible is full of hate speech. And now the activists have made it clear that even prayer is hateful! I kid you not. Consider what the pink mafia are up to in this regard in the UK

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And the pejorative term “conversion” is a lot of baloney anyway. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. We are simply saying that if a person is pleading for help and counsel on unwanted same-sex attractions, he or she should be able to get it, and not be robbed of that choice.

But our tyrannical governments are now so utterly in bed with the militant activists, that they have declared war on freedom, and war on those offering much-needed and much-wanted help. People who want to “convert” from one sex to another (something that is physically impossible) are fully supported and assisted by governments, but those who want freedom in other areas are denied it.

The rainbow and trans fascists have already won. Governments are now doing their every bidding. This is the end of choice. This is the end of freedom. This is the end of tolerance. This is the end of diversity. Now the coercive state demands complete uniformity and conformity. All those who dare to resist WILL be punished.

Yet the activists and the rainbow State are fully in favour of conversion anyway. They want to convert everyone to their radical secular left worldview and ideology. They are seeking to convert ordinary citizens all the time. Everyone is in the conversion game.

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Arthur: But that’s what drag queens do. Drag entertainment is heavily connected to alcohol and drug use. They engage in sexually explicit acts – that’s the whole point of “drag.” Why are those people presenting to kids?

Arthur: Would you allow your children to be around drag queens?

Library Director: Yes.

Arthur: You’re pushing an agenda here on kids to engage in behaviors that are harmful to them. You do realize that?

Library Director: I’m not sure I agree with that. But I appreciate that’s how you feel. So thank you for sharing.

Arthur: You are the Library Director, and are allowing a Drag Queen, a sexually explicit entertainer, pushing this perversion on children.

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According to sources, the worldwide movement currently careening down a slippery slope toward unspeakable depravity is forcefully denying such a slippery slope even exists.

A handful of closed-minded Christians have tried to suggest that demolishing the bedrocks of Western civilization to create a new moral code from scratch may lead to some bad things.

“C’mon bro-- that’s a slippery slope fallacy,” said part-time online philosophy expert Travis Goobleton. “Any suggestion that one bad thing might lead to a worse bad thing should be absolutely rejected-- woah! Cool! A 12-year-old drag queen!”

According to some, wisdom suggests there is such a thing called as a “slippery slope.” Unfortunately, wisdom has been renamed “common sense,” which is a source of knowledge widely rejected as unreliable and lame by most sociologists.

Reason and world history also suggest there may be something to the “slippery slope” idea, but those things have also been rejected as a tool of white supremacy.

Biblical revelation contains several documented cases of cultures traveling down “slippery slopes” as well. Unfortunately, experts have determined the Bible to be an ancient book of myths that is of absolutely no use to modern people.

“Seriously, we’re gonna be fine. Humanity is evolving. You culture-warriors need to give it a rest,” said Goobleton. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my 7-year-old boy to his drag show.”

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"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to wreck America's election integrity."

Yes, my friends, it's time to change the (in)famous phrase at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Open borders are not just a recipe for replacing native-born workers with cheap foreign labor and trading assimilation for multicultural militancy. They're about undermining the historic nation through devalued citizenship and sabotage of the precious right to vote.

Over the weekend, New York City's Democrat mayor Eric Adams threw his support to a City Council-approved measure to allow an estimated 800,000 local noncitizens to participate in local elections. The newly minted voters would include green-card holders, temporary visa holders, including H-1B workers mostly from China and India, F-1/Optional Practical Training foreign university students with employment authorization, and potentially unknown masses of illegal alien so-called Dreamers.

These new voters will be granted enormous influence over vital local matters pertaining to everything from education to taxes to crime and only need to show they've been in the city for a measly 30 days. It doesn't matter that these noncitizens will largely have no attachment at all to America as their permanent home but instead see it as a temporary rest stop, a cash cow, or, at worst, hostile territory.

Adams proclaimed in a statement that while he had "some concerns" about the bill, he now believes "allowing the legislation to be enacted is by far the best choice, and look forward to bringing millions more into the democratic process."

"Democratic process," of course, is a euphemism for "Democrat Party."