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[From "Subverting God’s Line of Authority", archived here]

Imagine a young man if you will, who has grown up in the home of a Godly man, he has received a good education and shows much promise for the future inasmuch as he has natural leadership qualities. Imagine this son committing a heinous crime and then fleeing to distant relatives for safety. He stays with these indulgent relatives for quite some time, and is protected by them from the consequences of his felony.[…]
This story is not hypothetical, but is a part of the sordid account of Absalom's murder of his brother Amnon (2 Sam. 13ff). The father is David, and the permissive relatives are Absalom's maternal grandparents.
Rebellious sons and daughters are capable of giving slanted news to whomever they can find who would have a sympathetic ear.[…] Anyone listening to a youngster describe the faults of his parents needs the sagacity and perspicacity of Solomon!
We expect the unregenerate of this Satanically dominated world to undermine parental authority.[…]Many God-fearing parents, seeing these encroachments on their authority as parents, have fled the government schools, and seek to avoid social welfare agencies like the plague.[…]
God has established the various organizations of authority in this world: family, human government and the church.
Since 1971, we have directed rebellious young hearts back to the authority of their God-given parents. Have we ever disagreed with parental advice, procedures and methods? Of course! . . . some times vehemently. But to sabotage a parent's authority over his child simply because I disagree with matters of procedure or philosophy is to violate the larger principle of God-given authority and the sanctity of the home.

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[From "Endangered Species: Godly Wives And Mothers", archived here
Trouble Brewing
"Women's Rights" movements may have had their roots in the Abolitionist movement of 1850 - 1860, and even in the godless, egalitarian influence of the French Revolution. The God-given role for women in society began to be considered as "chains" and "shackles" as early as 1905 in America by suffragettes and their sympathizers. The "Roaring Twenties" produced a fuller expression of women's rights, complete with the shearing of long, glorious locks to "bobbed hair," brazen dress and outlandish behavior.[…]
The Arrival of Rosie the Riveter
With millions of our men in uniform and a military/industrial complex desperate for workers, it was not uncommon for young American women to lay aside their aprons, sewing and home making, etc., in order to do their part for the war effort. "Rosie the Riveter" became a vital part of our country's military preparedness.
Contrary to the politically-correct pundits of this age, Scripture nowhere portrays women as being suited for a battlefield.
Learn domestic skills instead of how to more artistically paint your face! Learn to be a servant instead of how to compete and be brash and bold. Your fulfillment and contentment will not be found in voyeuristic reading of romance novels, carving out a niche for yourself in the world of business, or squeezing into even tighter clothing. It will be found in being a Godly wife and mother!