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Ikram ul-Huq #fundie minnesotaindependent.com

The Minnesota Family Council says it will introduce an amendment banning same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships in Minnesota in the next few days. The group announced the new amendment push at a press conference with fundamentalist religious leaders on Tuesday.

Those leaders put forward a multifaith diatribe against gay and lesbian relationships stating that should gays get the right to marry, the world would end.

“If everyone is a gay, this world will cease to exist in 10 years,” said Ikram ul-Huq, the imam and religious director of the Muslim Community Center of Bloomington.

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Bradlee Dean #fundie minnesotaindependent.com

Minnesota House Republicans invited anti-gay preacher Bradlee Dean of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide to give the morning prayer. The prayer was so offensive to many legislators that House leadership brought in the chaplain to redo the prayer.

Dean has made many controversial statements as pastor of You Can Run, including advocating the incarceration of gays and lesbians, that the LGBT community is trying to usher in Sharia law in Minnesota, that gay men molest an average of 117 children “before they get caught,” and that Muslim nations that execute gays are more moral than American Christians. His prayer on Friday touched off a firestorm at the Capitol as the LGBT community was rallying outside the House chambers against a proposed anti-gay marriage amendment.

Dean said during his prayer, “I know this is a nondenominational chamber,” he said listing off a litany of Christian denominations and leaving off any mention of Judaism.

Then he took a dig at President Obama, insinuating that he is not a Christian. “The head of the denomination is Jesus as every president up until 2008 has acknowledged, in Jesus name.”

Rep. Terry Morrow, DFL-St. Peter, rose to speak out against the prayer. At first he was at a loss for words.

“I want to express a deep level of concern about what occurred in this chamber this morning,” he said.

He said the fact that the House restarted the prayer was an indication that something went wrong. “I take that as an acknowledgment that there is legitimate cause for deep concern among the members and the staff and among the people of Minnesota.”

Today hope was crushed by the words of a single speaker,” he said. “Mr. Speaker, I do trust and hope that we understand the gravity and the severity of the prayer that has been given to the people within this chamber and out.”

“I’m shaking right now because I’m mad,” he concluded. “This cannot happen again.”

Already this year, in the Minnesota Senate, Republicans invited a pastor who gave a sectarian prayer that caused concern among that chamber’s non-Christian members.

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Bradlee Dean #fundie minnesotaindependent.com

“I said time and time again that there is a correlation between the Muslims and the homosexual agenda, and we have a couple of fools in the state of Minnesota that are putting a rope around their neck and they just don’t realize it,” said Dean [audio below]. “Here, let me give it to you this way: Keith Ellison is a Muslim.”

Dean said that Ellison’s support for protections for LGBT people from hate crimes and for same-sex marriage is part of an attempt to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and implement Sharia law.

“Why is he so adamant about overthrowing the Constitution as it is right now? Because if you pay attention to the plow he’s planting the seed,” Dean said. “He’s trying to come through with Sharee [sic] law.”

Raising his voice, he urged his listeners, “Does somebody want to talk to the homosexual community in the state of Minnesota and tell them what he is doing? Go online, folks! You love the homosexuals so much then why don’t you tell them who they’ve appointed as their chairperson? He’s a Muslim!”

He continued, “Hello? Why is he after it? Because he wants to bring in Sharee [sic] law through the homosexual agenda!

“They are using the homosexuals as a political battering ram to bring forth what? Sharee [sic] law.”

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dina775 #fundie minnesotaindependent.com

[Referring to the PZ Myers cracker desecration controvery.]

Catholics tell him that that is truly the body and blood of Christ, He should be take this seriously: just because you don’t understand a thing, doesn’t mean it isn’t what it is. You can’t see radioactivity. Radioactive items will kill you even if you aren’t immediately burned. The Host is Spiritually radioactive. His soul is now irreversibly dying. When he leaves the veil of this world he will find his soul charred from radioactive poison.

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Charles Kroll #fundie minnesotaindependent.com

A woman whose work computer was used to email a death threat to University of Minnesota - Morris professor P.Z. Myers has been fired.

Melanie Kroll says someone else -- likely her husband, Charles -- must have used her computer to send a note of anger over the atheist biology professor's belief that a Catholic communion host is just "a cracker" and his plans to treat any wafers he receives "with profound disrespect and heinous cracker abuse." The email read, in part: "You have two choices my fucked up friend, first you can quit your job for the good of the children. Or you can get your brains beat in."

Myers' stated policy is to publish all identifying information from mailed-in death threats; he did, and readers tracked down Kroll's ID. The less-than-flowery missive came from Kroll's work computer -- at 1800Flowers.com.

[Update: Charles Kroll confesses to emailing the threat to Myers.]