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Pink Pill liberated me.

I used to see everyone, men included, from a positive lens. I'd assume that since they are people, then they have compassion, are understanding, and are looking for the same things in life. I was obviously wrong. And it's not that I don't see them as people anymore, it's just that automatically they don't register as characters in my life. I've noticed that by default I assume they aren't good people, they have hidden motives (but not so hidden, you know? It's obvious what their priorities are), they watch porn regularly, they're misogynistic, they're overly confident, etc. The few good ones surprise me. But mostly I am proven right and it has been such a game changer.

I choose not to date. In fact, I don't understand why any straight woman actively does. Why 'sell' yourself off knowingly to men? Why offer yourself to them? Online dating is an extreme manifestation of this: women accepting that they're the product and putting themselves "on the market" for men to practically masturbate to and attempt to use and abuse. It baffles me. Most men are such genuine trash that it makes no rational sense to put yourself out there asking for repugnant, abundant, and low value dick. Relationships are important to our wellbeing, in the general sense. But romantic relationships are almost entirely fictitious. A product of fairly tale movies that paint men as beings who are capable of love. It is a lie.

I like the positivity of FDS and the realism of Pink Pill. FDS is more 'attractive' than Pink Pill because there's an air of energy and positivity associated with it, but it comes from not fully giving up on men. Which is bad. Pink Pill on the other hand is realistic and sees men exactly for who they are, but is a little fatalistic. I don't just mean men, but overall. The truth is that while men are awful, this has liberated me instead of made me "accept" my oppression. The truth is so powerful that the prevailing beliefs about women affect my self image very little now. Simply, it doesn't matter what men think. They're wrong. Laughably wrong.



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