Various Incels #sexist #psycho

RE: [LifeFuel] Manlet fights back against tall Stacies


based manlet. Also I'm sure they wouldnt have started shit with him if he was 6ft+ tallfag, but thats the kind of shit you have to put up with if you're a manlet.

Exactly. He should have beaten them more for disrepecting him.

It's 1v3, they are taller and they can't. Pathetic.

Hahaha I bet she felt less feminine being taller so she got angry

I would've punched at least one of them. He was way too soft

Who even taught them they can fight with a man. But when you let them have their way they suddenly turn to cops.

And then feminism claim men are afraid of strong woman, there is no such thing as strong woman.

JFL at wymyn thinking they can take on a man in combat just because he's shorter than them



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