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Greg #fundie bigwowo.com

Yes, I’d agree with you that racism against Asians – not to mention blacks and latinos – is of a much worse kind than what whites experience in Asia. No question about that.

My purpose here is not to compare who has it worse – Asians clearly do, I won’t contest that. I’m simply trying to shed some light on this based on my own experiences.

Whites experience a subtle kind of racism that over time can add up. There’s a a certain percentage of Asians who are uncomfortable around whites and clearly exude negative vibes, there’s a fair amount of passive aggressive behavior – more than you’d imagine, if you haven’t experienced it – and there’s a certain amount of subtle behavior intended to degrade.

Have you read Jared Taylor’s book on Japan? He is quite candid that the subtle but grating racism he experienced in Japan informs his own desire for ethnic segregation in the US.

There’s also the whole “white guys get the ugly girls meme” – which is absolutely true, at least in Asia, as I’m sure you know. Every time I would go out literally the ugliest Asian girls would throw themselves at me, and you’d see way uglier Asian guys with way hotter girls. It hardly makes you feel like you’re high on the totem pole. I’m not in the least complaining about that – I completely understand and support why its that way and think its a sign of a healthy culture, and I also get that Asians have it way worse in white countries. Don’t get me wrong.

But after a while, all this stuff begins to rub you the wrong way and you begin to think you might be better off among people who look like you.

In the end, living as a white person in Asia can be confusing and disorienting, and as the bloom begins to fade, it can be emotionally challenging. To add to this, the positive aspects of Asian society can be powerfully appealing to people from chaotic and culturally disintegrating countries, and its natural to admire this and want to reproduce this among your own people.

So again – NOT trying to suggest whites have it worse or compare the racism experiences of whites vs Asians. The stuff I mentioned may seem trivial to you, but over time it becomes psychologically significant.

I am just trying to describe what I think is the mechanism of radicalization for whites living in Asia.

Interesting blog, otherwise.

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Greg #fundie bigwowo.com

"Asia has a way of radicalizing white people who live there for any length of time, and i believe it does so in two ways.

1) Contrary to what you are saying, whites are exposed to a lot of racism in Asia. At the same time, they are also give far more positive attention then they would be back home. This creates an unbalanced inferiority/superiority complex. But the racism directed at whites in Asia – which is “soft”, but pervasive and widespread – should not be underestimated as a factor in the radicalization of whites who have lived in Asia. For the first time, whites begin to see, even if in subtle ways, what being a minority really means.

2) Secondly, whites who live in Asia get to see first hand what it means to live in a mono-cultural society that retains traditional virtues and positive social attitudes long vanished from multi-cultural white societies – and they love it, and it evokes in them nostalgia for 1950s America.

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Kyrie #fundie bigwowo.com

If you know anything about science, you would know the evolution theory by Darwin. Many species have gone extinct because they don’t have the desirable traits to have offsprings. Well, asian men don’t have the desirable traits that women of all races want. It sucks to be you but asian men are going extinct because they were just born undesirable. They might have kids for a generation or two, but with undesirable women ( the ones no one wants to sleep with like fat, old, addicts, etc), making their kids even more undesirable, after a few generations, asian men become so undesirable even the filthy rich asian men can’t pay women to have their kids.

It’s just nature doing its work guys. No need to bitch about your fate. Even the most advance asian countries like Japan treat whites better than yellows, and Japan was never colonized so don’t blame colonialism. It’s just human instinct to prefer what is better. Many species have gone and asian men are next. You will or will not be missed.

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Mia #fundie bigwowo.com

[AA being affirmative action]
Every single Asian I’ve met who supported AA is either not East Asian or did so out of resentment for whites, however well they try to mask it. These people support AA because their views are centered around whites. White people oppose AA, so I should support it.

Whether or not that’s morally justified is irrelevant, unless one considers equality a virtue. Which I don’t. To believe that people are equals is the whitest thing of all, ironically. My purpose is to elevate my race above others, not to be merely “equals” with non-Asians. AA is in the way of that goal.

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Kobukson #fundie bigwowo.com

I think I’ve mentioned it before but you all need to realize that the Asian American IR disparity problem is really a subset of a much more broader issue in American society. Feelings of emasculation is not unique to Asian American males but also white and black guys also. Also there is something about American culture, or perhaps Western culture, that transforms women into entitled bitches and men into emasculated, disempowered beta chumps. “Gender Wars” are hardly unique or limited to any one race. Ours just happens to be a special case.

American society is a fucked up place when it comes to social relations. This is the home of feminazis, fake diversity, political correctness, and the obesity epidemic. Race relations was never really resolved, no matter how much liberal propaganda horseshit would have you think otherwise. This is a land of the supposedly brave and free that manages to stigmatize and ridicule every different group of people who come to its shores. America is a lazy and fat consumerist society that worships the rat race, is highly anti-intellectual, low on independent critical thinking, high on brainwashing and mesmerization by the corporatized mass media hologram. It was in this toxic cesspool that the IR disparity thing became spawned. Don’t feel too bad.

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Chr #fundie bigwowo.com

Materialism is the poisoned wine poured in the golden goblet that the Chinese are drinking. If Westerners are smart, they will be flooding the Chinese market with superficial luxury brands, which they are now doing effectively to entice the Chinese middle class into frivolous consumption. Expect Chinese rack up on debt and encourage more female hypergamy.

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Kobukson #fundie bigwowo.com

Here’s a word to the wise..The natural order of things is that men are supposed to be in a dominant state over women. If you upset this order, it causes misery…for both men and women.

Here’s what feminism doesn’t tell you. Female hypergamy doesn’t disappear simply because society has decided male and female are “equal”. And what is hypergamy? For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, ignore it at yout own peril! It is the primal female desire for a male mate who is taller, stronger, and generally superior to her in many respects, including earning ability. So let us pause and think about this for a moment….females have this preordained biological preference for gender immutable inequality. Yet society blindly heads toward gender equality. You don’t think there is a problem with?

Believe me, it cause lots of problems. Our own IR disparity issue is in large measure white male reaction to white women’s feminism.

Any man who supports feminism is a damned fool.

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BlkPrydeX #racist bigwowo.com

I couldn’t agree more my argument has always been that the Asian (particularly the East Asian) and the White man are fundamentally the same people. I have noticed very many similar patterns within the two groups. Which is why I KNOW they will eventually try to colonize us in Africa. I began to notice this as a teenager when Asians would always try to fit in with the White students and would purposely go out their way to segregate themselves from Black and Hispanic.

Similarities between White and Asian:

1) Both are racist and racism is ingrained in their societies
2) Both have a pathological hatred for anything that has dark skin
3) Love to be racist to other groups but can’t handle racism themselves (Asians fall apart when Whites degrade and are racist towards them)
4) Both have a “conquest” mentality and don’t care how other groups are effected. (East Asians came into the black community not to help or work with African Americans but to economically control and subjugate us and further their own economic agenda much like they’re doing in Africa )
5) Both have a strange infatuation with copying our music, dress style, slang but try to disconnect the culture with the actual people who created it. (Only a wicked demon would do something like that)
6) Both are emotionally dead and very mechanical people (particularly East Asians) and when they do experience emotion they can’t handle it which is why they both have extremely high suicide rates.

Perhaps that’s why both get along so well….

Also I want to reiterate I DO NOT want to see any Otaku black fags sticking up for Asians when Whites are racist towards them or commit a hate crime against them. (Nothing gets me as more angry then seeing that and I had to get on a Oriental loving black girl’s case about that.) Asians made their bed when they declared themselves an enemy to our people and budded up with whites against us. I have no sympathy for the racism or discrimination they receive.