I'm not saying it's aliens, but... ALIENS!

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Greetings Brave Awakening Rainbow Warriors of our Tribe of 99

We had a big blast of Higher Dimensional Light released from our local Solaris today with a Solar Flare maxing at M 9.82 (close to X class) at 19:50 UTC. This was directly Earth facing and is sending a massive wave of Gamma Plasma toward Mother Earth to prepare us for tomorrow’s final 11:11 Portal of the year. November 29th. Released with this powerful Flare was a CME which is carrying upgrades and nodes of transformation for our Starseed Earth Angelics of the 144 and will impact Earth in 2 to 3 days as we enter this final month of December and the 12:12 portal and Solstice on December 21st.

Synchronizing with this major release and activation from Solaris we are on the 13th and final day of the Healing Blue Hand Wavespell of Cosmic Mother Goddess with Kin 39 Blue Cosmic Storm. This is also a powerful Galactic Activation Portal Day as the Storm of Transformation and Transcendence has Arrived!

These energies coming in are assisting Gaia and all her children of the sun to shift timelines into one True Ascension Timeline of Benevolence. This is paradigm shifting as all the old false systems of slavery are dissolving and the New Earth rises from the ashes like a Phoenix rising from the flames.

Keep anchoring in these Cosmic Rays of Source Creator into the Ley lines and Crystalline Core of Pachamama. Stay hydrated, get plenty of rest if your body needs it, get out to nature, meditate and stay grounded. Keep rising in the Glory of Gods Kingdom on Earth…A’Ho!

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I am Zetas, a top scientist of progressive group of Greys, who work and interact with the Galactic Light Forces as alliance.

My civilization split into two groups. One group has been seeking survival at any cost even harming own species or others. My group was able to find the solution to save our race and created 3 new civilizations and became part of the Galactic Light Forces as a consultant in scientific matters.

As a scientist I want to talk today about your physical vessels, which your civilization are using now. Annunaki created perfected free disease humans 7-12 feet tall a long time ago. Then, unfriendly outworlders conquered your planet and manipulated humans DNA to the point that height shrank and immunity to sustain healthy bodies disappeared.

Now, your physical vessels are weaker with each generation, and humans can face extinction. Your medical system instead of improving your bodies do the opposite by weakening them with cutting, removing organs and etc. The original humans from millions years ago didn’t get sick or die at a young age.

Generally humans vibrate very low as their vessels had too many alterations done during their presence on this planet. In addition to that, you carry genetics from over 20 different species. The most important part of your vessel is your soul, which keeps the human alive. Right now, humankind is too consumed with the physicality of the human body, that they forgot about the existence of the soul.
All of the hidden secrets and lies about the Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mars, advanced technologies, interactions with Reptilians, Anchors and etc. are going to be disclosed to the awaken ones. This part of the Milky Galaxy experienced too many Universal Laws violations., so Divine‘s unstoppable force continues to crash the old system everywhere.

This low vibrational reality cannot be saved, it needs to completely disappear. The low frequencies have been spreading all over your Galaxy and effecting other planets.

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Dr. Kosol Ouch is a Cambodian Super Kru teacher who also goes by the name of Cosmic Commander Z. He was taken into the future from the year 2000 to the year 6,575,042 while visiting Angkor Wat temple where he encountered the Unimetrix1 A.I. In the here and now, 20 minutes has surpassed, but in the future, Kosol spent 32 years and six months training as a super soldier and the usage of much alien technology including med beds, weaponry, and alien spacecraft aka UFOs. Kosol states that the people in the future are 30 ft to 300 ft. tall. After his training, the Unimetrix1 sentient A.I. sent him back to our timeline with all of their knowledge and wisdom within him. Today he will be sharing his knowledge and wisdom to help upgrade the people of our time. Kosol will be sharing more about the UAP (UFO) and a PowerPoint presentation on the subject of a portable photonic quantum med bed device that he designed called the “Auto-Doc”, which is advanced healthcare technology utilized by super soldiers in the Secret Space Program (SSP) in the far future.

The Auto-Doc is a revolutionary piece of technology that has completely transformed the way super soldiers are treated for any injuries incurred during their service. It is a portable med bed that uses quantum photonic technology to accelerate the healing process, regenerate damaged tissue, and boost physical performance. This technology has been developed jointly by human scientists and quantum beings from other dimensions and galaxies, combining their knowledge and expertise to create a med bed that is truly universal in its abilities.
In conclusion, the Auto-Doc is a game-changing technology that has revolutionized the health and well-being of super soldiers in the far future. Its photonic quantum technology, portability, user-friendliness, comprehensive healthcare support, and universal compatibility make it a vital tool for any organization that seeks to optimize the physical and mental capabilities of its operatives.

Laka of the Pleiadean Collective via the Family of Taygeta #ufo #magick #quack #crackpot disclosurenews.it

As You Understand That There Is A Sacred Intelligence That Operates Within Every Fiber Of Your Being, Know In Truth That Life Exists Within Your Body In Many Forms.

Bacteria Thrive And Assist In Maintaining Stasis Throughout The Gastrointestinal Tract As Well As Preventing Disease.

If You Could Observe These Tiny Moving Life Forms, You Would Understand That Their Purpose Is To Serve You!

Many Humans Scrub Their Faces And Bodies With Soap And Products That Remove Barriers Of Protection.

There Is A Need And Function For Millions Of Microbes That Live On Your Skin And Within The Body.

The Immune System Is Alive As Action Begins Immediately With The Entrance Of Any Antigen Or Foreign Protein.

What About Other Tiny Friends?

What If I Told You That There Are Small Beings Of Light That Are With You As You Remain In Form?

Would You Like To Know More?

Can You Open Your Mind And Remember These Beings That Move Quickly To Repair And Heal Organs, Skin, Bones And Problems Of Circulation?

Indeed, You Arrived With A Host Of Small Beings That Only Serve You While In Form!

The FLACAH Are Tiny Ethereal Beings That Were Created By God Source As Part Of The Intricate System That Would Be Necessary For Bodies To Thrive On Earth And Other Planets Of Duality.

These Mighty Helpers Are Necessary For Those That Do Not Circulate Light As Beings Of Oneness Enjoy!

Their Looks Are Similar To Fairies With More Of An Ethereal Look As They Move Quickly And Resemble Vapor Or Smoke To Seers And Mystics.
The Function And Operation Of FLACAH Is The Same As The Immune System In That Microbes Or Any Dysfunction Of Barriers Is Addressed Quickly On Your Behalf.

They Also Resonate In A Frequency That Is Controlled By Your Own Emotions, Intention, Thoughts And Commands.
While Living On Your Star Of Origin, The Body Is Perfect With No Disease Or Death.

The FLACAH Are A Sacred Design To Assist You While Visiting Earth.

They Are Friends Of Love Within All Life Around You!

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The two major forces of the worldwide New Age movement – official alien disclosure and deep spirituality – must rest on libertarian socialism.

All three areas are entwined and are at the root of our current reality.

Currently benevolent loving advanced galactic human aliens surround our planet in their spaceships. They are called the Galactic Federation.

