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Welcome to the Inbred Science Documentation Project. This site explores Darwinism’s grim history and pernicious influence on science and society.

You are a meat by-product of evolution.

You have no soul

Men can be bred like dogs.

Culture of Death, eugenics, race hygiene, eugenic psychiatry, evolutionary psychology and other pretend sciences, atheism, anti-Christian propaganda, ‘nothing is true’ philosophy, Monism, scientific fraud, fake ape-men, racism, human experimentation, and even regicide. What other ideology can boast of such acheivments?

“[An] injurious attribute which persists in our species — and a biological error which I greatly regret having been guilty of myself — is, the reading of hundreds of books about evolution, which abound with idiotic statements such as the ones I have just quoted from Alexander and Darwin… If it is human life that you would most like to know about and to understand, then a very good library can be begun by leaving out Darwinism, from 1859 to the present hour.” — David Stove, Darwinian Fairytales, pg. 223–224.

Biologists owe the world an apology.