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[Further adventures of the racist porn blogger. Source is, once again, NSFW.]
[About Chairman Mao offering women to the US]

Damn. There is so much lovely, hilarious shit going on here I don’t know where to begin.
My favorite thing is definitely the way Mao phrased it, “We have too many women.” A country completely filled with beautiful, submissive Asian women, and the guy in charge just thinks “Boy, we have way too many of these! What are we going to do with all of them?” Is there any better evidence for how sexless Asian males are? They’re taking up too much space, we should replace them all with more calculators and assembly lines and monuments to glorious Communism! A whole country full of dickless males, unable to imagine any fun ways to pass the time involving millions of Chinese women.
That got me thinking about the way he treats women as a resource, as if they’re just something growing out of the ground that they have too much of: “China is a poor country, but we have an excess of women!” Objectifying women is, of course, fine. It just reminded me of something I saw (maybe on @justgookythings, come to think of it) about how blacks emerged on a continent covered in precious resources, wood, metal, gems, oil, and did absolutely nothing with it. The white man conquered Africa to get its un-utilized resources. But Asia produced resources of a different nature: feminine resources, pliant women and curious inventions. The Chinese invented gunpowder and used it to make pretty fireworks, and the compass and never sailed out to new lands, and bred beautiful women and couldn’t fuck them. If the African story is one of wasted natural goods, the Asian one is a story of wasted human ones.
In comes the White man and takes both. We needed to conquer Africa to extract its minerals, but Asians are smarter, and were able to give up their human capital without much of a fight. That’s the history of Asia in a nutshell: a dickless Asian guy is ignoring his bored, sexually frustrated wife to invent some useless toy. A white man arrives, gets him hooked on opium, steals his invention, uses it to conquer his country, and fucks his wife for good measure.
The whole world is made for white men. Our cocks fit perfectly into Asian pussies, and our feet fit perfectly on inferior necks, and the world fits snugly into our grasp.
Of course, this all happened long ago. No Asian man today is willingly surrendering his women to white men… now if you’ll excuse me, I’m facefucking a Chinese exchange student tonight



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