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Maduro’s Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos said Friday his government would not recognize the result of the vote, which according to Venezuela’s opposition serves to further strengthen the position of Maduro.

In response, Maduro on Saturday said Santos had “lost his head” and accused the Colombian president of being a “slave of the North American empire,” in reference to friendly relations between Colombia and the United States.

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Bipartisan [sic] violence has killed more than 70 people this year and has spurred an increase in migration, mainly from Colombian residents of Venezuela.

Instead of allowing Colombian mediation, Nicolas Maduro claimed Venezuela’s supremacy over its neighbor, stating that Colombian territory began its history in Venezuelan lands.

“We were a single republic, Colombia was founded here in Orinoco. The people of Guayana are the fathers of Colombia, our grandparents founded Colombia,” insisted Maduro during an act with workers in the southern state of Bolivar.

The increasingly authoritarian Venezuelan president was referring to the time of the historical republic of South America, Gran Colombia, which included territories of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador.

“President [of Colombia Juan Manuel] Santos must ask for my blessing. Bow down, bow to your father. I am your father, Santos,” said Maduro, calling on Santos to “behave himself” and leave behind the “evil” against Venezuela.

Nicholas Maduro #conspiracy colombiareports.com

“Colombia is a failed state,” Maduro responded at a party rally in the capital Caracas, where he said he would “reveal the whole truth about the peace process.”

“They are preparing a massacre of the FARC leaders who signed peace,” Maduro claimed.

According to Maduro, Venezuela has taken in 5.6 million Colombians “fleeing from war, from paramilitaries, from the oligarchy, from hunger, from the lack of opportunities, from unemployment. They censor me in Colombia when I tell this truth.”