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I do not have a gender identity, Laz, for the same reason that I do not believe in a sky pixie.

Gender identity theory is simply the latest cult to capture the imaginations of credulous and gullible people who feel the need to believe that their life has some deeper meaning and that they are more developed than dolphins.

It has stepped into the void left behind by organised religion, and in today's intellectually bankrupt, porn-addled and social media addicted society, has taken the form of a belief in sexed souls which are apparently so personal to each individual that they cannot be described, and yet so generic that they allow 99% of humanity to be forced into one of two boxes. Its high priests are autogynephiliac males who fetishise womanhood whilst despising actual women.

It is utterly unsurprising that you are falling over yourself to identify as "cis", because you believe this makes you look cool and woke, whilst allowing you to mansplain womanhood and feminism to actual women and feminists, and dismiss them as bigots for refusing to bow to the demands of privileged white males, who are the people you really care about. (These males are recast as the most vulnerable and marginalised demographic in this rewriting of reality and get to play at being oppressed, which is the one thing they have never been in the history of human civilisation and therefore a fun novelty for them.) You get to indulge in some good old-fashioned misogyny whilst pretending to be progressive. And it doesn't require any intellectual rigour whatsoever, just a willingness to repeat meaningless slogans and talk over women, both of which you excel at.

The whole thing is, in short, right up your alley.


Lucy van Pelt #transphobia rollonfriday.com

Is "cis" a misogynistic term of itself? I don't like/accept the term at all but it's used for men as well.

It's not misogynistic, it's just disrespectful of anyone who doesn't believe in gender woo woo because it defines us by reference to a set of essentially religious beliefs which we don't share.

It's also pretty insulting for women to be reduced to a sub-category of our own sex. I guess the same applies to men, except for the fact that nobody is really trying to force men to say that trans men are men because nobody actually cares.

Lucy van Pelt #transphobia rollonfriday.com

everyone wants to fit everyone into categories

highly disingenuous to imply the gender critical crowd don’t

Not really.

The categories "male" and "female" exist whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

The "gender critical crowd" couldn't give a shit about any of the imaginary categories.

A trans woman's gender identity is no more real to me than Allah.