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Homelessness is super sad, President Donald Trump conceded — at least for the white-collar workers walking by unsheltered people to get into their office buildings.

For the people actually experiencing homelessness, though, Trump didn’t offer much sympathy in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday night.

Trump said the government “may intercede” in cleaning up West Coast cities swamped with tent cities and vehicle encampments after Carlson suggested people were living in “filth.” To be sure, Trump’s administration has proposed eliminating the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness — twice. The council was established in 1987 to coordinate the government’s homelessness efforts across federal agencies.

“Perhaps they like living that way,” Trump said of unsheltered people. “They can’t do that. We cannot ruin our cities.”

“You have people that work in those cities,” Trump continued. “They work in office buildings and to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago."

Homelessness has been gradually increasing in recent years to at least 553,000 people on a single night in 2018, according to government data. (Advocates and scholars have repeatedly said such “point-in-time” counts vastly underestimate the true number of people experiencing homelessness on any given day.)

Currently, about 59,000 people in Los Angeles County alone are homeless — a 12% increase from last year that’s shocked local lawmakers and spurred increased coverage on Fox News over the past month. The crisis is exacerbated by a shortage of affordable rental units in major cities, an inadequate amount of shelter beds, and a lack of resources for drug users or people experiencing mental illness.

But the homelessness epidemic has been used by conservative voices like Carlson to deride left-leaning cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles, where visible homelessness is concentrated and, in some cases, growing worse. During the recent G-20 summit in Osaka, Trump told reporters that San Francisco and Los Angeles have become “sad to look at” due to their liberal leadership.

Fox News recently increased its coverage of the issue, according to the left-leaning group Media Matters, but has mostly argued the crisis is caused by “virtue signaling” and city officials failing to take control of their residents.

“You only have one solution: You bulldoze the 50-block radius, and you institutionalize everybody and detoxify them, and then you let them out,” Fox News host Jesse Watters said of homeless encampments in June.

Cities have tried something pretty close to that: sweeping people off the streets and arresting them, or literally shipping people out of town. Advocates say those efforts don’t help. In fact, Trump mentioned that he “ended” homelessness in Washington D.C. because he was concerned world leaders were “looking at scenes like you see in Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

It’s unclear whether or not “ending” homelessness in D.C. meant that people were given help — but D.C. has greatly increased its efforts to remove homeless camps over the past two years, according to NBC4 in Washington.

“We have to take the people and do something, it’s destroying a whole way of life,” Trump told Carlson.

Cover: Homeless people move belongings from a street near Los Angeles City Hall as crews prepared to clean the area Monday, July 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

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Rodrigo Duterte last week directed his soldiers to specifically target women rebel fighters by shooting them in the vagina, according to local reports.

Addressing a group of former communist rebels, the Philippines president said his armed forces should not kill female rebels but shoot them in their genitals because without them they are useless.

“Tell the soldiers. There’s a new order coming from the mayor. We won’t kill you. We will just shoot your vagina,” Duterte reportedly said. “If there is no vagina, it would be useless."

An official government translation of the speech, given on Feb. 7, replaced the word vagina with a dash. The transcript says the audience laughed in response.

Since taking power in June 2016 Duterte has presided over a bloody war on drug dealers and users, killing thousands of people, many in vigilante-style executions with the president’s approval.

The International Criminal Court said last week it was opening preliminary examinations into the war on drugs. However, given the ICC’s preliminary examinations into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan took more than a decade, there is little likelihood Duterte will face any immediate charges.

Duterte’s brief reign has been marked by a consistent stream of menacingly misogynistic comments.

In the past he has “joked” about raping an Australian missionary, made rape jokes about about Miss Universe, and told his soldiers they had permission to rape up to three women during conflict without being punished.

Last month in India Duterte said he would like to attract more tourists to the Philippines by offering “42 virgins.”

Duterte’s spokesman, Harry Roque, recently defended his boss’s misogyny, saying feminists were over-reacting and that the remarks were meant as humor. “I mean, that's funny. Come on. Just laugh,” Roque said.

Unsurprisingly, the president’s recent comments have been widely criticized.

“Duterte's latest nasty remark openly encourages violence against women, contributes to the impunity on such, and further presented himself as the epitome of misogyny and fascism terribly rolled in one,” Emmi de Jesus, a member of Congress representing the Gabriela Women’s Party, said in a statement.

Human Rights Watch researcher Carlos Conde called the comments “the latest in a series of misogynist, derogatory and demeaning statements he has made about women.”

“It encourages state forces to commit sexual violence during armed conflict, which is a violation of international humanitarian law,” he added.

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On Wednesday afternoon, many New Yorkers were surprised to see pro-Turkey and Armenian genocide denial propaganda written in the sky over the Hudson River. The skywriting featured messages such as "101 years of Geno-lie," "Gr8 ally = Turkey," "BFF = Russia + Armenia," and "FactCheckArmenia.com." The aerial stunt was part of a campaign by the website Fact Check Armenia, which denies that the genocide of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire took place, contrary to the consensus of historians.

The organization also captured headlines this week for a full-page ad placed in the Wall Street Journal, also pointing to the website. Two weeks ago, a billboard featuring a version of the same ad near Boston's Armenian Heritage Park was removed by Clear Channel after outrage from Armenians in the city.

Wednesday's messages in New York City's skies were produced by a unique form of skywriting called "sky typing" in which five planes fly in close formation to write massive letters at high altitude to produce messages over five miles long in the air, making them visible in a 15-mile (24 km) radius. New Yorkers from Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan could all see the messages, as documented in numerous photographs on Twitter.

The company responsible for writing the messages is the GEICO Skytypers, an air show team that performs up and down the east coast and is sponsored by GEICO, an insurance company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company for Warren Buffett, the world's third-richest man.

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The Gambia's notorious dictator Yahya Jammeh recently intensified his anti-homosexual rhetoric, threatening to slit the throats of gay men living in the small West African nation while seeming to claim that the West could do nothing to stop him, according to a translation provided to VICE News of a speech he made last week on a nationwide agricultural tour.

The 49-year-old president, who has ruled the country since 1994, was speaking during a tour stop last week in the country's North Bank Region when he delivered his latest inflammatory comments.

"If you do it [in the Gambia] I will slit your throat — if you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it," he said in the Wolof language to a crowd in the town of Farafeni as he spoke about fostering a healthy atmosphere for the country's youth.