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I am the political Michael Corleone

Greasy, sleazy, politicians come and go and always are replaced by new ones, yet they all forget an end will come for them with perhaps a dog or two for company and an orange that can longer be reached.

I know more about politics than any man you’ll ever meet. And I detest it more than any man you’ll ever meet. I am a political Michael Corleone from Godfather 3–I so desperately want out of this circus and as hard as I try to ignore it, I keep getting sucked back in–I can’t escape.

As for my party–I am an Absolute Catholic Royalist–how many of us do you know? My family has had association with the GOP since 1896–my grand uncle Charles Fairbanks was VP under TR after McKinley was shot—so we are in the GOP but not of it–we find the entire concept of man governing himself to be an asininity–and it is–a wretched lie that men are equal when they discernibly are not–and that GOD made all men equal–a brutal heresy. Napoleon best said it: “Man has no capacity to rule himself and even less interest in doing so.” We live in nation that was founded on a shameless lie. My people, my Party, if that is what the correct word is—

We are Absolute Catholic Royalists–but we had to settle for the water in which we swim so we are in the GOP–what choice do we have in this hideous political construct? And I have taken an Absolute Decree of divorce from politics but I am Michael Corleone–as much as I want to ignore it–as much as I want to escape it and devote my life to good and meaningful things—the more I keep getting sucked back in–like Michael.