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Yes, Breivik was correct - obviously. He was correctly observing what's happening in his own country, which itself is not far behind Britain and France in letting hordes of immigrants in at the behest of the rich capitalists who want them to drive down wages and working conditions.


The situation will only get worse which is why Breivik sacrificed himself as he did - to sound the alarm all over Europe and through other First World nations about the tide of Islamic immigration, and Third World immigration which is destroying centuries-old cultures that had achieved a social consensus and lasting peace.

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Through TV screens, cinemas, DVDs even the music they listen to and the “popular” internet sites they visit an alternative reality is projected to them which complements and bolsters the fake reality which was taught to them in school.

The alternative reality is effectively a reverse reality where multicultural diversity is cool, desirable and benign, whereas nationalism and any opposition to the third world colonisation of the West is evil, malevolent and ugly.

Non-whites are eternally intelligent. honourable and desirable, or the innocent victims of European prejudice. If they are not victims they doctors, teachers, scientists, policemen or in other ways heroic, whereas all paedophiles, rapists, serial killers bigots and, of course, all racists are white.

Then we have advertising which is beginning to take on a surreal element reminiscent of 1930’s style soviet Union style propaganda. For instance when happy white families spread Clover butter substitute on their sandwiches while gleefully applauding benign and elderly black musicians and when virtually every commercial for beauty products shampoo or slimming aids, as if by mandate have to feature three females “best friends” of politically correct differing ethnic shades, how do these differ from the images of happy peasants waving their scythes and sickles over a plentiful harvest, which were used by Russian propagandist to disguise a very different and far less attractive reality?.

Beyond brainwashing the media has a more sinister role in spreading terror and encouraging obedience they do this by ensuring that any transgressors, and any who dare question the new orthodoxy are punished severely, humiliatingly and in public.


It is the agent which has brought us to where we are and it is the poison which will kill us. We will not succeed, we will not survive unless be can break its deadly grip on our crippled and dying countries and expose the monsters lurking behind the toxic smokescreen they have created.

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I am a simple rancher by the Red River in Texas. But my Great-Great-Grandfather was English which makes me so bold as to offer this from America.
Three simple things must be done to save the English:
1) All non-native born persons along with their minor children should be immediately deported to their country of birth.
2) All native-born persons who were born of non-native females should be identified and deported if they have been found guilty at any time of any crimes or misdemeanors.
3) The teachings of Mohamed are deemed terroristic and all followers of his teachings (as determined by the state) may solely discuss, display or profess said teachings in the privacy of their own abode. Furthermore anyone deemed by the state to be a follower of Mohamed is prohibited from bearing or raising children. This edict is to be enforced by appropriate surgical or chemical sterilization. Existing minors are to be removed and deported to various distant Muslim nations, along with their parents should they decline sterilization.

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[On the London riots]

The problem with the darkie is that no mater how much help they get from the white man, they will always bite the hand that feeds them.
Burn Britain Burn!
You Reap what you Sow.
These riots are the consequences of the Zio New World Order, using multiculturalism to destroy sovereign countries and robbing its citizens of their culture and heritage.

This is pay back for all you commies, socialists, and deluded liberal fools amongst you Brits that supported anti-apartheid movements, which have turned South African into yet another African shithole. The race-card was used by New World Order politicians simply to get the masses to elect them into parliament. The fate of Africa had been determined long before South Africa became an issue.

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What you also fail to recognise, as most people do, is that miscegenation could feasibly be a form of genetic warfare. If I was a Communist who wanted to bring down Western Civilisation without a hot war, I could do no better than to get the targeted enemy to immigrate millions of Negroes and Muslims, and promote sexual mixing with them, calling anyone who opposed it an evil racist or Islamophobe. I believe this is precisely the Communist plan in action right now in the western world to fatally weaken the west before further moves toward a Communist one world government. Interracial marriage, like immigration of Muslims, is thus viewed as simply one aspect of the war against us.

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[The rest of the article is equally as disturbing]

All right-thinking Britons who love their country should oppose interracial marriage. The implications of race-mixing are much more sinister than is commonly understood - individual objections notwithstanding. Integrationists by definition are far too blinkered to see the big picture.

It is common knowledge that the mainstream media and many leading politicians exert considerable pressure in favour of race-mixing and scream 'racist!' whenever any sane individual protests against this kind of coercion.

Such pressure is mainly directed towards blacks and whites. In spite of the abominable practice of Muslim 'grooming' of mainly vulnerable white adolescent girls, Asians will almost exclusively favour their own kind for longer-term relationships regardless of any outside pressure. Muslim women risk so-called 'honour' beatings and even killings if they don't [like Banaz Mahmod, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/6733919.stm ]. Heinous as this cruelty is, it simply reinforces the point.

