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What is the MATRIX?

The MATRIX is the unChristed Programming System created by Lucifer and his dark forces, that affects all human conditions and is the foundation for all belief systems, which create the human reality you live in. You as humans are actually bio-computers. You are souls having a human experience in the bio-computer of your human body and its various energy fields. The MATRIX is the operating system of your bio-computer and is the part of you which you have no control over. The MATRIX is an energy body of its own that controls and directs all other levels of your being. No matter what other spiritual healing modalities you have tried, none of them touch or affect the MATRIX Body and its programming. It is the part of you, that despite your best efforts, still creates dysfunction in your life and affairs. It is the reason why seeming bad things happen to good people and why life on Earth seems so unfair.

The Image below is symbolic as well as literal. It represents the location of just one MATRIX Control Center within your MATRIX Body. MATRIX Control Centers like this are scattered throughout your MATRIX Body, which overlays your physical body, starting at the head and going all the way down the spine. The ones that are located in the lower back and upper buttocks cause pain and discomfort for many even though most people think this is normal, it is not. There are multiple MATRIXES and multiple Control Centers throughout the MATRIX Body and since there is no map of this phenomenon, it has taken many years to identify the various MATRIXES and MATRIX Controls Centers and shut them down within Alexandriah Stahr's clients. This is why Alexandriah Stahr's Monthly Star Team Program is so vital. It gives ongoing support to those who are linked up to it so that as these MATRIXES and Control Centers are identified on the Master MATRIX Level first and then within her clients, the MATRIX Programming is removed and replaced automatically. This allows Alexandriah's clients to go through the Freedom From the MATRIX Program quickly, easily and effortlessly ahead of the Divine Plan to FREE all Humanity by 2045. If you have further questions, you can pre-pay for First Time Caller Consultation with Alexandriah Stahr

Alexandriah Stahr #ufo #fundie star-essence.org

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Star-Essence.org is the new website home of the True Ashtar Command, now known as the Solar Star Command, whose Healing Mission is, as revealed through Commander Alexandriah Stahr, daughter of Commander Ashtar, to Free Humanity From the MATRIX by 2045

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