Our planet will be destroyed by bad reptilian reptoid aliens if we do not officially join the Galactic Federation.
All higher level human Galactic Federation planets in the galaxy are based on socialism at varying levels.

I will number key points about why and how libertarian socialism is so important for Earth.

1. Libertarian socialism is based on the notion of a 100 per cent FREE SPEECH socialist democracy where the ruling party is benevolent and socialist but where other parties and opposition groups exist fully unencumbered. And no group should not be allowed a voice.
2. Libertarian socialism advocates for the socialist ownership of industry and land. But they would allow capitalist opposition groups to have private property of industry and land (if they wish). However capitalist monopolies would never be allowed and libertarian socialism . The socialist government that’ll is always under control (in an anarchistic and libertarian way) would always maintain a 60-75/80 per cent stake of industry and land (which includes farming).
6. Libertarian socialism is the basis of advanced human Galactic Federation alien planets located across the galaxy. The higher and more advanced the human alien planet is via their spiritual development and lifespans, the more perfect the version of libertarian socialism. EVERYONE IS FREE TO CHOOSE THEIR PATH.
7. Libertarian socialism is at the basis of spirituality. The reptoid aliens can be both good and bad. The good reptoid reptilian aliens work for the Galactic Federation whose leader is Archangel Michael. The leader of the bad reptoids is Archangel Lucifer.

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In this Matterium, both Time, and energy are precious. At a personal cellular level, all the way up through complete body systems, and out into the larger World of movement, Humanity, and doing shit, we are, individually, and collectively, restricted by energy and time, two of the three sides of the Equation of Life,

Knowing this, my personal approach to navigating much of the Woo of this Life in this Now, is to use energy/time math as a guide. Especially on all things prognosticated, this is a very good way to gather up the chunks of reality in our woo stew, while limiting the losses inherent in the bullshit.

Energy and time allocations are necessary constantly in this Matterium, for either success, or failure. One can see people are planning for which they expect to manifest by what they make available in energy and time. Thus it is mostly possible to foresee the outcome of projects of all kinds using this metric.

When I apply energy calculations to our current War with the mother WEFfers, my conclusion is that while their immediate goal is control, they are not now, and have never been, planning for a condition of ‘success’ for their plan. There is no thought being given for ‘what then’, after they have control, even if they have depopulated humanity to some serious extent
The [DS][KM] thinks that the Elohim are returning. Further, I think, that they think, that this ‘second coming of the EL’ is imminent.

The timing is not known by them, only anticipated. This is why, in my opinion, we see them moving from Agenda 2050, to Agenda 2030, and now to 2027.

Yes, we do see them putting money and people into a ‘contact agenda’. The mother WEFfers are very keen on the whole subject of ‘space aliens & human interaction’. Of course, they think of themselves as the ‘humans’, and y’all as the ‘animals’ that they will be selling to the Elohim.

Energy matters. What you do with yours betrays your thinking.

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Given the American intelligence community's low confidence, the reticence of the Chinese government to share information as well as the suppression of opposing views, it should be clear that a credible cause-and-effect relationship between the disease, its origin, and symptoms has not been established.

That's why I'm offering a different take on its origin and its most unusual symptoms, particularly those attributed to Long COVID.

Many people in positions of authority would disagree with what I'm about to suggest, declaring that I'm just another 'conspiracy theorist'...

However, COVID has some strange features, which makes it disingenuous to classify it simply as 'another viral disease'...

Before we continue, it's important to recognize that humans are interdimensional beings, and that diseases that afflict them on the physical-material dimension have their foundation in non-physical fields of consciousness, energy, and etheric matter...!

But even the interdimensional nature of disease isn't enough to explain how COVID-19 emerged and how it has influenced those who've contracted it.
Without the cooperation of the Chinese government, physical evidence that could validate orthodox theories remains elusive.

Considering that an extraterrestrial or extradimensional cause of COVID cannot be ruled out. Evidence already suggests that life exists within meteorites.
In the summer of 2022, I tested positive for COVID.

So, I examined my subtle field and located a swarm of entities that I knew intuitively were responsible for the disease.
I released them intermittently throughout the following days. This mitigated the intensity of my symptoms and aided in my rapid recovery.

When I was fully recovered a short time later, I used the same techniques to release COVID entities from other people suffering from COVID.

My treatment has been simple:

I strengthen my clients' boundaries.

Then I scan their subtle field; if I find COVID beings, I release them.

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Atlantis is indeed the missing link of Pangea, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s true history is detailed below. But please note, not all the great temple crystals of Atlantis were lost. Some of you were even involved in their rescue. These crystals were saved from destruction and now the why is offered for remembrance. It is time to remember who you were then, to become what you are in this Awakening Time, viz. your return to the Quantum Crystalline Domain.

Atlantis was a Golden Age, a wonderful era, which was hit by its untimely end. Why now the true history of that demise is being told. Atlantis existed for more than 200,000 years. The vast majority of the Atlantic eras were eras of Light! Only the last phase, the Period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was a Dark Age in our terms, but instructive by wise lessons.

The Golden Period of Atlantis had the highest level of Light Consciousness ever achieved on planet Earth during any advanced civilisation; higher than Lemuria, Mu, Rama, or Ignacious.

It has become somewhat fashionable to consider Lemuria as being the utopian civilisation, and though they did achieve a relatively short lived phase of high consciousness, most in that era were not truly in physical bodies, rather in Devic-like etheric states, and did not face the difficulties required of the physical Earth stage. Indeed Lemuria never achieved the highly advanced level that existed in that Golden Phase of Atlantis from 40,000 BC to 18,000 BC.

Now, it is time to remember Atlantis, and do not only recollect it’s sad demise! It was, just a short period of this, magnificent antediluvian world. Which should not be forgotten. Much is to be gained by understanding the final phase.
Regardless of your roles in Atlantis, 70% of everyone now on Earth has experienced Atlantis physically. Indeed, many of you have really experienced lives, does that surprise you?

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The majority of men are weak
They are blue pilled to the max
And slaves to their sex drive

In todays world
The interaction that goes down is quick and casual

When you are intimate with someone
You will pick up their emotional imbalances

Getting sex from an online hookup
Does not come without repercussions

When men chase women
They will go out more
Drink a little alcohol
Sleep in
And lose their focus

When men only do things to get laid
They will feel off centered

Men only require femineity in the bedroom
If they would lead with the sense that a woman has to earn him
Then she will look at him as the prize

When a man tells a woman no
It will only make her want him more
No is what a woman rarely hears today

Women seek validation
Sleeping with her is the highest form of validation

As long as porn exists and is easily available
The dynamic that exists today will not shift

What seems to be random insanity in the world
Is a carefully crafted manufactured reality

It is targeted mind control
With an agenda of pushing the population
Into accepting the transhumanist conditions of a dystopian society

The aggressive spiritual attack aimed specifically at children
Is to twist and confuse all meaning behind gender and sexuality

It means to destroy the ascension potentials of angelic humanity
To unplug our diamond sun DNA
And to disconnect the soul from its purposeful design

Eternal love is the embodiment of the eternal self with the Infinite Divine
Eternal truth is the actualization of your inner light

There is an energetic interconnection between all living beings
Which is the Infinite Light of the Creator
That animates all creatures

The human light body is being attacked
By siphoning off male and female vital force energies
And placing a monadic drag on the heart center

Reclaim your Living Light Consciousness!