Large-scale white and black liaisons are of course unlikely to occur in spite of media and political pressure. They could, however, be enforced by the EU, via Europol and the Euro-army, when Britain is fully absorbed into the EU Superstate or ['golden garrotte'] concentration camp following the treason of Gordon Brown in May 2009, compounded, sadly, by royal assent. The aim, as always, is to destroy white Anglo-Saxon Celtic Britain, both as a nation and as a people.

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In the US, the rise of feminism and the family courts system has turned many men away from marriage in general and away from Anglo women in particular. They say that Latin and Oriental women are more compliant and make better wives (this is strictly hearsay as far as I am concerned). This is clearly short term thinking, considering only their own needs, but it is not surprising that individuals do that.

Miscegenation opens a whole can of worms that any reasonable person would sure prefer to leave sealed. Only the foolishly adventurous would get into this, knowing that it is forbidden in the Bible and was against most State laws until only a few years ago. That should be a clue that there is something not right about it. But youth tend to see such things as challenges rather than warnings, sadly.

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African 'culture' is what is being used to dupe the white race into adopting African customs, morals and atttitudes and ultimately miscegenation with Africans.

It's known as rock music.


I submit that many of our adolescent victims of Moslem paedo gangs would be far less vulnerable to the lure of drugs, vodka and whoredom proffered by a carload of darkskinned adult male strangers were it not for the corruption already wrought in the young victims' lives by the poison of African jungle music.

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The dominant ideology in the western nations is built around multi-racialism or anti-racism and is a variant of Nazism. The motive is to push “whites” out of their communities and it is done by deceit and against democratic principles or rule of law.

More than 50 million African workers are being brought to Europe in a secret immigration agreement. This is the most evil plan against humanity hatched in Europe since the Nazis herded Jewish people into the gas chambers and the Soviets starved 5 million Kulaks and is likewise meant to destroy a people: the whole of western Europe and her people and has been implemented by the evil E.U.

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Moreover, the whole race-mixing agenda is personified in the satanic world ruler of the End Times who is depicted as an integrated animal (though not a wholly assimilated one). See Revelation 13, KJB.

(Supposedly 'superior' race-mixed species end up sterile after the 4th generation. This is mulism in humans and is one reason why no superior mulatto nation exists on the face of this earth or ever has.)

Put simply, racial segregation is of God, racial integration is of the Devil, to convert the world into a violent, degenerate, God-defying, mongrelised mess - much like the pre-flood world of Noah's time, Genesis 6, Luke 17:26.

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There is not a doubt in my military mind that in America and England the flame of revolution burns bright.

In the words of Twisted Sister, we aren't gonna take it anymore.

In fact, here in Montana the revolution has already begun - last summer in Hamilton scores of heavily armed militia marched down the main street in a Patriotic display directed against our oppressive federal government.

Also, numerous sheriffs in Montana have been warned by Patriots not to allow federal official into their counties for any purpose other than to deliver the mail.

The Tea Party is the peaceful arm of The Second American Revolution with the focus on winning elections; however, in nearly every state in the Union, armed Patriot militias are either in existence, or being formed.

Who knows? After this winter of our discontent, the spring may bring sounds of civil war. If revolution does break out in America it will quickly spread to England.

In the words of one wag, "When America sneezes, England gets a cold."

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PC/MC with all their Kumbaya-TV shows,Intercultural workshops,anti-racism campaigns,social workers and so on is a big industry.So yes ,if we see it that way ,then they do bring benefits.

In terms of production and factory work,whether cheaper labor or not, they don't bring anything.Look at the picture of this post.Can you imagine any of these "noble savages" operating machines?Or doing any kind of precise,qualitative production?Even Poles who do have an education,get the dirtiest jobs.

They are nothing but a weapon for the destruction of Whites.Is it any surprise that the vast majority of African immigrants are males while at the same time ,White women everywhere in western Europe are being thaught that Da Blacks are the ultimate stallions?

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I would add to that that there is only one solution. That solution is total separation, removal of all blacks from Britain.

Sure, some of them are not rapists. Some of them are not murderers. And so forth. But it seems that everyone of them carries the seed for these acts, and a large proportion of them act upon that seed. When you are pulling weeds in the garden, you do not only pull the ones that have gone to seed, you get them all. That is what must be done with the blacks.

The same thing applies to the muzlims as well.

Only when these measures are taken will the UK be restored to health as a sound, reasonable, Western nation.

