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RE: McMaster University Holds Its First Ever Black Graduation Celebration

Black-only graduations come to Canada.

(Bobby E)
'When walking through the halls and grounds and classrooms at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ashley Assam says, “just by being on campus, you don’t see a lot of Black people.”'

Then why doesn't she go to a university in Africa? Lots of black people and no whites to oppress her. These people demand too much and give them an inch and they want million miles.

They have far more opportunities and are treated FAR better than a White person would in an otherwise all black college and they know it.

That's not necessarily true.

Um, who is safer: a black in a White neighborhood/school or the other way around? Think about it.


“The whole day was about celebrating and centering Blackness,” Ogunkoya said.

In other words there will be plenty of gunfire.

(Darien X)
If they only had the gumption to leave all white cities and neighborhoods and live only with their own, they could really put their money where there mouth is.
Africa would be the best destination.

Full racial separation is the answer, but notice that it is Blacks who get to do it and no one complains and, in fact, may praise them Had Whites demands a complete White graduation the you know who would be screaming from the roof tops and then we'd see and hear far too many Whites apologizing for being White. Wake up Whitey! Geez.

Where do these idiots think they are at? This is Canada, not Africa or even a city like Atlanta. Not a lot of blacks there.
Why in the world would they even want to attend a predominantly white university if whites make them feel uncomfortable?

Well, maybe the blacks hollered themselves hoarse during the black ceremony and didn't disrupt the REAL graduation ceremony. Nothing like seeing a 300 pound black woman in yoga pants jumping up and down screaming "Dat's muh baybeeee" at the top of her lungs for five minutes while her offspring mugs for the camera when receiving a diploma.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Many Whites disrupt as well, although not to the extreme as the blacks. Indeed, the stupids have taken over...



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