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Response: The ‘whole world’ (according to gays) has come to believe the ‘human rights’ of gays have been trampled on. But where is the proof of this? There is none. What do they mean by ‘human rights’? The crux of ‘gay rights’ has nothing to do with ‘human rights’ at all: gay ‘rights’ mainly mean the right to act out deviant sexual behaviour and to receive equal moral standing in society with heterosexuals. This can never occur

Society can give gays the right to live just like anyone else, and to express their beliefs, but there is no automatic right for any member of society to insist on others accepting their lifestyle! Nor can society be forced to accept activities that cause harm to itself or to its children. Once the whole of society is forced by law (or by violence of anykind) to outwardly ‘accept’ the lifestyle of a very small oppressive few, that is, by definition, fascism. This is especially so when such a lifestyle is perverse.Note that gays are pressing governments to imprison and harshly-treat anyone who persists in denigrating (or even not accepting) their position and activities. The latest move in the USA is for gays to demand that opposition to homosexuality should be labelled a mental illness! They are denying freedom of speech to all who reject their propaganda. They press employers to dismiss anyone who expresses any legitimate view that is against their own. According to Dr Britt, this, too, is a characteristic of fascism.In the UK, for example, there is a law giving equal employment rights to those of any sexual background, but there is also a law giving equal rights to those of any religion. Conveniently, the latter is ignored and the former is raised in the public eye. (In a recent case, a stupid employer wrongly used the law against an employee -though it will not actually be law until October 2006! -and, at the same time, ignored another law in the process! That is, he acted illegally, but got away with it. He did it because he feared gays would otherwise create problems for him. He was, then, afraid ofgays. His success against his employee was down to his superior income, used to impose his power, not to the authority of his argument.