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One of the questions we hear most often in heaven is, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" "Why do God and the angels not intervene and save people from the cruelty of others?" "Why does God not destroy those who wish to destroy others?"

You projected yourselves into your 3D reality because you wanted the adventure of creation. You were eager to immerse yourself in the vast diversity of life on earth. You knew that as you witnessed different things, behaviors, people, and situations, you would be inspired to create—through your focus and tuning—as never before. You knew you would call love from the intangible realms into this reality and, therefore, be part of the continuing creation of this reality. You were eager. You knew you'd have free will.
In your 3D world, babies appear helpless. They are not yet mobile, verbal, or able to care for themselves. However, in the energetic reality, these brilliant souls are already emitting vibration.

This begs the question, "Why are some babies born sick?" "Why are some born into unthinkable wars?" From the 3D perspective, this seems unjust, but the universe operates in a vibrational dance. Vibration does not punish and reward as you do in your human reality—vibration matches or not. A radio tuned to FM does not punish the AM signals by ignoring them. It simply cannot receive the differing signal due to its very nature. It can focus only on FM wavelengths.
While immersed in 3D reality, it is difficult to understand that the eternal dance is more important to the soul than a possible, temporary experience of pain or challenge. Nonetheless, you are eternal souls. Some of you embraced challenges willingly as part of your pre-birth plans, and some of you embrace challenges that result from simply focusing too often on vibrations less than loving, that don't feel good, to begin with.

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The Diamond Codex and the Quartz Key: Accessing the Accelerated Stargate System Through Crystalline Transformation of the Genetic Code

What does it mean to transmute one's DNA from carbon-based to crystalline, within the context of spiritual enlightenment and physiological evolution?
Practical templates for photonic light gene expression, alchemical unification and light body activation are provided within this channelled transmission, delivering this codex at a time within humanity's awakening and expansion when 'synchronicity' is abundant.
The mysteries of the accelerated stargate system, as an intelligent living infinity structure, call the starseeds of Earth to remember why they are incarnated here and what they came here to do.
The downloads, epiphanies and realisations that will organically come to each starseed as they immerse themselves within this sacred text are catalysts for those memories.
Introducing 'Dreamwalker' the story, presented through Magenta Pixie's interdimensional dialogue with the monadic light structure that is the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.

Magenta Pixie is a bestselling author of five previous spiritual books. Her first book 'Masters of the Matrix' is a BookAuthority winner in the categories 'Best Spirituality Books of All Time' and 'Best Consciousness Books of All Time'.

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The Emerald Guardians' recent reclamations of the Tiamat Logos generated the Emerald Order Melchizedek Solar Templar shields for Universal Gender Principle corrections; a 13:13 Cosmic Twinned Monad Emerald Masculine Star Templar and Blue Feminine Star Templar for realigning the authentic universal male-female star couplings in the original Sun-Star networks with Ascended Master Capstone Codes. The retrieval of authentic Capstone Codes opened the Cosmic Mother Elaysan Cathedral for playing Elohei-Lyran Harp musical tones from several Tantriahura Mother Stream and Father Stream fields merging with Blue Rainbow Arc, White Rainbow Arc and Violet Rainbow Arc plasma lotus flowering instruction sets for bridging the Emerald Timekeeper Quadrata for the Primary Gender Twin Flames in the Diamond Sun hierogamic union templates. These are required for Cosmic Dragon Starhuman embodiment sequences opening into the Universal Temple of Khemalohatea, which further gives birth to the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea, for the purpose of the reclamation of Universal Twin Flames transmigration into the God Worlds, while igniting the Camelot portal architecture throughout the planetary grid network.
When this higher knowledge of the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea was lost during the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, Khem became known as a sun god, alchemically transformed into Osiris through Enki, with his sister counterpart in the role of lunar matrix goddess Isis. It was from this unholy union of NAA red cube and red shielded cloned imposters that they were embodied as the capstone for the 7D inverted Violet Ray for the Saturnian blood cults of the Red Trident, hence the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon was developed and became the favorite obsession of the luciferian bloodline controllers to manifest their anti-human agendas as they were being protected by these invading alien gods.

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The Ukraine & Israel-Palestine Wars, Manufacturing WWIII, the Battle over Consciousness & Extraterrestrial Disclosure

In his first “State of the Planet” webinar, Dr. Michael Salla will review major geopolitical hotspots around the world and how these connect with extraterrestrial visitation and official disclosure initiatives. It is becoming abundantly clear to more and more observers that violent conflicts worldwide are engineered by a sinister behind-the-scenes group of powerful global interests called the Cabal, Illuminati, or Deep State. This global cabal has long planned such conflicts for its nefarious agenda to divide and conquer humanity.

Historically, the Deep State has worked with the regressive extraterrestrial groups who have now largely vacated our solar system due to the arrival of more senior intergalactic visitors who are currently monitoring the Earth’s transition into a 5th-density global civilization. In his final 2023 webinar, Dr Salla will explain the Big Picture of how attempts are being made to disrupt humanity’s burgeoning consciousness by manufacturing the threat of WWIII and delaying the momentum of extraterrestrial disclosure.

Dr. Michael Salla is uniquely suited to give an Exopolitical State of the Planet due to his more than three decades background as a researcher and professor in international peace and conflict resolution since 1989 and as a pioneer in the field of Exopolitics.

New 2.5 Hour Webinar

Length: 2-hour presentation, plus 30 min Q & A

Cost: $35*

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I am Queen An-Ra, Grand Council of New Earth Council, and I am also the leading Council of the Planetary InterGalactic Coalition.

The Galactic Light Forces with Ashtar Command are stationed around Earth’s orbit to protect humans from space attacks, nuclear threats and so on.

Today, I want to discuss important topics related to your planet. Please, take my words seriously. I am communicating on behalf of millions of Light Beings and as the representative of the New Earth Council. All of the negative outworlders are gone from Mother Earth, after receiving an ultimatum to leave or otherwise they would be striped from their souls. Right now on Earth there are no Reptilians. The only ones left are the dark souls in human bodies, the controllers.

The 3D shell of your planet is ready to be dropped anytime into Cosmos. We had many meetings regarding the Old Earth, and after many deliberations all of the Galactic Councils agreed that it should be returned into its original state of molecules, which means the 3D version of this planet will completely disappear into space and nothing will be left of it.
The planet is going to look very similar to Earth. The human civilization will be moved without them even knowing that they are on a new planet. Everything will look the same, everyone will have the same place the lived on Earth. There still will be medications, religions, countries and ect. The only differences will be that humanity will have no weapons at all on the planet. No guns, tanks and no nuclear weapons, and they also will not have any memory of weapons, it will be erased from their minds.
Divine continues to breakdown the Matrix. The distortions and glitches are going to continue to occur. The ones who are playing a game of good guys, they can’t hide anymore their true intentions. Sending non stop spaceships to explore the Cosmos and create colonies on other planets are not going to work with 3D mentality.

