Well, At Least He's Honest Award

Tyler Russell #wingnut cozy.tv

All of these DeSantis, you know, libertarian populist people that are like, we need to actually have political substance. No, I don't give a fuck about that, okay? I don't care about your political substance.

I want a Trump Reich. And I want Trump's face to be, you know, projected onto every single tallest skyscraper in every city around America, okay?

We want a total Trumpian Reich, okay? That's what we want. We want a total Trumpian Reich. We want dictator Trump.

We want Trump to rule forever and ever and make America great again. And we want all these people who are acting in bad faith, who are traitors to this nation, to go to jail. That's what we want.

Vincent James #sexist cozy.tv

[in response to the Secret Service announcing its intention to investigate incel violence]

I am a misogynistic extremist. I am a male supremacist. Male supremacy has received increased attention in recent years from researchers, government agencies, and advocacy groups due to its association with high-profile incidents of mass violence. Who can blame young guys nowadays? Who can blame them?

I see [women] walking through the mall or walking through shops, and I see how these young women talk. We see how they act. We see it in the numbers. Like I said, a body count [of sexual partners] of 20 for chicks nowadays is like low. It’s low. And then they just jump from dude to dude to dude. It’s just a mess.
All of this together has made a lot of things worse, and it’s mainly affected men. Men are discriminated against in family court. Men are discriminated against in the media, and they’re discriminated against in in society as a whole. And they see the way that women act, and they see the way that women treat them, and they see the way that women jump from guy to guy to guy to guy, and so how can you blame them for wanting to sit inside their room and play video games and sort of get lost in a digital universe of their own? And then you see them lash out sometimes. I mean, how can you really blame a guy?

Vincent James and Steven Franssen #racist #wingnut cozy.tv

[in response to Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy announcing their 2024 presidential bids]

Vincent James: We talk a lot about Blacks, we talk a lot about Jews, we talk a lot about gays, but the only time we talk about Asians is when we’re talking shit about Vince Dao trying to steal money from me. But now we’re going to have to talk about the Indians. We’ve got Vivek Ramaswamy, who is running for President, and he’s going to be going head-to-head with Nimarata Randhawa. This is OUR country, Steve. Thoughts?

Steven Franssen: This is OUR country, man. When you invite in the third world, you become the third world. A lot of opportunities here. “America, the land of opportunity.” A lot of profiteering, a lot of nepotism. I think the Indians are actually the most guilty of nepotism, so it’s really funny when they’re talking about merit. “Oh, merit this, merit that.” But if an Indian owns an apartment building, forget about it, dude. This is how these people operate. It’s kind of funny, the ideals vs. the reality on the ground. They’re very different.

Vincent James: Why don’t you leave running for president to Christian white people, Indians, and you guys just keep your freaking 7-Elevens? They’re coming out of the 7-Elevens, Steve! They’re coming out of the gas stations, and they’re running for office. What the hell are we going to do?