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GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted yesterday: “Republican women were responsible for defeating 10 of the 13 House Democrat incumbents. The Republican Party is in an even stronger position for the future!” That’s a lie. They need to get rid of Ronna McDaniel. She’s a liar. They have weakened the party by putting all of these women in charge. The strength is not in the women; it’s in the men.

Those who return to the Father: the Republican Party is going downhill fast, because they are emulating the Democratic Party. They’re not doing what’s best and what’s right, they’re trying to prove something to the Democrats. The Democrats get a bunch of women, the Republicans gotta get a bunch of women. Fall into Hell, following Satan right into Hell. You’re gonna live to regret this, Ronna...Ronna McDaniel is not the one that should be running the Democratic Party, or whatever she’s doing. Chairwoman...this woman’s blind and crazy.