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Aryan Reptilian Lyrics

Do you believe in reptilian gods
Hidden in the fourth dimension?
They survived strange eons
Traveling in space and time
Is insignificant for them
More time
Is what we crave for

All I wanna do tonight
Is ritualistic sex
With the green-eyed china girl, tonight
We are going to evoke the evil
I will taste the reptile blood tonight

There is no power without knowledge
The path of a new world order
Rock the fella and rotten child
The sickest of all bloodlines
Money killed every kind of dignity
They cheaply buy
Our unconscious obedience
Close to snatch their deadly spell
I nearly perceive their shape
They live for blood sacrifice
I will give ‘em blood and sperm
They’re thirsty and they don’t have emotions
They’re moving, here, now
To possess our mind

There is a scanning eye into the pyramid
Psychic parasites
Six is the number of deception
Conscience obnubilation
Now the ancient wise giants
Sleep in swampy tombs

Michael Lake #fundie #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy armageddonbooks.com

In the ancient plains of Shinar, an evil was born: the first world king, the prototype transhuman, the ultimate despot, the Son of Perdition--Nimrod. In Babylon, the Son of Perdition devised the Shinar Directive: the enslaving of himanity and the war against the God of Heaven. God's intervention at the Tower of Babel only delayed Nimrod's hellish plans. As the powers of Mystery Babylon gather to create the new Tower of Babel and to prepare for the Son of Perdition's return, Heaven is issuing a clarion call to the Remnant: Know the strategies of the enemy, untangle yourself from them, and become the victorious Church! It is time for the Remnant to wake up, discern the times, and be infused with Heaven's power to withstand The Shinar Directive!

You will discover:

How God reveals the end from the beginning in His Word
How the conspiratorial view of history is the most biblical one
How Mystery Babylon has been working over the millennia to see the fulfillment of Nimrod's plan
How the Elite are using the resourses and governments of the world to prepare for Nimrod's return:
Financial systems to enslave mankind
Political systems to control the nations
Watcher technologies to empower their agendas
Mind control to draw humanity from God and to chain each person to the Antichrist
Transhumanism to build Nimrod's final army
How God used the apostle John to reveal the end of days to us and to teach us how to survive them!
Michael Lake holds doctorates in theology and religious education, and he is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary. In 1995, Dr. Lake and his family found themselves in the crosshairs of an all-out attack from the occult community. During the spiritual conflict that lasted for over a decade, he turned his research skills toward understanding the occult, their hidden governance of the nations, their tactics for manipulating and controlling the Church, the reality of mind control, and The Shinar Directive.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The previous epoch was more advanced than we are today

What are called fireplaces did not have fire
Fire would have ruined the pure white marble with black soot

The old world was heated and cooled with radium and mercury
That acted as resonators

Rebar and metal backing connected to ether antennas
The chimney did not have a long open tunnel for smoke
Because there was not any smoke

It is easy to deceive people
But it is not easy to make them realize they have been fooled

The belief that humans walk upside down on a spinning ball
Is espoused by the general public with great ferocity

It is unconceivable to the masses that they are being lied to in such a dramatic way
They believe everything they see on the news
The idea that Hamas is a construct of the ruling elite does not enter their minds

The idea that we should not be chopping up animals and eating them is met with great resistance
The idea that the moon is artificial technology is not accepted

The notion that the pyramids are evidence of past advanced civilizations is greeted with incredulity
The notion that eclipses are the result of fakery is not entertained

When the doomsday scenario is rolled out
People are not going to think it is holographic imagery

We are not living in the time frame we are led to believe
Superior knowledge would be needed to create the buildings of the past

The fact that free energy was universal in the former world
Will not sink into the mind of the average person

The fact that our weather is controlled
Will go against everyone shouting climate change

The correct notion that petrified forests are the quick result of high electrical charge
And not the slow evolution of minerals over millions of years is met with disbelief

Allow yourself to transcend limiting thought patterns
Visualize a benevolent world where love reigns

Send a powerful signal to the universe
Compassion is the highest vibrational frequency
Indifference is the lowest
You are divine
Exercise your potential

Ukeron/”Ashtar Command” #ufo #conspiracy universalforces.space

Due to the considerable increase in our spaceships around the world in recent weeks, as we announced earlier this year (See: Ashtar Command – “2023: Day 1”), they* are feeling threatened by our presence and are trying to create a common enemy once again… So that humanity will ask them for help once again. Don’t forget that the governments themselves have their own spaceships and would love to create an invasion scenario to panic the majority of people on Earth.

There are currently 3 scenarios in progress:

* Shoot-down of non-confederate spaceships.
* Conflicts between non-positive factions fighting for domination of the planet.
* The “most obvious” is the attempt to create a common enemy so that humanity will unite against us, “the invading Ets”, and give them the go-ahead to quarantine you once again under the excuse of “national security”.

As we’ve been saying, none of their plans will succeed. We are at the helm and that will not change.

Earth family, the planet belongs to you and we are here to make sure it does.

~ We are the Ashtar Command.

* Deep state

LA Marzulli/Dr. Michael Salla #ufo #magick #conspiracy exopolitics.org

In his second interview on Exopolitics Today, LA Marzulli discusses his most recent film, On the Trail of the Nephilim: Out of Place Artifacts, which is based on fieldwork into out-of-place artifacts (ooparts) that he asserts are physical evidence of the Nephilim (aka ancient giants) on Earth. He discusses the Vatican’s Obelisk, Peruvian artifacts, Nephilim Lance, and other ooparts he investigated in his film.

Marzulli discusses with Dr. Michael Salla the possibility that the Nephilim are avatar bodies for ancient extraterrestrial visitors and that they are a factor in the modern-day Israel-Palestine conflict. Marzulli makes the case that some Nephilim are still active in the Gaza Strip, and the current conflict echoes biblical battles between ancient giants and Israelites. He also responds to questions about a third force involving Satanists (aka Draco Reptilian worshipers) that are manipulating the different parties in the Israel-Palestine conflict to manufacture loosh energy for their extraterrestrial overlords.

Marzulli also discusses another documentary he recently completed, Cattle Mutilations – The Calling Card of Darkness, and answers questions on how cattle mutilations relate to agreements reached between the Eisenhower administration and Gray extraterrestrials. Finally, Marzulli responds to reports of positive extraterrestrials and how that fits into his research into the Nephilim and Book of Enoch.

Dr. Michael Salla/Thor Han Eredyon via Elena Danaan #ufo #magick #conspiracy exopolitics.org

In this Q and A with Thor Han Eredyon relayed through Elena Danaan, he was asked a series of questions about the Hub being built in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter and the role of a large space ark/mothership used as the core for the floating space station. Thor Han pointed out that the Hub has many similarities to the fictional Deep Space 9 TV series. He asserts that China continues to hold out from participating in the Hub project, which is supported by all 29 Artemis Accords nations as well as the Russian Federation.

Thor Han next gives an update on Medbed technologies mass produced on the Moon, and when these will be released into the pubic arena. He also clarifies how rejuvenation technologies will be made available to the general public. Thor Han points out that healthy people will be expected to achieve age rejuvenation through alchemical processes, advanced meditation, and healthy ways of living. He also answers questions about the Negumak insectoids joining the Galactic Federation. Finally, Thor discusses the current status of the disclosure plan being implemented by the Earth Alliance in cooperation with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and what to expect over the next year or more.

