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I have heard many rumblings that the Port Arthur incident was a huge coverup. The gunman was right handed and Bryant was left handed. There are people who were there that question the validity of what we have been told. He has an IQ of 66 but he killed that many people with perfect head shots in such a short time?

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[Posted in an article listing 10 species related to the evolution of hominids]

I'm disgusted how dumb people are. A guy takes an actual progression of primate bones that you can witness changes in and sticks a homo-sapiens skeleton at the end which looks 100% different than any other skeleton in the line up, and you people don't even think to ask a single question? If humans evolved along side of these primates their wouldn't be any of our ancestors near the primates who would have fled away from being hunted by man. Plus old stories of humans claim we had to live underground. If this is true looking for our ancestors in a primate burial ground above ground in the wrong part of the world, is an obvious plight to control knowledge of history. This is why I laugh every time a scientist speaks about Atlantis. So called scientist have been looking for Atlantis, not where documents and legends say, but where Edgar Casey, a psychic, says it should be??? Scientist could have stuck Buzz Light Year at the end of the evolutionary scale and who would question it? Not any of you obviously. I'm so sick of people hiding behind science like a religion when they know 0 about it. Science is not a belief system it is a methodology of proving things false or true. Just because something escapes being proven wrong it does not mean it is true. And the same way if something has proven true so far it doesn't mean it is truth it just means humans don't understand how to test for truth. If they do I would love to see an example. No what science does is it takes situations that it already knows the outcome of and tests it. Einstein had an idea, relativity and he tested it and got results. Does anybody see the hypocrisy in that? Testing things you already know the outcome of? That would be like a scientist testing prayer knowing it won't work, and then rather than telling you prayer don't work they tell you it is proof that god doesn't exist. I'm using this example so you can see how they spin things. Testing for prayer has 0 to do with testing for god yet I have seen countless drooling science worshipers who think this study should get funding. Humans are 100's of thousands of years old and if our ancestors burned their corpses before they discovered mummification good luck sifting through dirt and ash to find the truth. Why do we have to be duped? We don't but everyone wants to buy BS. Why can't any of you realize we don't have the answers and we probably never will? Just think what a different world we would live in if people didn't flock to BS and every con man who says I have the answer? Look at primates and look at the length of their arms? Why are their arms longer that any homo-sapiens? Why are the arms missing or not shown on the evolution chart? Notice how they stick primate heads on human looking bodies on every history special, hmmm, but primates bodies are totally different and again their arms? Somebody really wants to convince you they know it all and they won because your tiny ego amongst other things just wants to pretend its better than everyone else for repeating lies. What do I know I was in science classes at Regis University in the 5th grade and was teaching elementary kids science by the time I was in middle school for a program called SIP. But all you bloggers who think you found a way to trash religion by repeating everything science says with out proof, you my friends are a new religion that will be used for dumbing down the population and new atrocities against your fellow man based on beliefs that have no foundation in reality. Theories.

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I can’t believe anyone would be that stupid not to see the link between atheism and genocide. Yes religion is accountable for horrible things. No denying that. But think about it? atheism is on the rise, only 100 years old and has accounted for millions if not perhaps a billion Deaths. Good luck on the next century, morons. You really think its going to get better? If anything its just going to get worse because at the very least there are some people who profess to be christian and at least pretend to follow the bible and its commandments. When that is gone, no amount of “Real world morals are not influenced by the bible” insanity will save you from the cold hard truth. Ya maybe 1 out of thousands believes in treating everyone as equals on their own without the bible. But all I can remember at school is how much everyone hated hom*****uals, how racist everyone was, and how *****ist everyone was. And I can think of about 1 person who actualy believed the bible and he basicaly just said he didn’t like homo*****uals. So take you’re balonie about atheism being less corrupt and burry it. HUMANS ARE THE PROBLEM NOT RELIGION…. and atheism just adds to that fact, denying god from people who may otherwise have been at least a little less crazy because of it. All its going to do is replace the total nutcases who promote hatred based off religion into nutcases who promote hatred because they are superior in everyway. Not in anyway a positive trade off, it might even be worse. Stop flaunting how superior and more educated you are, you’re just humans, and you’re going to spill blood, accept it, and fight the real issue.

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Not a surprise here only arabs fanatics could made such idiotic rules ans statements. I think the arab nations and gypsies should be moved to Mars or better Jupiter. The only thing they like is to make war for the most ridiculous reasons and chopping heads off. They’re the most exotic race on the planet, they don’t belong here maybe they some kind of unevolved aliens…just nuke the fuck out of them and then will be peace in the world.

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I am not a religious person in any way, but evolution is a joke, just take a look at the fossil record. The fossil record is incomplete at best.

If you truly follow the fossil record instead of having anthropologists fill in the blanks with “theories” then you will realize that human beings essentially just appeared one day out of nowhere.

Do we come from apes? Of course not. Do we share 95-98 percent of our DNA with them? Sure. But we also share 90% of our DNA with a banana. Does that mean we evolved from bananas?

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*this person is defending Iran's methods of execution*

“A version of the “upright jerker” is used for capital punishment in Iran (a nation which seems hellbent on using every revolting method of execution conceived). Iran uses a crane to jerk the noose upward violently.”

LOL what the f*uck is this nonsense? What did Iran ever do to you? They just exist over there in their own land minding their own damn business. To be perfectly honest, in my opinion Iran is one of the least offensive countries on planet earth and there exists only one group of people interested in fighting with them. Ironically they are a group that is in my opinion hands down, no contest, the absolutely most offensive and downright disgusting collective ever to walk the face of the earth.
I’ll assume you are one of them, towing the tribe line and all. So in conclusion, fuck off and die.

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*in an article about murderous children*

And these evil acts will only increase as our young people are brought up without Judeo/Christian values….very sad….nihilism is the order of the day…

As Dostevsky wrote…’Without God, all things are permissible’……he didn’t write that as a good thing but as a warning over a century ago…