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No one claims that the white race or that any race is perfect. The point is that it is natural for the vast majority of any given race to prefer their own. Experience in the real world tells us that this is so. Only in the liberal dominated modern world with their attempts at social engineering has this been attempted to be overturned - just so they can attain the ultimate adolescent fantasy of absolute "freedom" and godhood.

Yes there have always been some whites with something missing upstairs, or lacking in sensitivity and sensibility who have found blacks attractive as sexual partners. The tragedy today, is that for so many years the destroyers of normality (the leftists) have been allowed to peddle their perversions and lies - that racial and sexual boundaries are unimportant, and this has had the effect of bringing Britain to the verge of destruction. The "precious genetic inheritance" is about more than merely high IQ - its about everything, from physical features to racial character.

Even if whites had the lowest IQs, I as a white would still prefer my race - one has a natural affinity for one's own. If you have only lived in mostly white areas with whites in control - this might not be so clear to you. Live among mostly blacks, (and if you can break free of leftist "goodthinking") you'll soon see what I mean. Rather a thousand times that "smart white men" marry "dumb white blondes" than the horror of them miscegenating with even "smart" black woman. Far from calling into question the integrity of "racists", this proves their integrity!! "Racist bigot" is an unatural perverted concept that can only maintain its currency with the force of a totalitarian media and government behind it. In fact "anti-racists" are bigots - they are the ones trying to enforce their anti-natural prejudices on normal people who like their own race.

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[On Obama]

Interesting he should have been so well received in Berlin, though, for obvious reasons.

And significant. Germany is the 'engine' of continental Europe and 2nd or 3rd among the world's leading ecomomies (behind the US and possibly Japan).

This suggests to me that BO is a 'dress rehearsal' for the mixed race antichrist when he appears. If he is widely accepted in Germany - as well as in the US, he clearly has a strong power base in both the new world and the old, i.e. the West.

The antichrist's part Oriental ethnicity will then give him the support of the East, including Islam. Everyone will be able to say, he's part of us.

Sarah Maid of Albion #fundie sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com

In fact, and much as I hate to say this, I do not believe the Right should choose a female candidate for 2012. Only Conservatives love strong women, the left are far too sexist to forgive any woman who dares to step beyond the limited roles (Victim, Liberal or man hating feminist) which Political Correctness permits them to play and they will hunt down and destroy any woman who tries to or who stands in the way a preferred ethnic minority candidate.

Keith_SA #fundie sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com

[Re: "Glen Beck scared the nation and creates fear and this was just trying to balance it out."]

The really scary thing is that there are people who believe this. They are so incapable of rational thought and so leftist extremist, that a poor modrate liberal like Glen Beck (called an extreme rightwinger in leftist speak) is vilified as a hater. There is really no hope for them. But they are an extreme danger to civilisation and must be politically quarintined. I hope the Americans do that on Tuesday.

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Your Jewish friends do not share your nostalgia for a nationalist white Britain or ANY European country with a traditionalist white indigenous, race or culture.

They are intent on mongrelising EVERY European country and eradicating ALL national identities in their plans for a miscegenated global plantation.

Only Israel will remain "pure" ...

alanorei #conspiracy sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com

USATODAY appears to have got its figures wrong but it does quote a Stanford University sociologist who says that interracial marriages were in 2005 7% of the then 59,000,000 marriages in the US. Even this apparently near-tenfold increase in about 30 years wouldn't be enough to satisfy the nation-wreckers, though. A dictatorial NWO would no doubt therefore turn to enforced race-mixing, ultimately to destroy both white and non-white races by natural sterility or mulism after a few generations.

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In fact there is evidence that both Melanesians and Polynesians took slaves from other Islands. There is also evidence Aboriginal tribes enslaved each other in very much the same way African tribes did (and still do in places like Niger).

All the groups I mention, of course, committed acts of cannibalism against those they captured. Modern cannibalism by both Aborigines and Africans is the big secret nobody mentions, although I think Pacific islanders have now given it up.

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"interracial marriages were in 2005 7% of the then 59,000,000 marriages in the US"

That is only the marriages.But what about the unmarried interracial couples?

I give you an example.Germany does not have a very large Negro immigrant population,yet last week when i returned from the Gym i saw 4 White women with their mulatto mongrels and you guessed it,no father in sight.1 Negro with his clearly light skinned mongrels,and one White man with two mulatto sons.The 4 women and the Negro i saw within a span of 45 minutes,just on the way from the gym to home.
Heck even today in the super market i saw a Negro ,who was so ugly that not even the filthiest race traitor whore would take him,yet he held his two mulatto bastards in his arms.It seems to me that there passes no week where i don't see one or more single mothers with their non-white offspring.

