Jean Valjean quoting Esther Vilar #sexist

["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]


Esther VILAR got some good ones from The Manipulated Man but I can't find them

Here they are:

A man must be able to protect me. = A man must be able to spare me from all forms of discomfort. (What else could he protect her from? Robbers? An atom bomb?)

I need a man to make me feel secure = Above all, he must keep his money worries to himself.

I must be able to look up to a man = To be a possible candidate as a husband, he must be more intelligent, responsible, courageous, industrious and stronger than I am. Otherwise, what purpose would he serve?

Of course I would give up my career if my husband asked me. = Once he is earning enough money, I am never going to work again.

The only thing I want in life is to make him happy = I will do everything in my power to stop him from knowing how much I exploit him.

I will never bother him with trivial problems. = I'll do anything rather than keep him away from his work.

I am there for him alone. = No other man has to work for me.

In future I shall devote my life to my family. = I'm not going to lift another finger for the rest of my life. It's his turn now.

I don't believe in Women's Liberation. = I'm not such a fool. I'd rather let a man do the work for me.

After all, we are living in an age of equality. = If he thinks he can order me about, just because he earns money for me, he is sorely mistaken.

I'm so bad at doing things like that. = That's a job he will have to do. What's he there for, anyway?

He knows absolutely everything. = He even serves the function of an encyclopedia.

If a couple really love each other, there is no need to get married at once. = He is being a bit obstinate, but I'll soon get him around in bed.

I love him. = He is an excellent workhorse.



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