Sleepcel & Bible_and_a_Gun #sexist

Re: Someone's not getting a chad dick and about to hit wall. Femcel can expect one more subscriber in few months.



Get mogged foid, we experience it every day

She looks like a tranny tbh jfl

agreed. fatgirl depressed from some unhappy tranny larp on instagram

Imagine being mogged by a tranny LMAO


Exactly how we feel about chads. But of course the same girl would look at us as subhuman.

little bit off there, buddy.

you see all of the things she is complaining about are things she could and should work on. maintaining a good figure? keeping a clean, organized home? learning to bake? these are all tasks that require a bit of effort, but that's pretty much it for 99% of girls/women.

in other words: the foid in the comments is complaining that this expenditure of effort is unattainable.

that is very different than the common complaint incels have about Chads. the complaints incels point to are facial symmetry, bone-structure, height, skin color, athletic ability... all of these are genetic. no amount of effort will change them. even if you suggested surgery as a "way of changing them" that is still much, much more expensive and much more high-risk (cutting into your body) than learning how to bake a cake and use a mop.

the incel is complaining that the things no amount of effort can change are unattainable.

hopefully you see the very, very important difference here. to the foid in the comment, she is implying that putting in effort is impossible, whereas the incel is saying that magically growing 8 inches is impossible.



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