Sarah Maid of Albion #fundie sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com

It is also de rigueur amongst the ranks of the politically correct to claim that the proposed location of the Cordoba mosque is not part of Ground Zero, indeed the ludicrous Keith Olbermann recently dedicated one of his toe curlingly embarrassing soliloquies to this claim. However, if not an outright lie, to make this dubious assertion requires the application of a significant economy to the truth. In fact the two buildings at 45–47 Park Place and Broadway, which will be demolished in order to build the Cordoba (or Park 51) Mosque were damaged by part of one of the planes during the attack on the World Trade Centre, but did not fall.

It will, therefore, be necessary to destroy buildings which survived the Islamic attack on them in order to build a monument to Islam. Some would argue that the deliberate symbolism of that act is even more malevolent.

Once again, of course, it is necessary to ignore the uncomfortable facts which do not fit the lies of political correctness.

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Its the Jews. So simple an explanation that it seems too simple to accept. But once you take the viewpoint that the Jews are behind the major crap in our world, things REALLY start to make sense.

For the last few years, I've gone through phases of believing that it's the blacks fault; the Muslims' fault, the fault of the liberals; the fault of the liberal politicians and governments etc etc etc.

And every time I felt confused - and found myself asking why my assumption lead to so many contradictions. Until I put the JEWS in the spotlight. I don't mean ANY jews - I specificaly mean the war-mongering KHAZAR (Ashkenazy; Talmudic) Jews who invented communism and are behind communism everywhere. The Jews who aren't really Jews. They are FAKE jews because the only adopted Judaism in 800 AD. Before that they worshipped the Phallus. They are NOT the Jews of the Bible and are not descended from the Jews/Semites of biblical times.

Please, just do some reading around. Don't take my word for it. Spend a few months in the evenings entertaining the notion that it could be the Fake Talmudic Jews.

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Marxism is a Jewish creation.

We all know that America is on the side of Israel. Let's assume that Israel have decided on a strategy to ensure they get more sympathy from the white Western countries. Thus a strategy to increase the number of alliances.

The best way to do this would be to pursue avenues of increased Muslim immigration into Western countries.

Then by making use of the controlled mass media they can induce fear into the local populations. (for example: By the year 2025 British whites will be a minority in their own country)

Fact is that anti-Muslim sentiments will rise as the level of Muslim immigrants in these countries rise. It does not take a genius to know this, as it is human nature.

The end result of the Jewish strategy of mass Muslim immigration into white countries, will be an increase in anti Muslim sentiment.

This is counted on. In the end Israel will have secured more alliances and the white man will fight their battle for them.

Beverly #racist sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com

[On a report about a lack of non-white bone marrow doners]

An associated statistic is the ratio of tissue donors, Blacks: Whites. The Black contributors are virtually nil. The same statistic is reflected in charitable donations, missionary organisations, emergency aid volunteers, and volunteer teachers and healthcare workers: Blacks, for practical purposes are nil contributors (the figures are readily available). Do not expect Black immigrants into Europe to contribute compassion and charity to their host society. That benefit to society has not and will not occur, but Black absorption of European charity has and will continue to deprive the indigenous Europeans significantly.

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Western culture is under siege from two prime evils: Marxism and Islam. We both see the threat of Islam but too many Rightists are dismissing the threat of cultural, as opposed to political, Marxism. Cultural Marxism is epitomized by the normalizing of homosexuality, which is a crucial part of the cultural Left's plan to eradicate Christian values.

If we don't firmly oppose cultural Marxism we can kiss the Christian West goodbye. If fact, it's already almost totally gone and we can't blame the Muslims for that. We can only blame ourselves. We have failed our civilization and our God, and that's a crying shame.

Sarah Maid of Albion #racist sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com

I, for one, will never buy a bed from “Dreams”after watching all those adverts showing mixed race couple in bed together exchanging jewelry and lustful glances. (I hope others will join me in that boycott.)

However, Dreams adverts are only slightly more offensive than all the other inter-racial sex promotions which are deliberately pumped into our lives day after day, and a lot of it is more subtle.

Mixed race couples are presented as role models to our children. Does anyone really believe that a woman, such as Cheryl Cole, who's tiny chin and huge forehead make her resemble nothing so much as a praying mantis, would have reached such an elevated celebrity status had she not jumped into bed with a black football player and thus become the nation's sweetheart?


It is not just the media, Hollywood movies and commercial advertising which constantly thrust a fake mixed race ideal down the throat of an impressionable public. Walk into any local government office, branch of the health service or educational facility, pick up a leaflet and in nine out of ten a mixed race couple will beam out at you, whilst the child model of choice will be the interbred product of such a union.