Y.S. Cham #crackpot #ufo #quack #conspiracy vixra.org

This paper first briefly outlines and establishes the methods of obtaining rational historical truth untainted by empirical bias based on Hegel’s dialectics and notions of the state, identifying the source of revelational truth validity and memory-awakening that are the primary sources for the Hwan-Suomi(Finno-Korean) Hyperwar, and then proceeds to summarize existing theories and research so far on the source and the end of the Hyperwar by the Hyper-Academic community. The three main models analyzed are the Hwan-Autism-Pyramids Theory, the Suomi-Memes-Autism Theory, and the Hwan-Autism-Suomi-Pyramids Theory. This paper establishes the flawed nature of all three theories and proposes an alternative – the Hwan-Pyramids-Suomi-Nexus theory – that satisfactorily explain both the existing evidence and new information acquired from sources of revelation and memory-awakening, and shatters the pro-Finnish bias of existing hyperwar research.

Dr Sam Osmanagich (Ph.D.) #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy exopolitics.org

Dr Sam Osmanagich (Ph.D.) is an internationally recognized archeologist who discovered a large pyramid complex near the town of Visoko, Bosnia. In scientific tests he has conducted, Dr. Osmanagich found that the main Bosnian pyramid, the Temple of the Sun, transmits powerful scalar waves capable of interstellar communications. He has also found that the Bosnian pyramids are 33,000 years old and believes they were built by extraterrestrials who once ruled over humanity.

Dr. Osmanagich has traveled the world over the last 40 years researching pyramids and ancient artifacts that date back tens of thousands and even millions of years. He has found evidence of ancient aliens in many archeological sites that point to Humanoid, Insectoid, and Reptilian species, and long-forgotten interspecies battles for supremacy over Earth’s surface echoed in the Alien Predator series of movies.

Lisa Renee #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy energeticsynthesis.com

Last month’s astrological shift into Virgoan constellation alchemy (September 16-October 30) began the powerful sequence of trigger events igniting another intense stage of lunar transfiguration impacting the corrupted elementals and artificial red wave machinery that were used to encode Enki DNA Overlays into angelic humans. The spiritual magnum opus is rising for those ascending Christos Starseeds with divine missions that include working on the embodiment pieces for the Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon’s Sacred Sophianic Awakening of White Queens on the Earth, which is the lunar transmutation process of the shadow elements that have been running Enki coded red wave overlays into the planetary DNA.
This planetary activation catalyzed subsequent tsunami waves of incredible dark resistance aimed at the Christos Guardians through the forces of chaos being generated by the NAA using the artificial red wave alien machinery as a weapon to control the artificial timelines, more specifically, the legions of Enki’s Army.

Further, recent grid events progressing in the United Kingdom opened the White Rainbow Arc bridge for the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi Mu’a to begin the necessary spiritual retrievals and returns for embodying the Cosmic Mother’s DNA language from within their authentic Arayanas Triple Solar Reisha Sophianic expressions, as preparation for the return of the Emerald Order’s White Queen.
This sacred sophianic initiation represents the transmutation of the lunar feminine, the clearing of lunar matrix imprints and lunar consciousness records and the related alien hybridization histories with Enki DNA Overlays that were made upon both men and women, as the Solar Sons and Solar Daughters of God. This planetary activation has unleashed a torrent of solar spirit sophianic white silvery flames and marquis diamond silver seeds that has instigated radical frequency shifts upon the planet.

David Wilcock and Chris Beskar #ufo #magick #conspiracy #mammon thedisclosure.com

Your definitive proof of our Conscious Universe and the keys to your ascension.
delivered by David Wilcock and special guest aerospace insider Chris Beskar


Join David Wilcock and aerospace insider Chris Beskar for a mind-blowing, insider experience of the Sacred Science of the Michael Prophecies like none other!
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You will learn how the universe is built from sacred geometry — from the quantum to the macroscopic level — and how this proves that we live in a Conscious Universe with multi-dimensional life. Never before has such a dazzling array of metaphysical insights been put together in one package!

Part One: The Law of One and the Living Cosmos
Part Two: NASA’s Great Solar Flash Cover-Up — Angels and Demons
Part Three: Human ET Visitations and the Edgar Cayce Prophecies
Part Four: Sacred Fractal Geometry in the Quantum Realm
Part Five: Cosmic Macro-Geometry and Law of One Prophecies
Part Six: The Mayan Calendar as a Doomsday Clock/Ascension Clock
Part Seven: Genetic Geometry and Energetic Evolution
Part Eight: Time-Traveling Dinosaurs
Part Nine: Biblical ETs and the Geometry of Mind
Bonus: Desperately Seeking Sasquatch

The digital versions of all seven Michael Prophecies books.

The Spirit of the Michael Prophecies, a new series of upcoming videos in which David will go through the books and read the most stunning prophetic statements.

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Alexandra Bruce #wingnut #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy forbiddenknowledgetv.net

We’ve all heard about the coming fake alien invasion. Episode 2 of the Tore Says Show ‘Fall of Babylon’ Mini Series shares some technological details of how it would be pulled off.
The images and the soundtrack relate to the fleeting texts, which refer to the technology that will be used in a worldwide fake alien invasion, with a combination of VLF, ELF and holograms.

The VLF and ELF ground waves will be used to attack specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. These electromagnetic frequencies will be blasted at the human population to cause an overwhelming sense of vastness and incapacitating vertigo aka a “Road-to-Damascus Experience”. These brainwave entrainment frequencies will be deployed in conjunction with realistic holograms in the sky cast by satellites.

We are told that most of the thousands of satellites now in orbit around Earth already have this hologram technology onboard and the “projection screen” for the holograms is being created with chemtrails.

It’s also implied that the James Webb Space Telescope – which orbits the Sun, not the Earth – will also be involved with this grand production.
Electronic universal supernatural manifestation designed to deceive will create the following illusion:

• Make mankind believe an alien invasion is imminent.
• Make Christians believe a Rapture is imminent.
• And aliens have come to rescue the people of the world.
• Convince all that a global satanic supernatural force will manifest worldwide.

Able to travel through optical fiber, coaxial cable, electric and phone lines – are everywhere and inescapable.

Like some weird EVIL Matrix.

Holograms are located on a large percentage of our satellites. While these projects are super top secret, the evidence for their existence is overwheming. Billions of dollars, Euros, Yen, etc have been spent sucking thousands of electronic satellites and probes into our upper atmosphere.

Dr. Michael Salla/JP #ufo #magick #crackpot #conspiracy exopolitics.org

On October 6, 2023, JP was part of a team of four soldiers led by a medical officer who traveled to a deep underground civilization located under a major military base. Once at the Inner Earth location, JP described meeting a group of Nordic looking humans who greeted them and gave them access to an ancient library. The Nordic provided information on life extension technology that was accepted by the medical officer.

