ShySaxon #sexist

[Blackpill] Women aren’t interesting and should shut the fuck up

Take a step back and ponder your experiences with women from school to the workplace: has a woman ever said anything interesting to you? Probably not. Women are so full of shit that it’s a wonder that their breath doesn’t smell like literal refuse. Most women will talk about things like shitty TV shows and boring ass movies, or what they did on the weekend with their Stacy whore friends or, more obviously, what their sexual experiences have been like. They talk and they talk yet they never seem to say anything of substance, ever. Sometimes they try to, like roasties interested in politics and other more “serious” subjects will, but they still talk horseshit all the same.

Every time a cumbreath foid tries to talk to me, I should break their fucking nose in GTA 5. Fucking nuisances. Keep your opinions to yourselves you foid cunts. Nobody cares where you went on holiday. We know you went to go suck foreign cock. Nobody cares about your weekend shopping spree. Just shut the fuck up.



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