Andrew S #magick

When I first started taking magick seriously I created a protective servitor that lived in a statue on my alter. He had a passive form and a battle form. His battle form was designed to grab, constrict, and consume negative energies and beings. After consuming them they would be converted into neutral energy and released back to source. I released him after I learned how to protect myself better, but I still think of him fondly from time to time. He was a truly loyal and good friend.

"I was wondering if good fiction writers, in the process of the character creation also produce something similar? Maybe this is why some fictional characters seem to start life of their own?"

I remember hearing somewhere about authors having trouble keeping prolific characters in the rails of their story and the character often taking over the story for themselves and the author pretty much just falling along, look into Robert e Howard’s relationship with his character “conan”, apparently conan would just show up in his room , smash shit, and demand that he writes more badass stories about him



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