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Fathers are our society's true heroes, yet the liberals belittle men and portray fathers in television programs and commercials as being stupid, incompetent and destructive (e.g., Family Guy and The Simpsons). Fathers don't receive enough due praise from their wives, children or from society itself. Children often raise their voice at fathers in primetime TV programs. Children are seen sassing dad, calling him an idiot, slamming the door in his face while he is talking. During this blatant disrespect for fathers and husbands, the sound of an audience laughing is heard in the background. Television viewers hear people laughing while a father has a door slammed in his face, or is rebuked by a little sarcastic brat. If this happened in real life, a good parent would take off their belt and lovingly beat some fear into that child. I'm not talking about child abuse. I don't approve of any kind of abuse. I believe God put that padded area in the back of every human being for a reason, and that reason is for spankings! Proper spankings never hurt any child!!!



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