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The Paris prosecutor’s office said Friday, June 18, that it had opened an investigation into an ex-general, Dominique Delawarde, signatory of the so-called “generals” platform, accused of having made anti-Semitic comments on CNews
In November 2020, commenting on a blog on the results of the American presidential election, Dominique Delawarde had endorsed “the hypothesis of a major fraud”, adding: “There are, in my eyes, too many concordant clues for allow the Western ‘media pack’, of which we know who controls it, to convince me otherwise”

This Friday, on Cnews, the communicator Claude Posternak asked him “who controls” this “pack”, in the video extract to see below

Retired since the mid-2010s, the general smiles: “You know very well who controls the media pack in the world and in France”

“Who controls the Washington Post, the New York Times, with us BFMTV and all the newspapers which come to group around, who are these people…? ”, pretends to wonder the ex-soldier

“Who?” Insists Claude Posternak

“This is the community that you know well”, replies Dominique Delawarde

“We are not going to leave on that, we will stop there my general, I’m sorry,” immediately cut the host of the show, Jean-Marc Morandini. “We can’t let it say that on the air, I’m sorry, we cut, we take away the general,” he said
Dominique Delawarde is one of the 20 generals to have signed a column published in mid-April in Current values evoking “the disintegration” of France and which had given rise to a political controversy