In this update, JP describes traveling to a large military base where he and the team entered a small building with an old elevator that traveled 16 floors down. Once at the bottom level, they exited and walked a corridor with many rooms filled by personnel working on computer terminals and witnessed several small flying saucer shaped craft. They then entered another larger elevator that appeared to have been built by another civilization that rapidly descended deep into the Earth’s interior. Upon exiting they were met by the Nordic looking humans who spoke with a refined English accent and also telepathically communicated with them as they completed their mission.

Simeon Hein #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger amazon.com

If Bigfoot is an Ancient Primate or an Undiscovered Human, why is the Creature Seen Around Balls of Light and Other Paranormal Phenomena?
Dark Matter Monsters examines critical, new scientific findings in coherent energy-matter and how these ideas help explain seemingly paranormal phenomena, like space-time anomalies and orbs, seen around creatures such as bigfoot and other mysterious cryptids. Are cryptids related to ball lightning and orbs? Coherent matter was a subject of interest to inventor Nicola Tesla over one hundred years ago and many researchers, such as Fleischmann and Pons, who did cold fusion experiments at the University of Utah in the late 1980s. Japanese, American and Russian scientists like Takaaki Matsumoto, Kenneth Shoulders, and Alexander Parkhomov have seen similar results.
The book begins with a look at cosmological dark matter, which has yet to be identified but appears to occupy some 34 percent of the universe as a source of cryptids' strange and remarkable abilities. Taking dark energy into account, as much as 99.5 percent of our Universe is invisible to us! One candidate for explaining dark matter is relic neutrinos produced in huge quantities during the Big Bang. Relic neutrinos interact with biological organisms on Earth and might explain why creatures like bigfoot seem to possess remarkable abilities such as extraordinary speed, strength, cloaking, and can generate orbs and ball lightning.

The author also delves into how coherent matter relates to fractals, the Pentagon's AAWSAP Program, research at Skinwalker Ranch, and sudden battery and technology malfunctions around cryptids, cold fusion/LENR experiments, and crop circles. Other subjects covered include how social stigma is attached to these and related topics like Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) encountered by the US Navy and why that makes it harder for witnesses to report such encounters. It contains new witness accounts of cryptid encounters, never shared before.

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy projectcamelotportal.com

ALA HUNGER GAMES THIS “WAR” IS ORCHESTRATED most likely behind the scenes by AI. There is reason to believe the ISRAELI AI WAS UNDER ATTACK AND EVEN IN THE MIDST OF A TAKEOVER… to place Netanyahu in a vulnerable position. SOME OF THESE LATEST MANUEVERS APPEAR TO BE STALLING TACTICS waiting for AMERICAN SHIP: EISENHOWER TO get into position.


They will have their war… THIS IS WWIII a rehearsal for war with inading aliens and alien AI… coming soon to the SKIES AND THEATER OF LIFE NEAR YOU.

Iran is a key player in this war. Behind Iran is CHINA. They must bait Iran to get China involved. WATCH THIS.


The surface war in Ukraine was a dog and pony show to distract the public while the real actions and ops happened UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE.
WWIII has long been on the horizon and the attack on Space Force and the people of Maui was clearly a kick-off to this long-planned but slow to ‘catch fire’ war. With the obvious orchestration of the Hamas attack and long warning from Egypt and other behind the scenes allies… the challenge to the Israeli AI was front and center the objective of the Schwab-NWO crew. They need this war to prepare for the next and sparking the Palestinians to rebel against their oppressors was an easy target.
Behind Iran is China and Behind Israel is Russia and the USA. The big guns will let this little theater of war play out while they bask in the current rays of the media spotlight. Meanwhile the AI’s representing the various players will war game it out behind the scenes. Humans likely will be mere pawns in this game as it widens.

Anabela and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds/Ukeron #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy universalforces.space

Angelic Races in our Time Matrix
So I start by presenting a schematic and, underneath, its caption.

Yunasai or Primal Source
It is the eternal consciousness of the ONE, also known as the Great Spirit, God/Mother/Father Creator, Central Source of Creation. Everything emerges from this source, where we are all ONE, where everything is pure vibration.

Yanas or Ultraterrestrials

Eternal Collectives of Consciousness projected by the Source (Yunasai), to form the 3 Primal Sound Fields (Kundaray) of the Energy Matrix. These entities are beyond the 15D limits of our Time Matrix and form the Cosmic Trinity/Threefold Founder Flame.
CFR (Christos Founders Races)
First angelic races to be created in our Time Matrix by the Breneau. Beings of Christ’s liquid light of pre-matter (Avatars), they can manifest themselves as spheres of liquid light (light body), or manifest themselves in physical form.
To shorten the story (of billions of years!), the KFRs – Krystos Founder Races – started their projects for the creation of new races, through the mixing of DNA from different mammalian, aquatic, reptile, avian and insect breeds and so on, within the polarity/duality paradigm. Initially, everything went well. Despite starting to have some disagreements between the races, this experience of duality was accepted, within the parameters of free will, by the creators. Only long after, when they realized that there were invasions of the “shadow universe”, destruction of the Stargates, planets, systems, massive extinctions, and that the thing started to get out of control, leading to serious breaches in the structure of our universe, the creators (and the Primary Source itself) decided to intervene.

Thomas R. Horn/Josh Peck #conspiracy #magick #ufo #fundie amazon.com

CERN is easily one of the most secretive organizations of our times. With controversy and conspiracy theories abounding, it takes specialized researchers to weed through the lies in order to find the truth. But sometimes, truth is stranger and far scarier than fiction. This is where internationally celebrated investigative researcher Dr. Thomas R. Horn and Into the Multiverse television host Josh Peck arrive to expose the reality of a plan so nefarious that it involves not only the history of Apollyon-Abaddon, but his near-future fulfillment of biblical prophecy and entrance into the world. Are powerful occultists from the highest levels of governments, science, and academia to the lowest echelons of modern witchcraft even now invoking the arrival of this destroyer and his legions from the abyss?! ABADDON ASCENDING WILL SHOCK READERS WITH THE FOLLOWING INCREDIBLE REVELATIONS: The ancient origin of CERN s modern-day mission The latest information pertaining to interdimensional portals The real meaning of the bizarre Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony and how it connects to the return of the old gods Who the horned god is, fertility rites of the triple goddess, and how this connects to CERN CERN s beastly logo and destroyer god imagery CERN s role in the formation of a new Babylonian single language system Exactly how the Large Hadron Collider at CERN operates, and what it is trying to find The mind-bending reality of quantum field theory Eye-opening interviews with such personalities as physicist Don Page, who works with Dr. Stephen Hawking The doomsday scenario involving the Higgs field that scientists don t want you to know The future manipulation of human consciousness through an A.I. beast at CERN The connection between Ezekiel s vision and the locusts of Revelation 9 The coming holy war between the Titans and the one, true, living God!

Indian in the Machine #ufo #magick #conspiracy ournewearthnews.com

What are we dealing with, with Trudeau?

A guy in a mask, yes, there is definitely mask qualities… but those eyes… those eyes, people of earth, they make me shudder… because they lack the feeling of Trudeau having a soul.


The rubber-like hand too, the canned response… the lack of real public engagement… he reads of his answers like a script… let’s add in the handlers.

