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ThotPatroller #racist #sexist coalfax.ru

[From "We will be expanding"]

I am receiving a lot of requests along with hate for only focusing on white women being race traitors. Fear not, there are many plans to shame other race traitors as well.
We’ll also have a registry for women being degenerate whores in general.

All will come in due time. First I need to see if coalfax becomes popular before moving onto other projects.

For any suggestions use the contact form. I’m always looking for help and ideas.

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Coal Fax #racist #sexist coalfax.ru

[From "Frequently Asked Questions"]

Why are you doing this?
Because we want to. This is a public service to prevent men from unknowingly entering into relationships with whores.

This is disgusting and hateful. Why are you shaming these women?
For all you know I have created this database for my fellow black men to seek out companionship with white women.
This is nothing more than a database of white women who have interest in black men. If you find this hateful you are a racist.

I was posted on your website and want to be removed now! How do I get that done?
In short, it’s very hard.
Everything on CoalFax is public information. We do not publish extremely personal information(even though we could!) that could risk the safety of anyone in our registry.
The only law on your side is DMCA, and this refers to your copyrighted photographs and/or videos. However, we do not accept DMCA notices as they are impossible to verify for authenticity.

Did you know that if you ignore DMCA you are opening yourself to litigation? I am going to sue you!
Have your lawyer contact my lawyer.

Please I need my name removed from the registry, how do I do this?
In extreme circumstances we will remove your name from the registry. However this will only happen at our sole discretion or if a valid court order is sent to us.
Any emails from idiotic lawyers or law enforcement agencies demanding we remove your name will be laughed at.