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Still, as an artist, I was curious about tattoos and the whole experience. Tattoos are an artform, too, and there are all sorts of rituals, both historical and personal, associated with the process of getting one and I wanted to better understand it. Even that tiny star was painful. The tattoo artist joked with me, saying once you start you won’t stop, you will be back. But I didn’t go back, and I doubt I ever will, although I’m old enough to know to never say “never”. I have no regrets about getting one, but as far as I’m concerned, that was enough for me.
But like all histories and traditions, tattoos are being stripped of their meaning and now, anyone can have them, just like I did, walking into a tattoo parlor and paying the guy for what I asked. No explanation necessary. No ritual. No preparation.

Children wear fake tattoos, bought for them by their parents. Those same parents would never want their children having real tattoos burned into their skin, so why are they “grooming” (a loaded word now) their children to accept real tattoos by buying them fake ones?
You can be sure the plan is for all children to grow up thinking tattoos are as natural as their skin—but by then, the tattoos won’t be the ones they get from tattoo parlors. They will be the ones the government puts on them for surveillance. They will be branded as slaves to the state.

You might think, okay Karen, you’re stretching it. But these subtle changes in how we see tattoos are leading us to a place where people will allow AI to invade their bodies and minds and take up residence. Like demons.
I got my little star tattoo, and it was fun and informative. Get your tattoos if you want. Just keep in mind where this is all leading us. And remember you always have the power to say no. Don’t give in to manipulation or psychological terrorism. Be informed. Confront the truth fearlessly. Maintain control over your own bodies and minds—and protect the bodies and minds of your children.