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Older women shaming men for dating and sleeping with younger women out of jealousy and labeling it as “predatory” is extremely hypocritical and inaccurate, most men go after younger women because women age faster and younger women are far more attractive, not because they’re easier to manipulate

In light of a recent exchange on here in another thread I thought it was necessary to address this giant double standard we are seeing more and more of. Older women, from 50 all the way down to their late 20s are widely condemning men who date and hook up with women 5+ years their junior as manipulative predators who are deliberately targeting younger 18-22 year old women because they are young and impressionable, “grooming” them for sex. Furthermore, it’s a misuse of the term to begin with when both parties are of legal age unless there is some power dynamic, ie coach/boss.

Ignoring the obvious misandry and jealousy dripping from this bullshit narrative, most men who aren’t desperate do not want to sleep with women who are not attracted to them. I know I don’t, I can only assume other men who are above average looking aren’t really interested in a pity fuck or scamming women into sex.

If you peel back the thin veneer it is pretty clear the women pushing this story are simply bitter and jealous that men are choosing to go for younger more attractive women over them. Rather than acknowledge the big elephant in the room - that women age faster than men, they would prefer to create this vindictive and sordid shaming campaign which if true would make all men on earth sexual deviants for simply being attracted to women in their prime. You can’t make this stuff up.

Sorry, but a 22-25 year old “college student” is significantly more attractive than a 29-30 year old woman. Like it of not, women age exponentially faster than men pretty much across the board. This is likely in part because they mature at a younger age, but I think as a whole their sex appeal is just much more delicate and fleeting.

Older women attempting to deflect from this and shame men for being “predatory” by going after women they find hotter is just sort of sad and obvious jealousy. 22 year olds don’t need to be manipulated into fucking 30 year old dudes if the attraction is there, it just happens.



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