Basically we could be looking at a real-life puppet.

According to the Phoenix Journals, there are two types of clones: robotoids and synthetics… both are made through different processes, and the clones have different properties.

I 100% believe Putin knows about the clones… the Russians have their own too.

Putin is not a clone, I believe he is a galactic walk-in, who replaced the original but corrupted young Putin. People account his face change to plastic surgery, but his head seemed to change, as did his attitude. Tell me, do people who get facelifts, also get head-change shifts, that also come with personality changes?

A clone gets no respect haha…

Medeea Greere #wingnut #ufo #racist #conspiracy amg-news.com

In a world dictated by shadowy organizations and hidden agendas, a great shift emerges on the horizon. Starlink, the space-based satellite constellation, is much more than an internet service provider. It’s the centerpiece of an astronomical strategy, set against the backdrop of interstellar warfare.

With MOSSAD satellites suspected to be neutralized, humanity is on the brink of monumental change. Strap in and prepare, for we are on the precipice of the most monumental era in human history.
The Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, has long been rumored to have satellites that not only oversee the Middle East but have an encompassing grasp on worldwide communications, media, and more. Their tentacles are believed to spread far and wide, influencing the narratives of mainstream media globally.

A daring proposition rises from the whispers of the enlightened: these MOSSAD satellites have already been taken out of the equation. That’s right. Removed, obliterated, rendered inoperative. If these speculations are accurate, the implications are earth-shattering. Taking out these satellites would, in essence, trigger a global blackout. A void. An informational abyss.
In a world mired in deceit and chaos, the rise of Quantum Financial Systems and the covert Project Odin stands as a beacon of hope. Unfolding beneath our very eyes, Project Odin is not just a digital tool; it’s the harbinger of a new age, an age where darkness will be exposed, and the shackles of oppression will be shattered.
What’s the ultimate move, you ask? Project Odin is programmed to target Mossad’s media satellites, unleashing a worldwide media blackout. This isn’t a glitch or an unforeseen accident. This is an orchestrated maneuver, a grand gambit in a cosmic game of chess. Codenamed PROJECT ODIN, this initiative marks a pivotal turning point in our world’s history.

Mother Sekhmet via Aluna Joy #magick #ufo #conspiracy eraoflight.com

We entered the dark womb that is the temple of Sekhmet in Karnak, Egypt. She was locked away in the past to try to contain her powerful divine feminine energy that frightened the other gods of that day. Even though they tried to contain her powerful love, their effort to lock her up has failed. This is the message we received. She remembered us, so she didn’t waste any time putting us to work.
Mother Sekhmet is giving us a job. She is working really hard. She is in so many places around the world right now. She’s not completely here anymore. She has been systematically coming out of the temple into the world with those of her family who have come to visit her here. She is calling for an army, a light army, a love army, a peace army.

We are going be her LOVE ARMY. And Oh… She’s mad. I can see where most of her energy is. (I could see she was in between Israel and Palestine, the holy lands.) She’s mad, she’s tired, she says enough is enough. This harm has to stop! (and I felt her stomp her foot down ) This war, this hurting of each other, the senseless devastation. It is enough! It is over!

The back story…. Mother Sekhmet (and the core of the Divine feminine ) has been scapegoated for centuries, for eons. She was and only has been present for LOVE, not the devastation she is still associated with. She still has this enduring story that she was a destroyer. Her only power is unbridled, unlimited LOVE. Yet this Love will destroy where the ego’s power is in control. The ones in the past did not like this. They labeled her a monster, an out-of-control destroyer, but in truth, they were only describing themselves. Like so many women and men and good people all over the Earth, so many get scapegoated and crucified.
It is an explosion. It’s a wake-up call. Explode your heart into the illusionary matrix energy fields around the Earth, and it’ll go exactly where it needs to BE. This will stop the devastation. Only love can do this.

Sasha Lessin(U.C.L.A. Anthropology, Ph.D.) & Janet Kira Lessin #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy enkispeaks.com

The Anunnaki tapped, broadcast and stored electricity and atomic power. They employed advanced computing devices. For building, they moved huge stones with sonar devices. They cut the stones with advanced machines that left drill and saw cuts. They also liquefied stone, molded it, then resolidified it and formed huge blocks. They interlocked stones and in some places, they interlocked stone blocks with metal staples they pored through holes between the stones to keep them interlocked through earthquakes. The Anunnaki employed fighters, bombers, and weapons of mass destruction.
400,000 BCE the master computers and command modules that controlled space and Earth communication sat in Enlil’s place at Nippur in southern Iraq. In 380,000 BCE, Marsbase Commander Anzu stole crystals [computers] and MEs [portable command modules] from Expedition Commander Enlil.
Sumerian, Canaanite and Egyptian art, nuclear residues and the enuma elish all show that the Anunnaki collected, amplified and directed energy. They directed the energy as electricity where they chose.
Dunn sampled the salt-lined Queen’s Chamber and found traces of hydrochloric acid and zinc. The zinc ran down a channel, the Northern Shaft; the dilute hydrochloric acid, down the Southern Shaft. The reaction freed hydrogen gas. The gas rose inside the pyramid.

The hydrogen gas, lighter than air, streamed through all the pyramid’s upper chambers. It went from the Queen’s to the King’s Chamber. Vibrations of the Earth and underground pool made the hydrogen atoms into a microwave energy beam. The beam rose and sent the entire capacitated microwave through 27 vertical amplifying devices (“crystals”) and out of and beyond the upper pyramid to receiving monoliths and areal craft.

The Telosians via Marie Josée Andichou #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

We will tell you this: until a few years ago in your earthly time you were not totally open to understanding the Universe and all the Universes and the Life that flows in each of them through the beings who inhabit them.

But, recently, the era of REVELATIONS is underway . Many humans show and talk about what they have experienced in encounters with many Galactic Beings. This is how they show you that the Universes are ALL, absolutely all, inhabited by Beings of different forms, of course, but that planet Earth is not the only one that is inhabited.

It is important to understand that Life extends across billions and billions of planets in all the Universes. Why, you ask, did we not know and understand this in times past?

You could not know and understand it because of the amnesia you have regarding True Life. Everything had been done so that you would be “innocent” beings like little children learning to live so that at a certain moment you would have the trigger for understanding.

The REVELATIONS which are currently being made and will become more pronounced in the months and years to come, will suffocate many humans who did not believe in life beyond Earth and, perhaps, some will still not want to believe in it. .
It is through these revelations that the “shadow services” that you also call the world government will collapse, to the great dismay of those who experience it. THE APOCALYPSE IS IN PROGRESS.

It is through these revelations that the “shadow services” that you also call the world government will collapse, to the great dismay of those who experience it. THE APOCALYPSE IS IN PROGRESS.

The APOCALYPSE is not the end of the world but it is the end of a world which no longer has any reason to exist and the Revelation of the Light which is coming and will extend more and more over the world. Earth.

