Jim Deferio #fundie onenewsnow.com

[Bono expressed his approval of the result of the Irish referendum on same sex marriage]

Bono is fond of using the f-word in public and he is a great admirer of race hustler Al Sharpton. There is news video footage proving this.
Besides this, he and his band mates are not "original" in any sense of the word in their music. I'm almost 65 years old and I have heard a tremendous amount of music over the years. I think they music-mine from the 1960's including from the Pebbles and Nuggets collections. Not plagiarism per se but close to it.

MANY people profess to be Christians who are not. Bono is obviously not saved. Jesus said that by their fruits you would know them (Matthew 7:16 & 20). Bono has rotten fruit regardless of his lip-service that he gives to God. God wants HEART SERVICE - truth in the inward parts.



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