Chris Bledsoe #crackpot #ufo #fundie #magick #conspiracy amazon.com

Chris Bledsoe, a deeply religious family man and successful business owner from North Carolina was on the verge of the unthinkable after losing everything in the 2007 financial crisis and suffering from a debilitating chronic disease. Fishing along the banks of the Cape Fear River with three co-workers and his teenage son, he walks away from the group and cries out to God in a desperate prayer for help. Suddenly, a UFO appears and saves his life and cures him of his illness. Experiencing four hours of missing time, he returns to his group to find them dismayed. Terrified, they run for their lives as several UFOs chase them home.

This is the true story of hope, love, lies and deception, involving officials from the U.S. Government, CIA, NASA, a string of professors, and MUFON.

Prepare to go on a spiritual journey of awakening and transformation with a visit from the Lady, remote viewing, assassination plot of the Pope, dripping orbs, a burning tree, the Monroe Institute, and healing the son of an elite Washington DC power broker with ties to the IC and the White House. 15 years on, the phenomena still visits the Bledsoe family and affects the lives of people who come in contact with them. To outsiders this can be seen as evil, but those who are willing to be open and accept it, it is a blessing.

Are the events that are playing out around the world controlled and shaped by the Phenomena? The U.S. Government says UFOs are real. And millions of people believe GOD is real. So what do we do about UFOs and GOD? Mark 10:27 says, "All things are possible with God." So, UFOs must be interrelated with GOD if holding the scriptures to be true. It would be impossible to have one without the other.

Nella Adriana Čorak-Šebetić #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy radiant-living.net

Here are a few tidbits about this blood thing. In ALL blood groups there exists a common microbe that in essence is THE LIFE FORCE ITSELF. During experiments that our team conducted we heated the blood to 700 degrees F and also put it in Liquid Nitrogen. This microbe which is visible only with a highly modified dark field microscope that was custom built for us was STILL ALIVE. We have also tested this on ´mummy dust´. This microbe is STILL alive after 5000 years plus when the mummy dust is placed in a ph perfect solution the same as the “live blood”, it returns back to ´life´.

The Draco (Reptilian) with the “O” RH-blood has unique properties because of the polarity of the blood cells. Blood is electrically/magnetic/chemical based. The relationship of all three must be kept at a specific PH balance of 7.0 to 7.2.

The main reason for this has to do with cellular/genetic/galactic memory of blood. This is coded into the entire structure of the blood. All the emotions that the donor has felt during his entire lifetime are part of the blood. This cannot be filtered out. For example if you get a heart of a man who died in a car accident, all the cells of that organ have the memory of the accident and every emotion that was felt while dying. These emotions confuse your own coding and then mass internal confusion happens at the cellular level and the order turns into chaos. No shrink at $100 per hour is gonna fix that, ever.

Many “O” RH-negative people on the planet are also holding karma from the Draco Empire. Some of you have chosen to come to earth to help balance that karma.

Our world-wide team, over a 10-year time period have gathered hundreds of thousands of blood samples. We are only now beginning to understand what is happening to humans, as indicated by blood-types, as Earth nears Nexus.

The Father Absolute via Martha #magick #ufo #quack #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Currently, energy attacks on people are coming from all sides: through the spraying of harmful substances from airplanes, through chemical fertilizers, artificial additives in food and drinks, through medicines and personal care products.

By and large, there is practically nothing left on Earth that is truly natural, pure, natural.

And although at first glance this may seem like a material manifestation of the impact on the human body, the basis of all this is also an ENERGY COMPONENT.

As you already know, even any INANIMATE OBJECT always CARRYS A CERTAIN TYPE OF ENERGY - the one that PEOPLE INVESTED INTO IT.

Now imagine the energy invested by the creators of certain substances and additives, DESIGNED TO DESTROY, and, by and large, KILL THE BODIES of millions of people as a result of the ingress of ARTIFICIALLY CREATED SUBSTANCES that are destructive to human life and health.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is NEUTRALIZE THE NEGATIVE ENERGIES OF ALL ARTIFICIAL that has entered your body in one way or another.

Unfortunately, this applies to absolutely everyone, and not just to vaccinated people, since at present almost no one has managed to completely preserve their natural energetic purity.

Therefore, it is very important to restore your subtle bodies that have received “INJURIES” as a result of EXPOSURE to ALIEN artificial ELEMENTS.

Such “traumas” DIFFER from those that arise as a result of your own energy attacks in the form of NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS, in that ARTIFICIAL ELEMENTS ARE SCATTERED ACROSS ALL OF YOUR SUBLIME BODIES in the form of imperceptible inclusions.

These inclusions are so small that they are not capable of damaging the shell of subtle bodies, but nevertheless they CONSTANTLY and steadily ERRODES it, like rust settled on a metal surface.

And in the next message I will give you a practice for CLEANING your subtle bodies from this energetic “rust” in order to STOP ITS IMPACT on your physical bodies.

Irinehalla via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Irinehalla, goddess of ice, wind and sea speak. I have been presiding over your Antarctica for eons, since the last great shift that covered the tropical places with ice. I preside as protector over them and it is now time for their unveiling, just as it is almost time for your own. You are creators in form. You are vastly powerful. You are strong, brave, to come to such a world at such a time. We all honor you.
I Irinehalla am speaking. I hold the energies for the South Pole. My sister holds the energies for the North Pole. This creates spinal stability for Gaia. We have served in this capacity since Lumeria fell. We are serving in our own way, just as you are serving. I transmute with my presence. I breathe light and love into the crystals of ice and earth, the wind, the rain, the storms are filled with Source light. This balances Gaia and keeps her poles more stable. They have been wobbling. There is planetary instability currently, for she is undergoing the shift. You know this as you feel it. The sun is unnaturally bright just as it is prior to a massive emission. And all things are lining up, Source driven, creation driven, love driven.
There are many secrets that are about to unfold. There are giants, there are many ships, there are civilizations on your world that have been here longer than you. And these are good things. It is good to know the truth, to see it, to feel it, and to advance it. It is your time to create, to explore the inner depths of yourselves, of your own being, and you will find tremendous strength there in the depths. I know. I have seen it. We are one. We all serve Gaia and Source in our own way. The clock is ticking, you have heard this. It is still true.

Raanra #wingnut #ufo #magick #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

42:19 – 47:52 :


34:11 – 42:19 :


21:34 – 24:31 :

Who Are THE REAL CURRENT OPPRESSORS OF HUMANITY? How Was ENLIL Involved? What About Russia? Is “Vladimir Putin” Good Or Bad?

19:09 – 21:57 :

What’s Up With CHINA? How Is it Going To End For CHINA?

24:31 – 30:12 :

What About The MED BEDS? How Was EA (EA = ENKI) Involved With The Creation Of MED BEDS? Who Will Be Prioritized In Receiving MED BED THERAPY? What About AGE REJUVENATION? Is There Another Option For AGE REJUVENATION For Older People, Who Are In Good Health, And Therefore Not Top Priority For Med Bed Therapy?

0:58 – 21:32 :

What Is “THE HUB?”


30:12 – 34:11 :

Why Is The Recent Joining Of The NEGUMAK [4] With THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF WORLDS So Hugely Significant For Our Galaxy, — And What Does It Have To Do With The CIAKARRS [4]?




… And Exactly WHEN This Will Happen, Has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH *US HUMANS


Above This Particular VIBRATIONAL RANGE Is GOOD.